Sister (2 of 3)

Part ONE

why didn’t i protest when Sam put me in his car? i tried..a little bit. My little go-cart, as Dad calls it, was sitting right there. Still he had this…look.

my brother is a Dom.

He always was a bossy-ass. *i* thought it was because he was older, wiser, all that big-brother shit. But fuck no. Nothing as simple, as easy as that. i’ve always been the baby. Always taken the lower road, always following his lead..that’s the story of my childhood.

my brother is a Dom.

This amazes me. And yet…..if ever there was one born to be a Dominant, Sam was it.

i’d only discovered kink a few years ago, playing around with a boyfriend after my engagement ended. i’d been sassy, a smartass, still on the rebound. He wasn’t mean, but he demanded respect. i’d never heard of Doms and subs before Greg. Oh, i’d seen the nod to BDSM on those gossip shows, on the primetime dramas…but  understanding what the ‘lifestyle’ was really about? getting it? nada.  Not until Greg.  So on the fateful day that i sassed him bigtime, He’d said i needed a spanking.  Oh, how i protested.

He’d subdued me , bound my wrists with this bondage tape and turned me over his knee.  i still remember how that felt, when he slowly hit my ass through my jeans.

And how it felt when he stood me up, told me to stay the fuck still, and unzipped them. Lowered them to my ankles. Bent me back over his knees  and spanked my panty-clad ass. Harder. More seriously.

When he’d pushed aside the cotton, tucking it into my asscrack, and fingered my slit…i was soaked.

and so a sub was born. Or discovered. Whatever. Greg and i didn’t last all that long, for all that He taught me about being submissive. i discovered the Community, through blogs ‘n shit like that, and even found the local club a few months back.  i’d served a Dom for almost a year, others for shorter times, even just here at the club for play sessions.  Still, it was a shock to see Sam at the club. i had no idea he …well, geeze. My brother?  When he took my hand, pulled me away from the Dom that i was with, that gleam in his eye was scary.

and a fucking turn on.

i mean who the fuck gets turned on by their brother? He’s my bossy older brother for gods sake. Gawd he’s so fucking gorgeous. He’s got mom’s coloring, all that thick dark hair, just a bit of silver at the temples. He looks like what he is…a successful businessman. Confident. Cool. Calm. Sexy.

His eyes weren’t cool though. Not when he took me away from the Dom at the Party. And not now.

His eyes are like banked fire.  i feel the heat of his gaze burning into me,  like his eyes are stripping me down to the most essential bits of who i am.  And gawd, i feel that submissive spark ignite in my cunt. i drop my eyes, feeling the heat of his hand on my knee burning up my thigh, and i know my pussy is saturated.

how fucking warped is that? My BROTHER for gawdsakes.  He taps my legs, between my knees. i spread them a tiny bit. He hits them a bit harder, and i bite my lower lip. i felt that in my fucking clit!

i part my legs, smelling my musky scent wafting out from under my miniskirt. No way he can not smell that. He bends lower, reaching under the seat between my thighs. He pulls out a wooden box, puts in on my lap.

When he opens it, i almost gasp. Nestled inside the crimson velvet-lined box are heavy silver cuffs, a leather harness with a crimson ball in the center, and a second set of slightly bigger cuffs.  He reaches in, takes the bigger cuffs, and places the first around my left ankle.

i draw in a breath. The air in here is suddenly hot. More than hot…stifling.  i hear the clink as the mate to the first cuff is tightened around my right ankle, the embrace of the metal cold, yet not unwelcome.

He has a calm face, and a surety in his movements.  He cuffs my wrists.  He lifts the gag, and i shake my head, but he merely looks steadily at me, until i open my mouth. The ball is big. He tightens the buckle around the back of my head.

REALLLY tight. i whine a bit as the leather bites into my face, as my mouth stretches to accommodate the thick ball. His eyes look at me, drinking me, i think, with this hunger.

This feeling of powerlessness sweeps over me…and excites. i feel his hand sliding up my inner thigh, all the while his eyes bore into mine.  His fingers probe around my lace panties, then flick under them.

my moan is soft behind the gag but i know he heard it.

“Wet.” He shakes his head at me. “My sister, the submissive slut. What am  I going to do about this?”

Again His eyes drill into me.  i wonder if he sees the plea i am sending him.

‘fuck me, fuck me fuck me…”

i barely note when he takes my limp wrist, cuffs it, cuffs my right wrist. He reaches back into the box. What was there, in the bottom? He palms it, and i can’t see.

His hand slides back between my thighs, my moan guiding Him deeper. His fingers slip up and over the panties and i feel something quite chilly pressed into my heated and sopping slit.

“You’re so fucking wet” His voice whispers against my ear. “Such a very naughty girl, getting all wet for her big brother.”

i try to talk around the gag, impossible i know, but still i try.

“Shhhhh,” he murmurs. i feel his finger flick and then the soft hmmmmmmm against my clit from the vibe he’s placed carefully against it. His fingers slide out from under my panties, and he gives a careful tug, pulling them up into my slit, pressing the vibe tighter, holding it securely.

He wipes his sticky fingers on my cheek, avoiding the string of drool that’s already hanging like a silver thread from my lower lip to my  coat. His hands move to mine where they lie, cuffed tidily, and laying quiescent in my lap.

He rubs them against his crotch.

His cock is not quiescent, but hard, hot, yearning to where my fingers press against the fine wool of his pants.

my brother the Dom has the hots for me.