NSFW (3) at Halloween Munch (3)

this is verrah long, likely  my single longest “episode”…i hope you enjoy it! Blessed Samhain, all! ~n~

Cassie stood at the back of the crowd gathered near the ropeworkers corner. She was endlessly fascinated at how a simple coil of rope could be transformed into such works of beautiful restraint. The placement of knots, of loops, how it flowed over the shoulders or around the breasts, up through the pussy, or around the knees…all excited and stimulated her.

She felt a light touch on her shoulder, then a soft voice in her ear.

“Hey Cassie…”

She turned. “Ail!”  She hugged her friend, hard.

“Ali, wow. It’s so gooood to see you. And WoW!”

She held her friend at arm’s length, taking in her tight-fitting emerald corset, a strip of black lace floating just at the top, helping her nipples play hide-n-seek. Her legs were clad in fishnet stockings, and on her feet, a pair of stiletto’s so high it was a marvel Ali could move in them. Yet, she was grace personified, not the klutz that Cassie knew herself to be.

“Uber- sexay, sweetie!”

“Thanks, chica, you’re looking hawt yourself. Where is Sir P?” Ali looked around the crowd, not seeing her friends tall, muscular Sir.

“He got a last-minute call from Istanbul, accent on the bull!” Cassie giggled at her own humor, Ali smiling.

Then she frowned.

“He left you *alone* Cassie? After the last time…”  her voice trailed off, worry for her friend evident in her tone.

“i’m being careful, Al, and Mistress Mal and slave Mack are kind of keeping an eye on me, too. i’ll be fine, promise. Besides, you’re here now….”

“i’m going trolling.” She swallowed the nerves that thought evoked. “i need sex, Cassie. Something rough and tumble and ooie and gooie and spanking and taken. That’s it. i just want to be taken. Used. Drained.”

“Well, be careful with that, okay? You know what they say, there’s one in every crowd, and with this being so open to the wider D/s community, we don’t know everyone here. I think they sent invites to 3 or 4 of the other groups…” Cassie let her voice trail off, as she looked around the club.

“and fer gawds sake, Al, it’s Halloweeeen” her voice grew warbly as she attempted her best ‘spook’ voice, then returned to normal. “and you know how much kookier that can make people.”

The crowd sighed almost as one, and Ali and Cassie turned to look at the woman being bound. Cassie felt her cunt clench. The girl’s tits were tightly bound now, and purpling. The rope guy pinched her swollen nipples and pulled her forward, and up, until she rose on her toes. His mouth captured hers in a vicious kiss as his fingers continued to pull on her distended nipples. A minute passed, as everything but the scene in front of her faded away. When  he released all three, the gasp from the girl was audible, a gulping of air, and the sudden shock of pain in her tits as he pulled his fingers free without relaxing His grip.

Cassie thought her legs would buckle at the incredibly erotic sight.

When she turned to speak again, Ali was gone.


Ali had to leave the rope scene…she was already feeling hyper-sexually stimulated. When the sub’s Dom took her deep into that kiss…it evolked the deepest envy in her. She was ashamed, yet…why not? Why shouldn’t she feel a bit jealous? She was lonely, and it had been forever since she’d had sex, forever since a Dom had sent her to her knees and shoved His cock down her throat.

She almost, almost drifted off in fantasy, but a hand upon her shoulder brought her back to reality.

“Don’t turn around.”

The voice was deep, almost familiar. The grip on her shoulder was firm. Not painful, but commanding.

“Why? You don’t own me!” she replied her tone just shy of surly. Yet, she continued to face forward, subtly accepting the hand, and the command.

She began an inner dialog with herself. Why the fuck had she said that? Well, why the fuck not? Geezbeezuz. That was no way to get a Dom, being rude? He wasn’t her Dom, for all she knew He was a ..a.. she sighed.  she knew, though. She knew He was a Dom. She felt the firmness in his hand on her, she felt the surety He exuded. She felt the press of His body against her back, the radiant heat of Man.  His  woodsy scent teased at a memory, but she simply couldn’t place it.

“True. Still, would you spoil My pleasure in the view?”

She tensed, then took a deep breath, forgetting for a moment that doing so would raise her tits to near spilling out of her corset.

The low hmmmmm He let out reminded her, and she exhaled fast. She felt her pulse beating faster, her pussy reacting to the scent of Him, began to feel the magnetic force of this Dom. Gods it had been a long time. She had promised herself to not fall under the spell of the first Dom she saw…though technically she hadn’t *seen* Him…she smiled at her whimsy.

“Thank You, Sir,”  she murmured at last.

“You can call Me Doctor Sir tonight. And you, fair maiden?”

Ali swallowed, took another deep breath, her tits once more drawing an appreciative growl from behind her left shoulder.

“i am Ali, Sir…umm, Doctor Sir.” she smiled, still facing foward. The curiosity was gnawing at her. She wanted to see if the face matched the voice. The voice was smooth, rich, cultured. Like rich dark coffee with a hint of chocolate.

He stepped around her. All she could see was His eyes. Hair, face all covered in doctor garb. Surgical masks hid quite a bit, and the funny eyeglasses with the bushy brows and big nose hid the rest of Him. All she knew for certain was that His eyes were hazel.

“Will you walk with me some, Ali? We can talk a bit, and if you like, perhaps play a bit?”

At her nod, His gaze slipped down to take in the view from the front. “Damn you have fine tits, m’dear!”She blushed. His hand slid down her shoulder, taking her slender wrist in His hand. He gave a gentle tug, and she was led off into the throng.


Cassie’s phone vibed against the side of her breast. It had to be Sir P. She smiled as she read his short, to the point message”

I’ll be coming soon…as will you...”

She heard the sound of feet behind her and moved to get out of their way. She never had a moment to react when the person moved to her front and zapped the violet wand against her tit, nor, when she opened her mouth to protest, could she avoid the ballgag that someone else from behind her slid between her lips.

A hood was thrown over her face, and she was quickly, efficiently hogtied.

“And that is how you kidnap a sub,” she heard, as the crowd around her erupted in randy cheers, hoots, and hand clapping.

“oh fuck,” thought  Cassie. “Sir P is going to be soooooo annoyed that i managed to get into trouble. Again.”

Her heart beat faster when she heard the opening of a door, and the accompanying thud of it shutting. The hands that had carried her laid her down on a soft surface, but no one spoke. Hands worked to untie her hogtie, but her ankles remained bound. She was flipped onto her back, and quickly, her wrists were pulled behind her knees, and tied. Her pussy and ass were now fully exposed, her tightly-bound legs were up in the air over her body, and kept there by her equally tightly bound wrists. She couldn’t move, couldn’t see, and felt more than a flurry of panic when she heard an unmistakable sound next to the bed.

She heard the sound of a zipper.

“Going down…”

and the snort of laughter from the other side of the room.  She heard footsteps approaching her, tried not to tense, but to breath, slowly.

A finger ran around the front of her corset, lifting it just enough to let her bounteous tits spring free. Her right nipple was pinched, and she moaned at the thrill of pain that arrowed straight to her pussy.

She shook her head no.

Her other nipple was captured, held firm, squeezed. She moaned again, but continued to shake her head.

“Looks like the slut is resisting your charm!” The voice came from the area where she’d heard the zipper. Two. There were two of them. A shudder traveled from her pussy to her tits. One of her hottest, most forbidden fantasies. To be taken by two men, one her Dom, another, someone He was sharing her service with.

She heard ‘zipper voice’ cross the room, felt hands caressing her ample bottom.

“She’s got a fantaaaastic ass,” He said, his fingers rubbing around the smooth shape of one cheek. “I do love a nice big, round butt.”

The man currently attempting to pull her nipples off her tits didn’t speak but she felt some sort of communication had happened, for zipper guy laughed.


A finger prodded at her asshole.

She shook her head vehemently. The prodding became pushing. Seriously intent pushing. She yelped around the gag when his finger slid up into her hole.

“Aaaah, fucking tight, man, fucking tight ass!” The finger sawed in and out of her hole, fucking her back door, each thrust pushing deeper, deeper. He wiggled it, stretching her rectum, swirling it round and round.

Gawd…it stopped hurting, and sent all kinds of sparkly sensations to her pussy. How the fuck did that work? Her Master had not fucked her ass, it had been one of her few limits, and he had allowed it to stay, though he had promised that he would wear her down.

Her nipples hurt like fuck. She tried begging around the gag in her mouth. It didn’t sound like any language she had ever uttered before, but apparently He understood, because he released her tits. And then slapped them. OH! Hurt hurt so fucking good…

“Masterrrrrr” she groaned around the gag. How she needed her Master to find her. These two were working at all her weaknesses. Gawd gawd…

The hood was pulled from her face.  She looked up into the face of her Master!

“Surprise, little one. Time to make one of your naughty fantasies come true…”


Ali and Dr. Sir made the rounds, stopping to observe  another rope demo, a suspension this time,  then moving on, they watched a demonstration of flogging instruments, which Ali found quite compelling. The flogger made of chains held her attention, and she had gasped when the Sir doing the demo landed a solid series of blows upon His sub’s exposed ass. The patterning was beautiful, and judging by the amount of wetness running down her thighs, was not terribly unpleasant to Her.

Eventually the demo ended, and Dr. Sir took her wrist once more, and pulled her along until they came to an open area, where there was another of those small raised daises.  Upon it were multiple small tables, and a bench which looked just long enough for a person to lay upon. There was a small sign upon one  table, with a little clock drawn on it.

“We’re just in time.” He said, glancing at his watch.

“In time?” Ali asked, curious. “What’s happening here, Dr. Sir?”

He smiled. She could see the crinkling of His beautiful eyes.

“We are, if you will allow Me the pleasure, little one.”

She looked up at Him, not understanding fully.

“I’m giving a wax demo here in 30 minutes, Ali. I need to set up my candles, and find a live model. A sub who is interested in working with wax, working with me. It’s very hot.”

She laughed at his double entendre. She thought about it. She’d enjoyed His comments as they had mingled. He knew quite interesting facts and facets of all manner of D/s things, and their conversation had flowed easily.

Dammit. She liked Him. She was becoming quite turned on by Him. Not that it would take much considering her needs just now. But …what did she really have to lose at this point.

She drew a deep breath, and an appreciatively raised eyebrow from Him.

“Yes, Sir…um…Dr. Sir, i’d be thrilled to sub to You for Your demonstration.”

He enlisted her help in unpacking and placing the candles on the tables.  They worked well together, and it wasn’t long before He was lighting them. She spread the oilcloth sheet he had given her, as He had directed, on the wooden bench.  Finished, she  sat and watched Him. That nagging sense of familiarity struck her again, and she frowned a bit, staring at His back, without really seeing Him at all.

Where had she seen Him before?

He turned and caught her frown.

“What, sub? Do these scrubs make my ass look big?”

She refocused on Him, and giggled. “No Sir. It’s… well…um…”

“Go on Ali, say what’s on your mind.”

“i ….i feel like i know You somehow. i know it’s silly, i know i haven’t been here in a long time, but just somehow…” her voice trailed off.

She watched in amazement as He removed the silly glasses, unhooked the surgical mask, and pulled off the hat.

It was Zach!

She stared at Him, mouth agape. He came across to her, closed her mouth with His index finger. He bent down and looking her in the eyes, quirked His brows in an unspoken question.

She smiled.


Not suitable for work, maybe.

But here at the Halloween Munch, it seemed all things were possible.


It carried a wealth of meaning. There would be time to delve into all those meanings, and all that they wanted to explore together…but for now, there were candles burning brightly.

Hot wax. Hot munch. Hot sex.


“it was ZACH!” Ali giggled into the phone.

“no way…not fantasy Zach from work??” Cassie gasped at the other end.

Both were home, recovering from the munch. Both, they would soon discover, were similarly sore, similarly marked with blotches of red, blue, black marks. And both had Sirs’ in their showers, singing.

It was going to be a grrrreat Monday!


…..my first attempt to combine two disparate stories into one final denouement…do take a moment and let me know what you think….