In a Land Far Away…

welcome to the of nilla!! i had the strangest fantasy come into my head when masturbating this week.
i was a princess (well-duh- of *course* i was the princess!) of a land of women…constantly under attack by our “underling” males…
the law of the land was that if one of the HE’s could make HER cum…she became His property, her lands became His….because she had lost control, or perhaps even willingly ceded it to him, by offering her most precious resource to him, her sexual (ergo fertility) fluids…

The  first sensation i felt upon waking  was hands…
…. i could not see them….  my face was covered by a darkening cloth; my arms and legs were open, held by heavy, strong hands.
the hands of men!

i shivered as waves of fear crashed through me…dear Goddess…NO!
i could feel the tickle of fingers on my thighs, the hushed voices from afar, and the closer  sound of a man laughing near to my hip.
i tried to move, tried vainly to pull my indecently splayed legs shut, but the hand that held my ankles, held tighter, and then a voice  from  near  my  hip…
‘she’s awake’
i hear a whirr, then feel the press of a vibe against my folds, and arching, try to pull away.
men are not supposed to own vibes…they must have taken mine!

‘no, no!…’  i cry out, but  a large hand presses at the top of my mons, pressing me down against the table, and allows  the vibe to continue its dance against my secret flesh.
“you know what i want, don’t you?”
he had been watching me of late, watching with that look of man, lust and need and greed, and of an intensity that should have warned me.

i nod, moaning as he slides the vibe against my clit…so gently but so unbearable as it hits my rising bud dead-on.  i writhe, but can’t move away.
“you will cum.”
the words are a statement.
i shake my head…i can’t…i can’t….and i try one last time for mercy, clemency…”please?” my voice a whisper under the darkening cloth.
I know what will happen if my sex fluids flow…my fate, the fate of any woman in our land.
if i cum, you will own me.
i will let you fuck me, i have no choice. but in my head, i chant, i sing, i am removed from my body…i hold one thought to the fore, one thing to hold to, to cling to. Someone will come soon, someone will find me, scatter these cock-minded men….
you can’t have my cum.
i will not respond to your driving, thrusting MANESS. i am not afraid of your jutting cock, your throbbing veins, your sluicing fluids.
i am strong, a strong woman..i can ignore this, turn it off…save myself, my lands, my …
my thoughts are suddenly jolted, jumbled, confused. There is a sudden surging around my mons, and i am pulled away from my centering thoughts, and brought, all unwilling, to my cunt once more.
A second hummm has joined the first. Another hand pushes between my thighs, gently fucking into me with a second vibe. The first still plays up and around my slit, teasing my clit.
i breathe deeply, but a moan escapes.
“she’s zenning”
Ranglan’s  deeper voice, from between my thighs answers…
“give those to me..”
i feel the sudden change in pressure, as He moves from my open, oozing cunt, passing the vibe to another set of hands, aiding him in his mission. i can’t hear where he is, nor see what he is doing…when of a sudden there is the sharp retort of flesh against flesh, and a half-space later, the sudden sting of pain against my breast. He has struck me!
i feel a mouth on that nipple, the nipple rising in defense of her tit, and the slither of His hand on the other, pulling and squeezing and rolling until that nipple too, rises. He bites, then blows across the abused button, making it rise still higher, and sending a frisson of fear and lust straight to the increasingly sensitive place between my spread legs.
I feel a sharp biting pain on my nipple, then the other. Something has been mounted there, something that pinches tightly and hurts.
Something that makes my pussy begin to throb. Pain! Why was pain doing this to me… i should be crying, wailing, begging for mercy…and instead i find myself wishing, praying, hoping that his thick spear would stab into me, take me.
The bite of pain lodges deeply into my breasts. I feel hands cupping under them, squeezing hard. My breasts are burning with fire, my nipples aching, and my swollen folds are growing ever wetter. I feel the pooling of them under my bottom, feel the tickling of them draining from me.
Then, a different sort of tickling…those stiff hairs that cover a mans’ legs, teasing my inner thighs as He moves closer.
There is a faint click and the two vibes are turned off. There are only a few sounds in the room, one of which is my own harsh breathing.  I know there are others, but for me, for this moment there is only Him.
i feel His heat. It raises from his flesh and sears me as He moves closer and closer. I close my eyes and summon the vision of his cock, sticking out, dowsing for the wet hole it seeks to lodge deeply into.
i feel the heat of his cock pressing then, pressing against the wet folds He has prepared so well for this journey. A welter of goose-flesh runs up my thighs, across my belly, over my tits.
With a single step He is inside of me. The men around us whoop with glee. I hear the sounds of screams from my Ladies, as His men find their own releases… and for a moment, i struggle anew. For, although the battle has fully engaged, it will take more than a hard cock to release me to His domain.
He withdraws, then hilts again, as i chant in my head ‘no cumming, no pleasure”
But His voice grates in my ears as He leans forward,
“Pain, princess, pain to pay for your pleasure, for I know you are enjoying this, though I don’t expect you to admit to it. Pain, too, will release you to Me.”
What? i wonder. What had He meant by that last? It’s true that i am enjoying the play of his body on mine, his cock inside me.
The sting of a crop against the underside of my pinned breast brought me to tears,  and i cried out.  He hits with rapid short strokes, sometimes the left tit, sometimes the right,  and i cannot find my focus.
I am aware as never before of my body, the singing of my pussy under the thrusting, rampaging cock, the stinging burn in my nipples, and the burning lines as He stripes my tits with the crop.
A maelstrom is building, though i try to push it away, His pain and pleasure are whirling me madly around, sensations swarming over me until i feel the deep singing tickle in my clitoris, and i explode.
Stars, moons, colors, sounds erupt around me, through me, inside of me. i shake and scream and arch and feel Him stiffen, his balls slapping hard at my rectum, and the pulsing explosion that is Him, in me.
i am lost. Yet in some strange way, i feel….found.

9 thoughts on “In a Land Far Away…

  1. Excellent adventure , ‘Nilla. I always wonder what Mistress does, what she thinks about, to avoid coming when I tease and fuck her but she is on “quarantine”….

    • i cannot imagine it, frankly, being fucked but not cumming….it is truly HAWT to me, you should know, btw….

      maybe she goes through her work schedule? or recites the pledge of Allegience? Or does her grocery list? *laughs* damn. Now i *do* want to know how she does that!!


  2. O, ‘Nilla – what a wonderfully hot fantasy! I love the descriptions that convey her unfamiliarity with men, her struggle not to be taken. And the way he uses pain to break through her “zenning.” Too cool. Thank you!!


    • thanks aisha. *she* is pretty unfamiliar with men…but she’s learning (grins)…

      i’m glad you enjoyed it.

      sometimes i wonder where these things *come* from…this is so not my “normal” fantasy…


  3. Sounds like what may happen to her, if she were up to camp for a week…..I can see how this would have gotten you off while you were masturbating. You are one bad bad lady, with a beautiful head of hair, that you should always keep.

    • *grins* thank you Tipacanoe…i plan on it, that’s for sure…keeping the hair and continuing to “get off!” *giggles*

      i *are* bad, aren’t i?


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