Little Miss Muffit (2)

The thirty minutes between agreeing to become a bondage model, and actually showing up on the stage passed by quickly. ‘Fi made use of the bathroom, talked briefly with several attendees, including a tight-corseted Domme, with her  boy-toy on a leash. No pictures of that duo would make it onto the pages of her very liberal paper, since the toy was wearing naught but a metal cage over his cock. It looked painful, and yet, made her pussy clutch just a bit.


That’s what it was all about. Who had it, and who gave it. Many times she overheard the words “Power Exchange”. Yes, she could buy that too.  It certainly applied to the Domme and her toy, both seeming quite fulfilled with their roles.

She still wasn’t completely sold on the idea of spanking. Her parents had never spanked her, the ideas of free love being totally at odds with corporeal punishment. It was pretty hard to rebel against those who always said yes, anyway.

Still, looking at the winces, hearing the moans, she wondered at that form of exchange. She spoke at length with a sweet older woman. She wore a collar of polished metal, as well as a dog collar, her leash looped over her wrist.

Although she may have appeared matronly on the street, in here, in her revealing black lace dress, one could clearly see the round clamps on her nipples. ‘Fi had to talk to her. To find out why, for fucks sake, would one do that? She laid it to her inner reporter, and not to some newly discovered dark fantasy that had her mentally swapping places with the smiling woman. No. Not at all. She took a deep breath, ignoring the little tingles from her pussy.

“But…why?” she asked, wordlessly yelling at her pussy to shut the fuck up and let her do her fucking job, please.

The woman smiled at her confusion. Laying her hand on ‘Fi’s forearm, with a gentle squeeze adding weight to her words, she replied softly,  “Because, sweetling, it feeds me in ways that nothing else can. In fact, it feeds us both, my Master and i.”

She had to admit the woman appeared…to use one of her Mom’s key phrases, ‘blissed-out’. She checked her watch, and realized she had just minutes before she needed to seek out Tie.

“I’d love to talk more, Ruby, but in a bit, okay? I promised this…rope fellow, Tie…”

“oh, Tie? So you’re the one  stepping in for Desi.? Word travels fast, sweetling.  She’s such a flake. He’s wonderful. He’s a great one to give up your virginity to.” Seeing ‘Fi’s startled gaze, she amended with a knowing smile.

“Your rope virginity, sweetling. Trust me, trust Him. You’ll love it.  Trust me on this…. just forget you’re here for work, and  give yourself over to *feeling* this experience.   i’ll be around later so we can talk.” With that, Ruby gave her arm another affectionate squeeze, and turned away. As she moved off, ‘Fi noted that Ruby’s ass was the same color as her name. Gawds.


She approached the dias almost warily. She looked around for Tie, but didn’t see him.

“Lost, little girl?” His warm voice breathed in her ear. She jumped. He moved so quietly!

She sucked in a quick breath, pasted on a smile. Turning to look over her shoulder at him, she felt that punch in her solar plexus again.

Gawds what he did to her. It had been a while since she last gotten  laid, true, but still. She’d never had this reaction to a guy before.

He turned her to face him, looking at her critically.

“You know, rope is best experienced when it lies against skin. Bare skin. ”

She was already shaking her head no, but he continued.

“You don’t need to be afraid Miss Muffett. You can keep on your bra and panties. But really, it’s an experience not to be missed. And I’m certain you’d want to have all the information you can about this, right? Call it…research. After all, if you were scuba diving, you’d wear a wet-suit and mask, right?” He plowed on as her mouth moved to open. “Right. So, why don’t you trust me just a wee bit and try it my way?”

Her mouth opened. Closed. She took a breath. Opened, closed her mouth again.

“You’re very fucking persuasive, and not just a little bit pushy,” she said, finally. She was almost petulant. Somewhere in this latest exchange, her  persona had shifted. She was not standing here as a reporter looking for a story, but a woman, confronted by a Man. A strong, Dominant man. It made the flutters in her pussy even more pronounced.

“Be polite,” He cautioned, tapping her lips with a finger.

She did roll her eyes now. “I  wasn’t being…intentionally rude.  I just grew up…”

“No excuses little one. I don’t like hearing disrespect from a sub. It’s not the word, it’s the intent behind the word that matters.”

” i’m not a little girl, and the language is part of the package ” she retorted, a bit miffed at having being corrected.

“again, little one, it’s the intent.  Let’s move on, now. He looked into her eyes, and after a very brief interlude, she dropped hers. Somehow, her hands were already working on the buttons of her blouse. When it was unbuttoned, her hands dropped. He took over then, moving behind her and slipping her shirt off her shoulders, down her arms.

Her breathing grew more shallow, and her tits rose and fell under her simple white lace bra.

His low, pleased ‘hmmmm‘ was somehow an affirmation of pleasure. She flushed, the blush staining her cheeks and painting her throat in her embarrassment.

She wasn’t certain later how she found the courage to continue. To unfasten the button on her jeans, then slip them down her legs in the middle of a room filled with hundreds of people. Maybe because so few of them noticed. Maybe because so few of them really were shocked. Maybe because she was so fucking excited she was really taking this leap.

She stood before him, trembling a bit. He held out his hand, to lead her to the dias.

“So,” she thought, “this was power exchange in action.”

Her hand slipped into His, and she climbed the steps to the stage.