Halloween Munch (2)

Cassie wandered around the munch, hoping her Master would arrive soon. There were so many couples already there, some fabulous costumes, some wearing what vanilla’s would call ‘costumes’, but here in the Dark World, were simply fetish-wear. The woman in heels so tall, so thin, she had to hold onto her Masters arm or tumble. She saw a blue, latex-clad man, including head piece, held at the end of a leash by a woman of  beautiful curves, wearing a lace basque and carrying a parasol. Her lace collar was deepest black, with small diamonds winking with her every breath. Off to the side, was a Domme having an earnest conversation with another Domme. Both had ‘boy’s on leashes, but the one Cassie took note of was laying, semi-recumbent while her ‘boy’ serviced her pussy.
Boy did *that* give her a delightful tingle to her own pussy. She wondered if she would ever be so brave to have someone suck on her cunt while carrying on a normal conversation. She thought about how she felt when Master was eating her.

Consumed. Brainless. All of her being focused on His mouth devouring her.

She gave a little shiver, remembering his beard scraping along her engorged clit. It might have hurt someone else, but by then she was so far gone that it was just a new layer of stimulation. Could she talk when He was using his tongue to lap at her clit?

When his fingers and lips would pierce and suck at her holes?

When his teeth would nip at clit and pussy lips?
She swallowed hard, caught up in the memory, her head turned to the side, looking towards the two chattering Dommes,  but unseeing. Her pussy gave a lurch and started to seep a bit as she remembered the way He would continue working on her. He would pull an orgasm from her, as she humped up into His face, despite the restraints He’d bound her in. She’d moan and scream and seep and ….
“You okay, little one?” The voice was light, the hand on her shoulder lighter still.
She came back to the room with a thud. And a hard-beating pulse centered just between her thighs. She blushed, and turned to the woman lightly stroking her upper arm.
“i-i am, i…”
“imagining life on the other side of the collar?”
” um, no, i—just…watching them” she nodded to the still nattering Dommes, tho she noted that the red fingernails of one hand were clenched around her ‘boy’s head, pulling him deeper into her. “and remembering my Master.”
“ah. And are you still in service, little one?”
Cassie smiled at the inquiring tone. Looked up into the beautifully done eyes of the elder woman. Let her gaze hang for just a moment longer than polite on the deep red, lush lips. For an older woman, she had a delicious mouth.
“i am, Ma’am,”
“To both our regrets, then. May I get you a drink, little one, or would your Master not like that?”
“i..i need to stay around here to watch for Him. But…thank you.”  With a soft smile, and a trailing finger running down her forearm, the Mistress made her way through the crowd. Cassie watched her for a moment, looking at a pair of gorgeous legs, clad in seamed hose, and ending in stupendous shoes.
She took a deep breath, and turned to look at the crowd. A group had gathered to one side. Oh, a rope demo. She made her way to that side of the room.

9 thoughts on “Halloween Munch (2)

    1. oh…guess i need to get writing them! i’ve gotten on a little post-depression tear and have a bunch of stories jumping around and begging to come out!

      dammme, but when that muse of mine kicks back on, she goes with a vengence!!


    1. thanks tipacanoe! i am much better. the darkness has fled away from the rising of the sun. And i’m pouring with stories…i think you will enjoy Friday…(and HNThursday…)


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