Fertility Clinic 2/Max

Part one here

The lovely and decidedly top-heavy nurse came into the room where he and Molly waited.

“Max, if you will just follow me…” and she gently guided him from the room. Turning back, she spoke to Molly. “Someone will be here shortly to take you to the women’s’ wing, okay sweeting?”

Molly nodded, and picked up a magazine, trying to quell the butterflies that were cartwheeling through her tummy. Part excitement, part nerves, part curiosity. She wanted this to work. She really, really wanted this to work.


Max followed the gently swishing hips down the hall.  They came to a double set of double doors. She led him towards the left.

“Mens locations are down here. We want all our expectant fathers to feel comfortable, relaxed. It helps, you see. Nervousness is not very good for those little swimmers!”

He smiled. He’d not heard it put that way from a womans mouth before.

She took his arm, strolling rather than flying down the hall. He tried not to notice the substantial tit pressed against his upper arm, or the very obviously protruding nipples. She had large nipples, that was for sure.

He felt a stirring in his cock. He wondered if it was bad form to pull a hard-on for the nurse of a fertility clinic, or if it was part of the ‘master plan’…if there were a master plan.

He’d thought he’d be led to a room full of titty mags, porno flicks, and flickering lights, with some kind of female-like masturbator to slide over his cock.

Truly porn never really helped get his rocks off. Some of the harder stuff, maybe. A bit of bondage, setting the ubiquitous heroine in an untenable position and then taking her…that was a fantasy he could get behind. Literally.

Then again, you didn’t get a gal preggers by fucking a load up her ass, now, didja?

And it’s not like Molly wouldn’t let him fuck her asshole…just…not often.

The nurse left him in a comfortable room, small. Softly blue, hidden lighting,  an exam chair that looked like a recliner, a stool (likely for the doc) and a flat screen tv across the wall. He settled into the chair and waited.

He hated waiting. Still, it wasn’t but a few minutes until the nurse was back, with a basket full of something..wires and a box. His heartrate bumped up a bit.

“Now, I have another series of questions for you to answer. Orally, this time. You’ll be watching a viewscreen, and you’ll have sensors on you so we’ll know what excites you most, what will give us the greatest amount of ejaculate.”

Was it his imagination or was her uniform a bit lower than before? He’d have remembered seeing that much cleavage when she’d leaned against him, wouldn’t he?

“Now, please remove your pants, Max. Don’t be shy, I’ve seen many, many penises. Tell you what, to even things out, I’ll take off my uniform.”

He stared at her. He didn’t know much about hospitals but he for sure had never heard of this … like he was gonna say no?? He grinned,


She slipped out of her uniform and the bra holding those giant tits barely held them in. They were simply breathtaking, large, firm round, with giant nipples.  He watched as she slicked her hand down her chest, around and under those amazing tits.

“Well, that got you going, didn’t it? I can see we can mark you down as a tit man!” She giggled a bit. “Your eyes are as round as saucers, Max! And yes, before you ask, they are really all mine, all natural.”

She affixed a sticky electrode under his left ball. Her touch was gently exciting, and brought those marvelous tits that much closer. He wanted to touch. To lick every inch of those huge knockers. His cock hardened more. She affixed an electrode to the underside, her thumb grazing the vein that ran underneath, and making him groan.

His shaft jolted under that stroking thumb.

“Nice, Max, you have a lovely large penis. We should be able to get a nice amount of juice from you.” Her hand stroked over the head, her pinky just resting on the hole, dipping into that tiny indentation. Her fingers glided down the front of his shaft, caressing and assessing. He should have felt embarrassed, but he was too excited to truly care.

She stepped away, and flashed a remote at the screen, then took a long, flexible tube from her basket.

“Watch the screen Max, and tell me on a scale of 1-10 if what you are seeing is exciting to you. I’m going to be working on your penis, some things may be uncomfortable but it won’t last for too long, and then we’ll move on to letting you ejaculate for me, okay?”

Her tits were so fucking distracting, but eventually he looked at the screen. He saw a man and woman fucking missionary. Boring.


The scene changed to a man fucking a woman from behind, outside. Her hands were braced on the front of a classic car, her skirt up over her ass, her panties pushed to the side.


The next picture was a black man with a huge cock taking a small white woman. Her legs were braced on his shoulders, and he was shoving hard, trying to fit that giant dick up her hole.


A bondage scene unrolled before him. He barely noted the nurse affixing the plastic sheath on his hard cock, didn’t feel the sheath pumping up, until it was very tightly vising around his cock. The base of the thing had some kind of thick ring, which was putting a huge amount of pressure at the base of his shaft.

He moaned. It hurt and it felt so fucking good, like the tightest cunt he’d ever fucked.

The woman was tied, partially suspended. One leg in the air, one on the floor, exposing her pussy, her ass, her mouth. Her tits were tightly bound, and coned from the rope. They were an odd shade of purple and the nipples were large and sported tight silver clamps. As Max watched the video roll on, three men approached the dais where she was suspended. Three thick cocks, all aiming for those open and available holes.

She couldn’t say no. She didn’t look like she wanted to, either. In moments she was totally filled with cocks, and her moans and shrieks as her ass, pussy and mouth were invaded were stuffed back in her throat by the cock so vigorously pumping into her mouth.

He panted, his hips danced forward.

“Your rating, Max?”

Shit, he’d forgotten he needed to rate this ….

“Um…11! can i give it an 11?”

The nurse laughed softly. “You can, silly man”

The sleeve holding his cock tightened further, and he began to moan.

“OGAWD…I’m gonna cummmmm” and he felt the hard, draining pulses as his cock exploded into the sleeve. It seemed to go on forever, spurt after hard spurt.

She came to him, her tits brushing his chest, and slipped the sleeve off his deflating cock.

“What a good man, such a lovely amount of ejaculate.” She put the sealed tube into her basket, then removed a cloth and softly, gently wiped his spent penis down.

“Lay back and relax, now, and drink.” She nudged an energy drink into his hand. Limply, he took it, began sipping at it.

“It will refresh you, for later.”

She turned and left the room. When the door closed behind her, the screen turned to the football game.

Damn, was this paradise or what?

14 thoughts on “Fertility Clinic 2/Max

  1. ‘nilla, you have a wonderful ability of taking the most unlikely subject and turning into a thing of pure erotic delight. I hadn’t noticed part one of this story until it was mentioned today, after which I quickly acquainted myself with both parts it, and many thanks again for writing such ‘invigorating’ material.

    Is there anything at all – apart from the completely obvious taboos, of course, that doesn’t get your naughty mind working? I do hope not!

    ‘bye for now,


    1. typo fixed Bob! Glad you enjoyed this one!

      i think i look at so many things, and they get all jumbled in my brain, like a big blender, and then they just…slip right out of me. there are many many days when i’ll write three or more stories in a single sitting, different ones. I rarely write the part 2 (or subsequent parts) right after finishing the first one because i like it to “simmer” a bit…then i’ll have a break and not write for a day or so…then the muse is whipping me and i’m back to writing feverishly!


  2. ‘Nilla – this is awesome. I don’t know how you do it either. From the electrodes attached to him, to the woman bound and fucked on the video – omigod. Great stuff.




    1. well, inspiration is everywhere, and that woman on the video…hey i’ll bet you’ll be there someday…not shared, mind you, or maybe? hmmm…but the position seems wickedly hawt to this gal….

      i’m glad you enjoyed it!


    1. thanks Beast…clinical perversity…what a great term!! i love that! i have the idea for the third part..and possibly a 4th…we shall see where it leads my perverse little brain!


  3. If I knew there was a clinic around like this one, I never would have gotten a vasectomy. Very hot (sorry I meant hawt) my dear.

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