Those Silly Searches

I always think of these as “cheater posts”…but i have written 5 or 6 stories in the space of 2 days and i’m feeling a bit drained…

and frankly…these just tickled me. And i like to share, and maybe make YOU laugh when you see some of the silly things that bring some folks here..

There was one a few days ago for hairy cunt blog.

And they wound up here?

*peers into crotch*

nope. freshly shaved hoo haw here….*giggles*

the rest of these all showed up on the same day a few weeks ago:

there she stood with no pants 1
distended nipple length 1
nilla bdsm 1
vanillamom 1
“distended nipples” tits 1
vanilla mom 1
“nipples distended” tits 1
tit slapping 1
“milking her nipples” tentacle 1
“clit” “quiet when i cum” 1

well. my blog format won’t let me comment on each individual line without a shitload of cutting and pasting, and color me lazy coz i’m not doin’ it.

(remember the number one blogging rule? my blog, my rulez)

so the distended nipple thing catches your eye, doesn’t it? Poor dear tried multiple formats and *still* wound up here! And one wonders if the tentacle milking searcher was the same person?

then there is   “she stood there with no pants.”

Seriously. Duh. I wear skirts!!! (okay, i’m guessing that this scenario may have played out in one of my stories, but to the best of my knowledge, she stood there with no panties. Such technicalities will trip up the novice searcher ever time.

*giggles*  If that was YOU well, sorry, but it *is* funnah.

Now that very last one? I gotta tell ya, my clit is pretty fucking stimulatable. Is that a word? Course it is, i just invented it! Anyway, my clit may stand up and do the hootchie cootchie when He is playin’….but i can out and out guarantee that He has never ONCE told my clit to be quiet.


Still, that would be kewl. A talking clit.

Or … not.

Imagine the embarrassment as He walks behind me, His hand stroking my ass as we ride the elevator to our room. Another couple stands there in front of us, as He calmly continues to torment me with His hand while He looks nonchalauntly ahead as though nothing in happening at all.

And in the silence of the elevator comes a tiny piping voice yelling

“Oh Sir, get your hands off that ASS and come stroke me, *MEEE* instead!!”

“Sir, please put your mouth on me and suck me.”

Yeah. um. i think i prefer my clit quiet too.