NSFW – Zach

He watched her. She moved with an unconscious grace that drew his eye and watered his mouth. He refused to think about her gently swaying hips, the curve of her ass under her skirt, the flow of well-rounded tits pressing against her cream-colored sweater, the pebbled nipples peaking the interest of more than one office wolf.

He’d seen the faraway look in her eyes when she leaned against the copier, the faint flush on her cheeks, the dreamy look somehow sexual.

No. He refused to go there. He ignored his twitching cock. The cock that was telling him he was a liar. The cock that stirred, hungry, as he took in her gleaming red lips. The cock that pictured the streaks of carmine left upon the long thick length of itself as he pulled from the hot and wet depths of her mouth.

Shit! This was simply …Not Suitable For Work.

She dreamed of Aruba. He dreamed of her.

Watching her curls bounce as she crossed the commons on her way to her cubicle, he pictured that wealth of hair fanned out against his black silk sheets. One strand would be laying coyly against her creamy satin-fleshed breast, curling seductively around her nipple, which was hard, begging for him to come and pinch it again. He leaned against the edge of the bed, his hand moving to recapture the saucy, taut bud….

“Zach!” The hard clout on his shoulder warned him. Larry the wolf was prowling. “Geezuz she’s a hot piece of tail, in’t she?”

Larry’s tone was lustful, rapacious.

He had nothing against sexual needs, lusty encounters, but Larry was simply distasteful. He carried about him a faint sheen of dissipation.  He didn’t care about his partners, just getting his rocks off, as often as possible, with as many girls as possible. It was a wonder the guy wasn’t a walking vial of herpes.

Ali was fresh meat, in Larry’s eyes. She’d only been up here on the 35th floor a few months, but she had continually managed to avoid the wolf. Smart, oh she was smart. For although Larry would try time and again, she could deflect him as though she were coated in Teflon.

Zach made some non-committal noise, and headed off to his office on the outskirts of the rabbit-warren of cubicles. Mid-management had its privileges, and a small office with a window to the outside world was one of them. He passed by Ali’s cubicle, and glanced at her as he strode past. He pretended to not notice the curve of her back, sloping around to the roundness of hip and ass. He studiously ignored the shapely thigh, the sharp angle of a knee bent, the sweet turn of her calf as it narrowed to slender ankle. He refused to see the tiny foot clad in strappy stiletto’s that were just this side of naughty. He ignored the tightening of his loins, and thought about claims adjustment, the nightmare drive home, giving his car an oil change…anything to stop his rampant cock, which pressed insistently against his zipper.

He sat, opened his computer, and called up his email. There, that would help, maybe. Some playtime at the local munch. A Halloween party. He wasn’t much for Halloween, though he’d often had wickedly wild adventures as a kid, and a very different sort of wicked delights as a young man.

He nodded to himself, took out his pda and noted the time on his calendar. Definitely time to go have some play. He could go as a doctor, one with some rather unusual implements in his little black doctor’s bag. The thought made him smile.

For a moment, he pictured Ali on his ‘exam’ table while he inspected her pussy. His cock twitched as he recalled the scent of her in the copier room this morning.

He rose from his chair. Aye ca-rumba!! He needed some air.