The Taming of Princess Rapunzel, Postlude

His face was buried in the crook of her neck, his teeth biting that sweet spot he’d come to enjoy so much. His cock was buried deeply within her sweet channel, filling her belly, and her lithe body was rising to meet him, her inner muscles clamping hard through her coming undone.

She was spread for His pleasure, tied to the four corners of the bed he had chosen as the grooms gift from her father, the King. Chosen amongst much ribald humor, she was certain. Her father was a lusty man himself, and this bed was proof positive that he was happy in her marriage to the Chief Woodsman.

And he was ever so happy to have her out of the Palace.

The wedding had been a simple affair, all things considered. Neither lutenists nor minstrels had sung their blessings, nor were scions nor Grande Dames invited.

The simple family affair was held in the Kings former hunting lodge, a lodge he bequeathed to his reformed daughter as her brides gift.

The priest had spoken his lines, and Adam and his tamed Rapunzel, said their vows. She promised to obey, but the twinkle in her eye promised a fluidity to that definition. He smiled. She was a challenge, to be sure, but then again, he enjoyed a bit of a challenge. He didn’t choose a spiritless damsel, but one with fire and lust for life.

And she certainly had lust aplenty!

He smiled to himself, thinking of her attempt to milk the goats; her frustration, her triumph, and the way she had melted against him when she had kissed him in her joy at finally  mastering a task he had set her to. He remembered too, as they  had watched the buck claim one oft the does in goat-lust, how he had bent her over, then and there, her hands clenched around the fencepost, and taken her hard from behind. His  hands had fisted on her hips, her sweetly rounded arse pressing against his belly as they watched the animals rut before them.

And how like animals they themselves had become.  Coming in her once was not enough, and as he pulled from her, he turned her ’round to face him, his hands tearing at her bodice to reach her tender flesh.

Her tits were ripe, firm fruits, and he bent his head and suckled her hard, until she cried out in her rapture again. His hands slid along her soaked folds, finding her magic lantern, and rubbing it hard for the genie to appear…

He pushed her ruthlessly to peak, and another, watching her come undone intently, waiting for her full submission to Him, the lusty goats still fucking behind them noisily.

His cock grew harder still, at the memory  he would forevermore hold in his heart of her…long hair tousled and dancing around them, tits hanging reddened by his hand, hard-topped nuggets teased tight by his mouth. Her head was thrown back, as she sobbed in a breath between lips swollen from his demanding mouth.

He had taken her again, there against the fence, lifting her lithe body and settling her back against the railing, her legs about his waist, and his cock deep inside her throbbing, juicy hole. He’d rutted in her like that goat, impaling her with his thick cock, his strong legs bending and rising as he thrust, teased out, and thrust again. Twas not a gentle fuck, he knew, but she had equally returned his passion, coming wildly on his third thrust, and again as he began to erupt within her.  Her clenching chasm drew him deep, held him tight against the very entry to her womb, sucking his juices from his balls. Even the goats had looked as her cry of release came.

Later, when he had recovered,  he carried her limp body to the stream and dumped her in. She’d come up sputtering, cold, enraged.

Of course he’d had to spank her again. He loved her sassy mouth, but who would have known a Princess even knew those words?

He knew there were memories aplenty to be created with his vibrant little wife. He thrust again into her, enjoying her helpless state, enjoying her body, enjoying his incredible good fortune. What had seemed to be a curse had turned into a blessing. A blessing with bite! He laughed against her throat, and she murmured a soft expletive.

Happily ever after, indeed!

The End