The Mountain pt 9, the final fini.

part 8 here

He opened his mouth and took a huge breath.

“Come on slut. I said ‘suck it, and I meant suck it NOW.”

What? What?

Here he was, bent over the spanking bench, his Mistress-wife fucking the beejeezzuz out of his ass and he’d seen that super-deluxe cock hanging there.

He’d been certain that Master had meant for him to suck him. Bent over as he was, he couldn’t look up to see Master’s face, but he felt Mistress withdrawing her weapon from his butt, and heard the thunk behind him when she dropped it and stepped clear of it.

He watched her fall to her knees, her profile in full view, not more than 2 feet in front of him. He watched with no small amazement as she took Master’s cock deep into her warm, wet, willing mouth.

He heard Master sigh with pleasure and understood that sentiment. He’d been the recipient of that mouth on many occasions, and he knew what magic she could wreak upon a cock.

Master had his hand to the back of her head, fingers dug into her hair, and was bucking his hips a bit. He watched as she pulled back, the extra proportions of her Master giving her no trouble, the length of him slick with her saliva. His own caged cock gave a lurch in empathy as she nibbled her way down the side, as her fingernails captured and teased his ball sack.

Her mouth jammed down on the head once more and he watched the cock throb as she took it deeper, and deeper. He swore he could see her throat full of it.

Master came with a full-throated roar, and staggered to a chair to collapse and breath. He waved a finger at Mistress to release her slave.

He stood, feeling creaky after being bent over for so long. His cock was screaming for release.

“fuck her good slave, fuck my little slut good while I recover.”

Well, no problem there!

Mistress was undoubtedly needy herself, having fucked her slave, and then lavishing attention on her Master.

He could smell the lust as she moved to the bed, opened her luscious thighs. Her folds gleamed wetly, an invitation to come in.

She reached for the key she wore on a chain around her neck. The key to his release, he thought, smiling at his double entendre.

He thought hard about tax relief for the middle class, the proper terms for all the positions on a rugby team, and about the tea harvest in Indonesia. His cock settled just enough to ease the steel cage from him. A bit of massaging by her magic fingers, and the prodding of his ass by one of her naughty fingers did the trick and he was hard as stone in no time.

They looked at each other, amazed at the depth of their love and affection for each other, how that had brought them to this place, this time, this Master.

Their life was full, the sex, judging by his rampant cock and her needy wetness, was divine.

Life was full, and good, he mused as he worked deeper into her soaked pussy, his fingers teasing that bud at the apex of her sex.

She came, and came, and still he fucked her, slowly, deeply, almost leisurely.

“ sensitive…gawd…”

“Don’t stop.”

Master came closer, then lay across the bed and began plucking at her nipples, then with a fast look at slave, and a half wink in agreement, took one full peak into his mouth and sucked.


She came again. His mouth bit at the nipple he possessed, his one hand pulling and twisting its sister, and his free hand moved to rub at her swollen clit.

He was much firmer than slave was, and pulled another orgasm from her.

Slave began to fuck harder, his own release imminent, while Master thrummed her into a frenzied over-stimulation of sexual excess.  They came in virtual unison, she screaming wildly, while slave roared like a lion.


Later, rested, they geared up, cleaned up, and closed up the Cabin.

“Kind of gives Rocky Mountain High a whole new definition,” said Master as they began the long hike down to where they had left the car.

slave definitely agreed.