Domme-Wife (3)

She pulled him across the room by the leash, leading them to the “Electro-sex” booth.

“We want to try this,” she said in her “don’t fuck with the Mistress” voice. Damn but she was getting good at that, and it certainly did wonders for his cock, hearing that tone. He felt the little twitch deep in his shaft. Funny that, after all their years together, her voice could still give him a woodie.

“Sure, sure,” came the harried voice of the woman bent half under the table, “just give me a sec here…ooof” and she pulled hard, attempting to tug a heavy box from underneath.

“Wait! I have a slave-boy right here who will be happy to help you..” said Mistress.

“Oh, that’d be dandy,” the proprietor spoke, rising, her hand to her low back. “That is one fucking heavy box. My Master helped me carry it in, but He’s over there..” and she waved her hand towards the dias that was nearly hidden by the large crowd watching a sub get zapped with a violet wand. The sub in front of them was very, very pregnant.

He went around the table and helped tug the box out for her, gamely offering to lift it to the table if she needed. Thankfully, she did not. She was right, it was a very heavy box.

“I’m interested in playing with electricity on my boy here,” said Mistress, leaning against the table.

“Oh, electro-sex is so awesome. He doesn’t have heart issues does he?” She looked wide-eyed at him.

‘Well, fercrissake, he wasn’t *that* old’ he thought…when she dissolved into giggles.

“oh, gosh, that gets ’em every fuckin’ time..” and she grabbed at her belly as she dissolved again. “Oh, the baby loves when i laugh, oh, settle down,” she implored, rubbing her belly hard.

It felt…odd…to be receiving sex advice from a girl younger than his eldest daughter. But she had a frank, knowing way about her. She showed them the penis straps, explaining how they wrapped softly around his balls, the second strap that would be placed just under the head, and how the unit all plugged into the tens unit.

“Now, this *can* give him hands free orgasms, or just  a wicked hard cock, ” she continued, with a sly wink at him.  “…and who doesn’t like that?” And she giggled again.

Mistress stroked a crimson fingernail down the cage that controlled his cock,  the hard  physical reminder that he was an owned slave, and best of all, Her special little toy.

“Is this something we can try out now?” she all but purred, looking into his eyes. Well, fuck! It was one thing to walk around in a leash and cock cage, but quite another to have said cock be prodded by a 20-something gal…and. . . he felt flushed with embarrassment, and to further push that button up a notch, he was getting hard.

Who needed electro-stimulation?

Apparently, Mistress was not going to be dissuaded by the cock growing stiff inside the cage. She slid the lanyard off her neck, producing the little key that would release him.  She took her time unlocking his cage, her gleaming nails poking him, ‘accidentally, slave’ …yeah right.

The girl came round the table and showed Mistress how to attach the soft fabric strips around his cock, tightening the one around his balls with no trace of embarrassment.

Damn but if being a ‘thing’ didn’t have a bit of juice to it, he thought, then jolted as Mistress made the top strap a bit too tight. The girl corrected her, diffidently, and explained how the little metal electrodes could be placed on the top of his cock or underneath.

“And always start low,” she cautioned, showing Mistress the proper settings for starting up.

“Gawd!” he exclaimed as the first startling pulse leapt through his testicles, quieted a second before the one at the top of his shaft twizzed into life. “Whoaa!” he yelped, moving in place a bit. The movement of electric vibe between the two was discordant, but not unpleasant. He felt the tickling deep in his balls, the twitching of his head.

“If you keep it on low, he’ll discharge a ton of pre-cum,” the sales girl was sizing them up, sensing a sale rather than a ‘quickie trial’.  She showed Mistress how to turn the dials just so, and they both watched his cock leap and grow, pretty much ignoring the man it was attached to.

“now if you turn it this way, watch what happens,” said the girl, a coy smile on her face. Oh, beware of sub-girls with electricity, he thought a moment before the jolt hit his balls, and a millisecond later squeezed his upper cock with a fiery jolt of power. A jolt of cum shot from his cock, landing feet away. His groan as the cum was virtually sucked from him was ignored.

“isn’t that the kewlest thing?” The salesgirls eyes twinkled, knowing she’d totally disarmed him,  as another jolt from the electrodes shot another wad of cum from him.

“My gawd!” exclaimed Mistress. “talk about ‘Hit me with your best shot”

“, fire away..'” sang the sales girl.

He was torn between blushing embarrassment and a bit of pride.

The price of being a slave kept going up, He thought later, after shelling out for the equipment that had so amused Mistress. He carted the equipment back to the car. On the way back, he  glanced at his watch, and stifled a smile.

“tick-tock, Mistress” he said softly to himself as he headed back inside.

6 thoughts on “Domme-Wife (3)

    1. Well, a Tuesday just seemed too far fetched, yanno? (grins) i’m glad you enjoyed this, Mick!


      wait…you did enjoy this didn’t you ? *Laughs*

  1. Well, that’s put a little ‘spark’ into the relationship! Thank you so much, ‘nilla, I love the naughty things that mind of yours conjures up! Please keep turning out these super sexy stories!


    1. thanks Bob! i’m so glad i’m sparking you up!

      always ssooooo sweet to me…thank you, your comments are always appreciated…


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