i just have no words right now…

i promise i’ll be back, soon.


8 thoughts on “Sorry—

  1. No worries… its not a job .. relax and take a few days to recharge you batteries

    take it from a lazy WC who never writes anything, and is in grave danger of being terminated!

    All your fans will be her when U return!

    Do me a favor and tell Mick I should be retained, if only to report on blue sky and white snow. Take care WC

  2. I ditto the Western correspondent …. but those are a lot of words for him. I may have to pull out his non-compete and rip off a cease and desist letter.

  3. thanks all.

    i am hurting and grieving and…the positive is that i am *feeling* again, which is better than just being numb.

    i am writing. it helps. You, all of you, help.

    Thank you.


    1. i’m sorry i never saw this until today… andi can’t call from here, as you know. i will try to do it this Saturday, yes? Depends on the gremlins i have, but i will try…*must remember to put your number in my new phone…egads*

      who loathes learning a new phone…sigh. so many functions. why don’t they just turn on and off? why do i need to find two separate fucntion keys to turn off the ringers? sheesh.

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