Oh, Ow, Fuck!

She would never, ever learn to curb her mouth, she thought.

He’d chastised her repeatedly about speaking out of turn, of not thinking before her lips opened. She’d been needy, that was all. It wasn’t really whining, was it, when a slut needed a good fucking?

She was sorry he was sick and all, but geeze you’d think he was dying the way he lay there and looked pathetic. It’s not like a sneak-blow-job was harmful fer crissakes.

He’d called her a fucking pain in the ass.

Then he’d gotten that gleam in his eye. The geek gleam. It sent shivers up her spine.  He looked over at her, up at the deluxe chin up bar mounted over the door.

“Clamps, thigh stockings, and your 5 inch stilettos, NOW” he barked. Then coughed.

“i could get some chicken soup for that…” she began, backpedaling her sarcastic bitch stance.

He gave her the look.

That THE MASTER HAS SPOKEN–what are you still doing standing there? look.  She turned quickly, almost meekly, and went to the cabinet where the toy box was kept.

She fetched her clamps, and the stockings and stilettos. With just one raised brow she sank to her ass and put on the hose, the shoes. Then handed him the clamps.

He pushed her against the doorway, then fetched the fucking machine he had bought this summer. They’d only played with it a bit, as he much preferred fucking her himself. He left the room briefly with a short, terse admonishment to keep her ass against the door frame.

He carried a length of thin chain in one hand upon his return, and in the other, a steaming mug of soup.  He placed the mug on the nightstand then set to work.

It took less than 14 minutes and when he was done, he pulled her into the center of the doorway. He muttered under his breath about height differentials, cause, effect, gawd knew what-all he was talking about.

Her heart lurched in her chest when he tossed the chain over the pull up bar. Quickly he put the clamps on her nipples, almost carelessly efficient. He fastened one end  of the dangling chain to her clamp-end.

“Stand straight and tall slut. Present yourself.” She tried not to breathe too deeply, but her heart was thumping like a wild animal on the run. Her breath shortened, quickened. He pulled the chain so it had the tiniest bit of slack to it, fastening the other clamp tightly on her nipple.

She whimpered.

He moved behind her, then kicked her legs apart. She was facing the bed, just inside the room. He moved the fucking machine, now set to an upthrust position, on the floor between her spread thighs. He cranked a bit, though she couldn’t see all that well as his head by her belly blocked his work from her sight.

She felt the brush of the dildo against her cunt lips, then whimpered again when she felt him crank it up, bit by bit, until it was almost half inserted.

He plugged it in, then went back to the nightstand, got her leather cuffs. Returning to her side, he looked at her as he cuffed one wrist then the other.

“Grab the bar.”

Raising her hands, she could just hook her fingers over the bar.  He attached the cuff to the bar.

“Now I won’t have to worry about you tipping over and ripping my nipples off those tits of yours, slut. I’m going to have my soup and a nap. Enjoy your fucking, you bad little slut.”

He took her by her throat, kissing her hard.

He crawled into bed, then took up his cup of soup, watching her as he drank. “And if I hear too much noise from that naughty mouth of yours, I’ll gag the fucking thing, got it?”

She nodded.

She didn’t understand, fully, until the machine pumped almost into her for a few minutes. The craving for the cock to be fully seated within her built up as the machine fucked mindlessly into her needy cunt.

She wiggled.

nada. Didn’t help a bit.

She gingerly lowered herself a bit, stretching out her tits.

That got the dildo a bit deeper, pretty close to what she needed, but…not quite.

She stood up when her knees quivered under the strain, when her tits complained. She held on, held on , held tight, held out.

She needeeeeeed that fucking cock up inside her hole NOW!

She pressed lower, pulling on her straining nipples. Gawd it fucking hurt, but the dildo fully seated. She thought she could take it long enough to get off.

He pointed the remote at the machine.



It slowed down. It slowed waaaay down.  She threw a glare at His back as he rolled over, pulling the covers around him.