Meditation was first posted at Curvaceous Dee’s blog back in September when i was her guest writer…i am finally reposting it here for those who didn’t go there to see it…  ~nilla~

For a long while there were no words.

There were sounds in the room. Wet sounds, the sounds of flesh sliding across flesh, moans, guttural cries, mewling whimpers.

Amidst the little pieces of tenderness were chunks of pain. The singing of the whip through the room, the incomparable sound of the leather tail striking quivering flesh. The responding whinnying cry as the stripes across her quaking bottom were registered.

He painted her with the pain. Lovely long strokes of the whip hugging around her curvaceous bottom, followed by shorter but no less intense blows from the cane. She writhed trying without success to avoid the later blows, her ass heated to a rich red glow, feeling like she’d sat on embers in the firepit.

Her wrists, secured in buttery soft red cuffs were too well-fastened to the far bedpost. Her legs flopped uselessly against the side of the bed.

He stared at the scene for a moment, then came to stand between her splayed legs. Her ass did glow in the fading light of the day, and he held his palm over the warmth for a moment, smiling, before lowering his hand and rubbing her tenderized flesh.

She moaned at the first contact of his flesh against hers; his hand was cool, so cool. Slowly he touched, in soft swirling circles, round and round her lush, full bottom. His hand skirted her lower back, then swirled lower to encompass her lower cheeks, before coming to rest at the hollow where thighs and ass met.

“Hot and wet.”

His voice was balm. She needed to be fucked, needed him so much now.

She felt him probing, and arched upwards, attempting to steer his fingers to the spot that ached even more than her throbbing butt.

“hmmmm,” he murmured, “missed a spot.”

She felt him move away from her, then return. He held her leg, pulling her wider, then wider still.

She dropped her head to the duvet cover, breathing deeply.

Goddess! She knew what was coming next.

The Devils Tail flogger. She hated that she could never resist an interesting toy.

Her pussy hated her even more.

The first slap was such a shock, her swollen lips reacting instantly. The sting was horrid, but the sudden upsurge of liquid proved that one good slap deserved another.

Holding her legs apart still, he added a few whacks to the top of each thigh.

She yelled so delightfully when he did it, that he really needed to hear it again.

“You sing for me most deliciously, pet,” he crooned in her ear, stroking her pouting pussy, her bruised ass, her throbbing thighs.

Silence fell again, as her breathing fell slowly back to normal, as she waited for what would come next.

His cock slid gracefully between her swollen lips, slick with sexjuice. Her hands tightened into fists, her mouth opened in a silent 0 of pleasure, and her inner muscles grabbed and held him.

They fucked slowly, so slowly. No wild slapping of balls on her clit, no sounds of suction.  The slowness was at once a test of wills, and an effort to maintain that silent state.

Fucking as meditation, he’d said.

In, then out. Each stroke torturous in its own way. Inside she was wailing. She longed to scream…”Fuck me fuck me fuck me!”, to incite him to wild  raging sexual animal.

In, then out.

Her pussy clamped down as she succumbed to her first orgasm. Mouth buried in the bed, she bucked her ass up, tremors fluxing from her pussy, through her body, clenching her fingers together into hard fists.

Even as she convulsed, he began to move.

It was torment in its own way, her sensitive flesh screaming with the added stimulation.

He fucked hard now, faster, deeper, fingers clenched hard on her rounded hips, pulling her curvy body down to meet his fucking blows into her pussy. Through her tremors, her moaning pleas to wait, wait…toooo muchhhhh… he plunged relentlessly into her, throwing her into a deluge of sensations…his painful grip, his pounding cock, her body suddenly drenched in sweat, the heat of her ass, all coalesced into an elementary awareness of her body.

She floated free.

Later, aware of every molecule of her body, she snuggled closer to him as he slept. The moon danced through the window, a silent witness.