“Wiggle, cunt. I said ‘wiggle‘ and I meant ‘wiggle’. I want to see that ass moving.”

His words penetrated the sexual haze i was sunk into. Deeply sunk into. Fog so thick you could cut it with a knife.

i wiggled. How could i not? His words were brisk, yet taunting and the sweet honey of his voice belied the cruelness of his demand. Yet, the very steadiness of them, cutting through  the churning sexual ocean i was lost upon, gave me something to hold onto.

Not that i was holding onto much, my arms tied to the bedpost, wide-flung and meant to stay that way.

Damned dick of a  Dom. i mean that in the most respectful way.


my legs, tied at the ankle, the knee, the thigh,  were not trussed to the bed. The length of the vibe buried in my sweltering, soaked cunt was going nowhere, however, thanks to the judiciously placed length of duct tape holding it inside me.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” was all i could say around the ball gag he’d thrust into my mouth,  “since I’m not gonna use it for a while, cunt,” He’d said. “But I want that mouth to get used to being stretched wide open for my cock.”

Arms spread wide,  legs locked tightly shut, i writhed, wiggled, twisted around like a fish on a hook.

“Go on, cunt, hump that fuckin’ dildo. Show me how that cunt of yours takes a fat cock.”

He knew! For crissakes,  His own cock had been there just hours ago. He just loved humiliating me. His words were a growl, as he sat in the chair beside the bed, watching me trying to get off.

No matter how i bumped, how i ground down, there was no simulating the sensation of being fucked!! It frustrated, even as he clicked the fucking thing up another notch.

“Poor little cunt can’t cum? Is it broken? Have I worn it out already? Gee and you were all shiny and new just a few weeks ago, too. ”

I growl with frustration, which only makes him more amused. The sadistic fucker. He leans closer, grabbing my hip in one bruising hand, pressing me flat on my back. He fingers my clit roughly for a few moments, the only part of my cunt exposed from the tape stuck to my pink girly bits.

Somehow i knew i wouldn’t enjoy that tape coming off my thighs, my cuntlips. He wanted that fake dick to stay, and stay it did. Did i mention what a sadistic dick He is?

My squeal rises in pitch as he drives me closer and closer to exploding but he pulls away, sliding his cunt-soaked finger into his mouth, miming fucking. Geezuz. My eyes can’t leave his face as he slowly fucks that finger in and out of his mouth. I’m writhing in earnest now, heels digging deep into the bed as i arch up, humping the air.

“Why don’t you try using those cunt muscles? squeeze and release cunt, squeeze and release. Milk that fucking dildo with those muscles.”

oh yeah, like fuck i want an aerobic workout for my pussy now. I want to be FUCKED damnitall. He sees the animal growing closer in my eyes, as the woman-ness of me is stripped slowly away with the growing need in my cunt.

Trapped, helpless, i feel myself drifting deeper inside, and letting that insane creature gibber out of me. She peers from my eyes, and i see His  light in recognition. He knows this beast, her mate lives within Him.

His hand presses on my belly and she feels the pressure on the cock buried inside her vibbing away. she doesn’t care about the vibe, the ballgag…she has one mission, and that is to get him to fuck her.

My body undulates under her control, waving to him. His eyes watch the bounce of my tits, as i take the pain of clamped flesh and thrust it aside. i want one thing. just one thing. she pleads with him, with her eyes, with her undulating hips, with her rolling, chain-chattering thrusts.

He takes the wand from the table and presses it against the vee where thighs and cunt meet. Presses it.

The animals keening cry is the switch that turns Him on.

The buzzz of the hungry power tool is drowned out by the first crashing wave of orgasm. i’m flying through the fog, through the need, through the pain, into the most intense orgasm of my life.

He is such a sadistic dick sometimes, my Dom.

gawd i love that about him.