Brother (1 of 3)

once more the theme of the week is DARK, boys and girls, Doms and subs.  This is consensual. Above age. ..and…. this is all the warning you will get….you’re smart. you’ll figure this out… ~nilla~

At 36, she was stunning. Long gone were the days of braces and frizzed out perms.  Her hair was a long, straight, waterfall of lush locks.

He saw her across the room at the party, noticed her right away. His type for sure. Sexy, and confident, he thought, though he could only see her from the side.  He could see the well stacked tits from this angle, and those were a pleasant surprise. Between body language, and body development…she was a winner. Sandwiched between several unattached Doms as she was,  he figured she must be a sub. No collar, and no one guy stayed beside her for long.   He watched her brush them off, the ones he knew were prowlers, looking for a fast fuck and not much else. She had to be new meat to be drawing so many flies. He smiled. Unattached, and choosy. Not a bad combination at all.

He kept watching her, the ebb and flow of people between them occasionally interrupting his view. He wondered why he was so taken with her. He’d seen well stacked subs before.  Played with his fair share, to be sure.  This one…appealed. He knew better than to question the unknown appeal. Sometimes a Dom and a sub just…clicked. He felt it. He wondered, should he make his way over to her, if she would feel it too.

He got the biggest surprise of his life when she turned fully,  his cock twitching in his pants.  Dear Gawd. It was Becky.

His sister.

What the fuck? He knew it’d been a while since they’d last seen each other, and for sure he’d not expected to see her at this kind of party at the local kink-spot.

When the fuck had he last seen her? Her hair had been shoulder-length and blonde. Now she was a fucking knock-out redhead.  He scrolled back through his mental calendar. The last few years he’d been traveling for business over the holidays, didn’t make it home to Mom and Dad’s. That’d be, what? Three years? And the year he was home, Beck had been in Colorado with the jerk that she had been engaged to, before she came to her senses and discovered that he really was an asshole.

He cast another surreptitious glance across the room at her. Geezuz she was a fucking knockout. He shook his head.

He thought it was amusing that they both apparently had the kink gene, and wondered briefly about their parents, before shaking that thought out of his brain.

He didn’t move to speak to her until he noted that  Buck had moved in on her, was even now leading her by the hand towards the hallway where the private rooms were.

No fucking way.

He cut through the crowd effortlessly, cutting across their path like an icebreaker in the North Atlantic.


Buck looked down his patrician nose at him, no mean feat since Sam towered over the ivy-league ass by a good 5 inches.

“Sam.”  Buck tilted his head in acknowledgement, attempting to pull his newest conquest down the hall.


Her eyes were locked on Sam’s in a commingling of shock, horror, nerves, and something else he couldn’t readily identify.

She didn’t speak, though her mouth was slightly open, her lush red-painted lips inviting.

He looked back to her eyes, shook his head.

“No, Beck, not this one. This is *not* the way.” He slid his arm down her arm to her free hand. “Come.”

She dropped Bucks hand like it was a flaming coal. He could see the pulse beating hard in the shadowed hollow of her throat, like a butterfly trying to break free from its confines. Geezuz she was stacked.


He tried not to notice. His cock ignored that, continued to rise.

They left Buck stammering, complaining. He steered her to the coat room, helped her on with her coat. She protested when he pulled her to his car, but he silenced her with a look.

He leaned across her, buckling her seatbelt for her. He was inches from that red mouth, those inviting lips, but he ignored them, looking deeply into the blue eyes that mirrored his own.  He smelled her, the smell of home, and familiar. He also smelled cunt.

She was breathing deeply, slightly flushed. Her coat didn’t disguise the rise and fall of her tits. How had he never before noted how fucking stacked she was?


Then she was the sister he’d played one-on-one bball with  at the garage hoop. He’d needed to ignore her burgeoning chest, though he did remember whacking off in the bushes one memorable time when they were camping when she’d come to family campfire in her bikini top and low-rider jeans.

Now she was a woman he’d admired – wanted, to be completely candid – at a Dungeon party.  He wondered who was the worst here, Buck for coming onto his sister, or himself, having thoughts of his sisters red lips encircling his cock?

His hand rested on her knee as their eyes continued to clash. He felt her muscles relax a scant second before her eyes dropped.

Round one.