Taken, denoument

this is the final bit of this fantasy tho you will see a variation of this theme in the near future…this part, however…very rough. (i’m thinking of making a single-word warning…’nilladragons’ so you’ll be forewarned of the rougher stuff…)


He fucked her gently, lover-like. She wanted to resist, he felt it in her body. She was blindfolded, spread-eagled, unable to deny him, but she was tense and he knew it was fear.
He took his time with her. He rubbed her clit as he knelt between her thighs, his cockhead inside her, pulsing gently back and forth.  She moaned, tossed her head, and he slid his hands up beside her, bracing himself as he pushed deeply into her tummy.
She was so fucking tight, all tensed against his invading shaft.
He didn’t think he’d felt any cunt as good as hers. Hers, because it was his now. He’d taken it, he owned it, and he wasn’t going to let it go anytime soon. Groaning, he pressed deeper, faster, tuning out her sounds, and focusing on the intense waves moving through his cock, thrumming from his tightening balls, and he gritted his teeth and groaned as his cock disgorged its load deep inside of her.

He dropped onto her body, and  nuzzled deep into her neck with his face, biting along her shoulder. His cock began to soften, but not before he felt her cunt tighten as his teeth clamped hard on that sweet spot at the junction of neck and shoulder.

“Mmmmmm” he murmured against her neck. “Liked that didn’t you, little slut.”

“noooo” she tried to protest, but it ended as a moan when he bit again. Once more her cunt clamped on his softening dick.

“Your mouth says ‘no’ but your cunt says more..” he whispered against her throat.

He slid from her, and off the bed.

“okay, enough cuddles, slut. It’s time to make you my property.”
She laid in the darkness behind the blindfold. She didn’t know if it was day or night. Whatever he’d wrapped around her head masked all light. She felt…. she was frightened. Not knowing where she was, and not certain who he was, though his voice, the tones of it…familiar.

Her head spun a bit from the residual of the drug in her system. She felt light and floaty, and dozed off for a bit.

She awoke to pain.

With her eyes useless, her sense of hearing really had become acute. She heard the whistling sound a moment before she felt the sharp crack against her upper thigh. Her body jerked and she yelped.

“You can scream, little one. I do like it when you make those noises. I liked those moans and groans while I was fucking you, but I like the crying, the screams every bit as much.”

She bit her lip, attempting to stifle her reactions, but it swiftly became impossible. He hit her up and down her body, tits, arms, thighs, belly, even between her splayed legs. He would stay in the same spot occasionally, hitting it twice, three times, more, until she screamed and begged. She never got past the third ‘please’ before He moved on.

And then it stopped.

“That was the warm-up slut. Now, in the future, when you make a request of me, I expect to be addressed as Master, or Sir. Or I simply won’t hear you.”

She felt the tickle against her belly.

“Can you guess what this is, slut?”

She refused to answer. She yelped when her right nipple was suddenly grabbed hard and twisted. His fucking fingers were like a vise.

“NO SIR” she yelped, panting as He released her.

“Manners are so very important to your Master, slut. You be a good girl, and good things happen. Bad girls? Well, slut, you don’t want to be a bad girl. Trust me on that.”

There was a pause.

A  hard slap landed against her pussy, and she cried out. Shock and sudden pain made her gasp. He was a fucking monster!!

“You must respond to me, slut, with yes Sir, or no Sir; I also enjoy yes Master or no Master…understand?” His voice hardened at the last, and she nodded.

There was a sigh.

“You’re disappointing me, slut.”

He hit her pussy again. And again. He kept hitting her, even when she yelled “Yes Sir”, and “Sorry Sir,” and “pleasepleasepleasesorrySir.” After 20 blows of his hand hard against her cunt, she was crying, sobbing. Her pussy was hot, swollen, throbbing.  It hurt so fucking much.

“I see you need to be reminded as to who is in charge here. I’m going to fuck you with my toys. You will cum. You will cum as many times as i feel you should. You will initially wonder at this as a punishment.” He gave a rueful chuckle. “Poor little slut.”

Her heart raced. What was so bad about cumming a bunch of times? She wanted to smile. Now who ruled?

He set up the fucking machine with one of his larger dildo’s. Her cunt was wet, little whore, for though He knew she would argue that it wasn’t, that spanking was not a turn on for her,  he could clearly see the seeping gleam of her arousal on her swollen cuntlips.
The machine was efficient. Every stroke the same. No pauses, no breaks, no change in motion or thrust. She came quickly the first time.  Though the cock had felt too big at first, her hole stretched to accommodate it. Her clit tingled painfully in her post-orgasmic lassitude…but the machine fucked on.

She built up to the second orgasm quickly. She’d often had  multiple O’s during sex, so it didn’t surprise her. There was a second intense hmmmmm, joining the sound of the fucking machine between her thighs. She felt the press of the big-headed massager against her puffy mons. She was still sore from the spanking of her pussy, and the vibe pressed insistently.

She exploded.

Stars whirled, colors ignited and she was flying…and the sensation between her legs was incredibly intense…painfully intense. She was gasping, sobbing for breath.

The fucking machine kept fucking, dispassionate.

And the hitachi stayed pressed hard against her. She came again.

And again.

And again.

She fainted from the overstimulation.

When she awoke, the fucking machine was pumping still, though the massager had been moved away. “please…Sir…” she whispered. “i am sorry, Sir…”

The fucking machine kept fucking. She didn’t even know if he was in the fucking room…he might have left her here, left her to slowly expire from the physical toll. She was breathing hard, her heart raced and she’d kill for a glass of water. A sip of water. The fucking machine pumped on.

The next time she regained consciousness, she was shaking with fatigue. Her cunt hurt, her clit was engorged and painful, and the humm of the hitachi came closer.

She began begging. Crying. Pleading.

He made her cum again.

Then turned the machine off. Turned the hitachi off.

And began to beat her with the tawse. Until she came, again.
She woke, groggy, drained.

“Good, you’re awake. Open your mouth, slut.”

She obeyed his command instantly. She felt something. A straw.


Grateful, dying of thirst, she drank deeply. The shake was sweet, the wetness relieving the parched feeling of her mouth, her throat. He pulled it away, gave her a moment, then gave her more.

“It’s an energy shake. Good girl, drink that last bit.” His hand stroked down her tit, over the striped marks he’d made on her flesh. He pulled the straw from her mouth, and she arched her head, searching for more. There was the sound of a lid being pulled off, a crinkly plastic sound, then his voice.

“open up slut,”  She parted her lips, and he drizzled the last bit of the shake into her mouth.

He stroked her cheek softly, and she felt his lips against her lower one. He sucked it into his mouth, sucking it firmly, biting gently. She moaned.
“open up, slut,” She parted her lips, and he spat into her mouth.

“Swallow it.” His voice was rock-hard, uncompromising. She shuddered. She made a face, she was so grossed out.. “You will accept my fluids. All of them. All a gift to you, slut, just as the cum i’d saved for you, and added to your breakfast drink was a gift. ”

She swallowed, overwhelmed by the fear, the disgust evident on her face.


There were sounds coming from the open door. She had no idea what the hell was going on. She needed ..she wanted to get away. She pulled at her bonds, but they were tight. She wasn’t going anywhere.

“Please? Please, let me go?”

She didn’t know where he was, what he was doing…

“Please Sir? Please let me go?”

“Much better language, slut” She jolted. He was right fucking beside her. His fingers began swirling lightly over her stretched body.

“I keep thinking about planting all these seeds inside of you. If I keep you here long enough, slut, one will surely take root.  Your belly will swell, your tits will fill with milk,  and someday my child will come out of your belly, and you will feed us both with your creamy goodness. ”

She shuddered at his words.

“But that’s in the future. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I do know what today brings. ”

The sound of a cell phone chime sounded loud in the room. He answered it, and she heard him moving away.  She pulled more at her bonds, but no give. She heard a door close. Voices moving closer. The long, low whistles came from the doorway.

“She’s fucking gorgeous alright. Lookit those titties. ” There was the sound of flesh smacking flesh.

Fucking men.

They moved closer, and suddenly there were hands moving over her flesh. Her tits were pumped, squeezed, nipples crushed between bruising fingers.  A finger delved into her sore and swollen slit, while another tried pushing into her asshole.

“Noooooooo” she wailed at that assault.

“It speaks?”

There was the sound of amused male laughter.

“Okay, I’ll get my stuff set up here.” Said the first voice.

“Me too.” came the other.


The pinch on her nipple was cold.  He’d been fiddling with her tit for the last few minutes, teasing her nipple to hardness. No. He wouldn’t. The bite of the needle sliding through the flesh of the taut nubbin ended that thought, and she screamed. There was a sensation of cold through her nipple as the ring slid home.

“I’d lay real still, cunt.” His voice was harsh. “I’m going to solder this and even though it’s cold, it’s relative. Trust me, if the tip of the solder touches your tit, you’ll feel it.

He was soldering the ring shut? Like it would never fucking come off? It didn’t take long for him to finish, and she heard him move around the bed to begin the second nipple ring. She cried out when the needle jabbed through her flesh. She was angry, and frightened, and even worse? She felt her pussy begin to dampen.

She was not a submissive woman. She was a corporate dynamo. She was a wunderkind at work. Respected. Maybe even feared. She didn’t need this kind of treatment to feel sexual. To get turned on. She wanted to be respected, courted, wooed. Forced? No. NO.

She refused to remember the masturbations that started this way.


she was a good girl.

Her tits hurt. The steady throb-throb-throb matched her heartbeat. She heard him packing his stuff. Then felt fingers at her cunt.

“You’re right. She’s fucking soaked. The bed creaked, and she felt the heat and heft of a man. A cock probed her lower lips, then slipped easily inside her. His body lay across hers, his hairy chest pressing hard against her newly pierced tits. She cried out, thrashing her head as he fucked her.

She came before he did.

“Little pain slut” he murmured as he pulled away. “Your Master was right. ”

She lay for a while, wondering about the other man. Somehow she knew.

She would wear His mark on her flesh for the rest of her life.