taking another story tweak from one of those submitted ideas from this past summer. This won’t be to everyone’s taste…non-consensual sex, a bit of violence (implied)…this is the story for the gal who wanted a “rough scene”. You have been warned…here be nilladragons….

He wanted her.

It felt like he’d wanted her forever. They’d worked together for two years. Not side by side, but part of the same unit. She’d always brushed him off. He’d outright asked her what was wrong with him (never a good thing, he mused in retrospect), and she’d looked through him when she’d replied that he wasn’t really her type, and that she didn’t date people she worked with.

He accepted that, at first.

Then she started dating one of the guys from accounting. From that point on, all bets were off.

The night he saw her in the bar was the night he made his move. Hell, when opportunity knocks on your door, the winners fling it open  and the wieners timidly ask ‘who’s there?’, right? She was alone, her ‘date’ nowhere to be seen.

He’d been carrying the little pills with him since he’d devised his plan. Carefully he pulled one from the little tube in his pocket, slipped the top off the capsule, and palmed it between his thumb and middle finger, pinching it gently, rolling it to loosen the powder inside.

He made his way up her right side, then tapped her on her left shoulder, the way friends do when they are being silly.  Naturally enough she turned that way, as he’d been careful to stay out of her line of sight.

He took advantage and poured the powder into her drink,  while leaning against her back, then greeting her from behind her left  shoulder while quickly using her stirrer to mix in the potion.

She was polite, but he could tell she wanted him gone before her guy got back.  He ordered a beer, and tapped his glass to hers. She drank, he drank, ‘to new adventures in the coming year.’  He watched as she drained her drink, ordered a second.

a bit of a slur in that sexy voice now? he wondered, hopeful.

He smiled at her, and she returned it a bit woozily. Good, the guy he’d gotten these from had said they worked fast.


“shure” she slurred, giggled. “guess i’ma weeeeee bit drunk.” She leaned against him heavily, and he felt his cock stir with the brush of her hair against his cheek.  So fucking soft, smooth. The fragrance was heady, alluring, feminine.


He took a slow, steadying breath, and guided her to the dance floor, keeping her on the edge of the thronging masses.  They finished a dance,  and she fanned her face.

“Soooo hot,” she giggled, her voice a bit drowsy now.

He took her gently outside, and got her to his car before she started to fold up on him.  He buckled her in, and sped off to his apartment.

He carried her into the building, grateful that  no one was around. Grateful too that his apartment was on the first floor, with no one to hear his heavier steps as he carried her up the few steps to the back porch, sliding his key into the lock and slipping inside without shifting her much. Most of all? He was grateful that he’d actually done it, sound-proofed the spare bedroom this summer.

She was limp and loose, and he easily stripped her. How he wanted to linger over each luscious inch of her as her clothes were removed.  But he was uncertain just how long the sedative would last, and he had preparations to make.


She stirred, feeling thick and disoriented. There was a yucky taste in her mouth, and she wondered why she’d had so much to drink. She never did that. But there was  Sam, and he’d toasted, and she’d returned it…things got fuzzy after that.  She breathed in and out for a moment more, eyes closed, feeling a gentle breeze moving across her body.

That wasn’t right. Why was there a breeze? She tried to sit, and pulled her arms, which were up by her head.


She shifted her feet.


Her heart leapt into her throat, her breathing hitched, then sped up as she began to thrash and panic. Why couldn’t she move? Why….

“Shhhhhh,”  a voice in the darkness, a hand moving in slow easy circles on her belly.


“Huh. As if he’d have the balls for this.”

She knew that voice, she knew it. She tasted panic, as the circling hand drew wider up her body, caressing the underside of her breasts.


“C’mon Lindsey, think. Such a beautiful girl, so smart.” His voice was husky, thick with lust.  She gasped when his hand pinched her left nipple, pinched it harder than she’d ever experienced before.

“So beautiful. Your lips open so invitingly when you gasp with the pain I give you.”

She closed her lips, but they opened in a moan as he twisted it slowly, steadily clockwise. Her back arched, trying to move with his movement, to avoid the pain.

“You’re wet you know. I’ve been playing with you for over an hour.”

“nononononono…” she droned, panic clogging her voice, but her head thrashing to and fro.

His other hand trailed slowly, teasingly, lightly down her belly, to swirl around her belly button, tickling her despite the pain of her abused nipple.

“You can’t see because I have a blindfold on you, and you can’t move because…well, because you’re tied to the bed. The shackles are lined, so they won’t harm your skin, but hold you tight…oh, absolutely, my sweet slut.”

“i am not your sweet anything!!!! She screamed, loudly, hoping to rouse someone.

He laughed.

“You can scream, sweet slut of mine, but no one can hear you, no one at all. You are here, you are Mine and in about 3 minutes or so, your sweet cunt will pour for me.

She bit on her lip, trying to quell the next scream. Was he telling the truth? She couldn’t stop the moan of pain as he twisted her nipple, still squeezing it tightly, nor the second moan of lust as his other hand slid between her legs, and began caressing her slit. His fingers rubbed briskly on her clit, and she felt the slick wetness there.

“Ohnononononono…” she moaned, not wanting to, not wanting to, but feeling that wave building inside her, she could do nothing to stop him.

His fingers, gawd knew how many, slid inside her pussy, fucking her firmly,  caressing her almost lovingly. She felt his mouth kissing her belly, and the sharp pain that remained, throbbing in her captured nipple.  Strangely enough,  the pain in her tit echoed with a sexual tremor deep inside her pussy.

She flew over the crest of the first tidal wave, her back arching, ass rising, heels grinding into the mattress, toes clenched, fists tight. Her head flung back and her mouth opened in a silent scream of lust, fulfilled.

When the orgasm wave receded, she collapsed onto the bed, tits heaving, gasping for breath. She felt the shift of the mattress, the feeling of a man’s hair-covered leg sliding between her thighs.

She moaned as his cock slid into her throbbing and sensitive hole. No, no more she tried to moan, but as his very thick cock slid up into her greased hole, she felt her cunt clenching tightly again, greedily grabbing the shaft that was slowly filling her.

And when his hips began pumping deeper, harder, she stopped thinking at all…


this could stand alone just like this but i wonder if you want the next part? it’s even a bit darker..a bit dirtier..a bit badder.  Do let me know…~n~