i tip my hat to tipacanoe for the spark that got this idea flashing across my brain….thank You, Sir! ~n~

He tied the blindfold as she stood in the center of the room.

He’d wanted to play this game at for a long time. He’d gathered friends from their munch group, invited them to a special play party.  Though there were other games and events scheduled, this was the highlight of His evening.

She understood the rules. She must find HIM in the room of men.  In a room of naked men.  What she touched, she must kiss, lick, fondle, until she was certain it wasn’t Him, then move on.

So many smells, different colognes, different spicy man-tang filled her nose.  Soft voices falling silent, she heard the collective sound of their breathing.  All of her senses heightened by the loss of her vision, she was prepared to play this game of His, ready to explore,  and prove to Him, as she had said to Him so often,  that she knew Him by touch alone.

He surprised her when he took her hands, and  tied them behind her back. Surprised her further when He gently lowered her to her knees and told her softly to count to 10, then begin.

Oh, He was devious, she though, smiling nervously as she suddenly realized how she would be touching each man until she found Him…