Brother -Sister Finale

He had her on the ropes.

a funny expression that also rang quite true. She stood, arms raised high overhead, tits heaving with her lusty breath, as he fastened the second set of clamps onto the side of her nipples. One directly on, the other beside. The second chain thicker, heavier than the last.

Her moans were delightful, frequent.

Every time he flicked them with his hand, or the crop, she would whimper, flinch, cry out.

Her tears, pain might have turned away another man.

For him, they were necessary.

They fed the Beast inside of him. And tonight the Beast feasted upon the flesh of his little sister.

He might have reconsidered if he hadn’t seen the steady drip of moisture down her inner thighs.

He could hardly believe she’d agreed to his demand, though he knew he’d pushed her mercilessly to let him.

Then of course he needed to reward her. The hitachi had been plugged in with the special stand, pushed hard against her little cunt.  She came fast the first time, screaming and dancing on her toes. The second time was pretty fast too.

He was ready to move forward now. She’d cum a third and fourth time, and was even now, limp, hanging from her chain, moaning that she could do no more.

Somehow he doubted that.

He slipped up behind her, tugged  on the heavy chain.

She screamed. Such a lovely sound.

“such a gutter mouth from such a properly raised young lady.” he commented in her ear as a string of ‘fuckfuckfuck” left her lips.

His cock, engorged and throbbing insistently now slid between her thighs. She was liberally coated with her juices, her lower lips plump and swollen. He massaged his head along those wet puffy folds, moaning with the pleasure of it.

She was so fucking hot.

She was so fucking wet. He wasn’t sure he’d ever fucked a pussy this saturated with cum. Or lust-dew or what-the-fuck-ever the prosy word of the day was. She was wet.

He’d done that to her.

Such power in that, such a thrill. A shiver of lust ran straight through him, and with just a small cant of his hips, his cockhead slipped, just barely, into her hole.

He fucked in and out, little popping fucks, with the head of his cock, bathing in her juicyness.




She was trying to move. Towards him? Away? Didn’t matter.

He took her hips in his hands and slid home.

One hard thrust of his hips and he was fully sheathed.

She was tight, throbbing, slick, and the heat of her fuckhole was like an inferno. His cock was surrounded by hot tight velvet, clenching around him. He felt the head already weeping precum.

He pulled out, slowly, ever so slowly, enjoying the feeling of her cunt closing just behind the engorged head.  So slowly out, yet so hard and fast to stuff his meat up her sheath.

Again, slow, slow slowly he withdrew, as she groaned and tried to press down on his disappearing shaft. She couldn’t but she sure moved her ass around to try. Her inner muscles clenched and grabbed and gave his cock the massage of his life.

His sister had a very talented cunt.

Once more he drove up into her, plunging his almost painfully hard cock deep up inside of her. She moaned as he parted her tunnel, as he banged hard up inside her belly.

“canicummmmmm” she wailed….

and he ground out his guttural ‘yessss” as his own cum boiled up from his balls, and pulsed hard, drenching her pussy with his  own thick syrup.

He held onto her, head cradled against hers, as he caught his breath, his legs shaking from the force of his own release.

“What a fucking good whore you are sister dear, such a good little hole for your big brother. I have a reward for you now, before you attend to your task.”

He moved away, fetching the hitachi, and holding it hard against her.

“nonono…can’t can’t…” she protested.

“shhhh” he cautioned, and he cupped her head and kissed her silent, as the buzz of the wand echoed in the open room.

As she crested that wave yet again, cumming hard, wetting the floor beneath her, a buzzer chimed.

“good girl. You hang out here and relax now. The poker gang is here ….”

She averted her eyes, but she couldn’t control the shiver of lust that he saw.

Laughing at her dilemma, he left the room.  The Beast was bringing his friends in to feast.  The gang gathered here every Friday night to play poker.

Boy were they going to poke her.