Dr. Strangeguy, the Beginning

“Your couch is kinda lumpy, Dr.” i try to settle myself, but it’s hard to.  i mean, i can write all the wild stuff i want to, but to have agreed to come here, and let this guy in essence, open my head and see what’s swimming around in there…? Yeah. weird.

“Just adapt. You’re a subbie…since you presumably spend a lot of time on your knees, One thinks you should just be grateful to spend some of this time on your back.”

i wonder if this is some Dr. Strangeguy double entendre. i take a deep breath, and see him looking at my tits as i inhale.

Well, he *is* a sex doctor, but still …should he really be looking at my tits like that?

“So, little girl, you don’t mind me calling you that, right? Your Sir calls you that all the time, or so you say in that blog of yours.”

i nod. “that’s fine S..i mean Doctor.”

i see the smile flit across his face. Didn’t aisha tell me that therapists and such tried to school their emotions during a session? And i wonder what my friend sin would say if i told her where i was, and that laying here letting myself get exposed was all because of her saying to me that i didn’t open up all that much.

hmmm. Then again, that could be classical transference, couldn’t it? After all, she didn’t tell me to come here.  If i’m going to blame anyone it would have to be…

“Tipacanoe, that would be ‘Sir Tip’ to you, little girl, recommended that you come and see me.”

“Yes, Dr.” i nod my head.

“Because he is the curious sort who wonders about a sweet little woman like you, coming up with the wild stories that you concoct.”

“Well, i don’t think up all of them…people give me ideas…”

“And then you run with them, correct?”

“Welllll, um…yeah, i guess. ”

“So, little girl, where does your inspiration come from?”

i stare at him. How the hell do i explain that? It comes from the breath i draw in? It comes from the sun shining on my face, the hot water in my shower, the cereal in my bowl, the odd snippets i see and hear and read…

“my head is a vita-mixer” i finally say. i note that his gaze has returned to my tits.

“Take off your shirt. Perhaps that will help us focus.”

yeah, right i think.

“Now, little girl”

i had signed the paper out front that said i had to follow directions to be fully understood. Since the subsisters and Mick had fronted the dough for the appointment, i needed to be compliant.  i unbuttoned my blue flannel shirt, slipping it slowly off one shoulder, then the other. Under it, a white camisole. Up and over my head it went. Under that, my favorite bra, the one with the black swirls on it.

He was nodding to himself, his expression neutral.

i slipped off one strap…then the other, then slowly peeled the cups down my breasts. The room was warm, indeed i was very comfortable, and i realized that i was starting to find that place in my head where my stories came from. This excited me enough that my nipples popped up.

“hmmmm” and the Doc began writing furiously on his laptop. i was, naturally enough, insanely curious to know what the fuck he was typing about me.

“So, Doc, what are you typing? ”

He ignored me. With a final tap-tap on the keyboard, the screen went blank.


He rose and crossed to me, and pulled a pair of clamps from his pocket.

“Now, Sir Tip told me you have a fixation with nipple pain, so we will simply apply these clamps to your lovely tits, and see where that takes us, hmmm, my dear?”

i inhale quick and sharp as his hand slid down my tits and capture my right nipple. A firm pinch with his fingers, as his dark eyes look into mine, and then the sharper pinch of the clamp. i gasp, close my eyes for a moment, absorbing the quick shock of pain.

My pussy is quick to awaken at that. She waits, hoping for a second pinch. She is not disappointed. i can roll with the pain…at first just the shock of it, then the breathing through it.

It will be a few minutes before the fire ignites and the first embers begin to fan into a deep slow burn.

“Well,” i begin, “i had this …issue, with my wife, and when she was at work i started browsing for porn. Pics and mini vids that showed a little of the BDSM scene got me going, but then i found stories. Some were so fucking hot. I would sit in a pool of my juices, and salivate. Others were just so badly written.

And, well, i have ability to write, i’ve used it in various jobs, certainly never *this* kind of writing but i thought…why the fuck not?

“And your first piece?”

“um, it’s kind of embarrassing, really. It’s short, and obvious, and …well, i was just getting my feet wet with BDSM porn and was fascinated with the fact that a sub would just stand there and take it…getting corrected for posture, of all strange things, while she was submitting to a beating?

That made me hot, Doctor. and it was hard for me to understand. So i wrote this:

She stands in the center of the room. The concrete is rough and cold beneath her bare feet.  She feels her knees quivering and wants to relax her posture, and yet as she draws a breath of courage to do just that, she hears Him speak.

“Stand up, girl.”

She hears the faintest whisper of sound behind her..a footstep? a breath? and even as the thought forms in her head the ache in her ass tells her he has swung his belt and connected with her pale flesh. A sudden burst of heat, a shock of pain registers and a second blow quickly follows the first, then a flurry of them. A moan escapes her lips, her hands grasping the loop of rope that hangs above her, but which does not yet restrain her. No, her restraint is self-imposed.

“Stand up, Girl” she hears him say again, then,

“push that ass out for me”  he orders, gruffly.

and she does.

So you can see that just the idea of her submitting, of granting him the right to do what-th-fuck-ever to her? It was titillating.

Later i started using people i’d read blogs of, some of their adventures were catalysts for a whole rank of stories. ”

“including wildly inappropriate stories, of forced intercourse, and slut sharing, and fucking animals?”

hmmm, so he *had* read my blog.

“well, um. yes. some readers like that stuff, and some were grossed out and some were …um”

“ambivalent?” i nod my head.

“And doctors are in there too, aren’t they little girl?”

i swallow. Right, i’d forgotten about that one, the fertility clinic, gotta get back there. And the reporter hanging …oh but…

He nods. “As I say, wildly inappropriate.” He reaches over and tugs at the chain attached to the two clamps. i’m wincing but pussy? It’s so annoying that she gets so fucking hot when this sort of thing happens. It’s bad enough to be reading someones blog and get turned on, but in the Dr’s office, when he’s supposed to be peering into my head to see those dark spots?

“You had a terrible childhood?” why do they always ask those sort of questions?

“No, actually i had a really good childhood. Some drama, yes, but um. over all? i was happy. Tho…i welllll…um…never mind”

i blush. His eyebrow raises. i shake my head. Hee. funny the things that still embarrass us, decades later.

“Look Doc, the thing is, my Sir and i are talking things through, and really being open about what’s been going on between us, and seeing what develops ahead of us….so now? so much of the darkness has begun to recede. ”

“just so that you understand, little girl….there is always darkness. it is part and parcel of each of us. Touching it now and again isn’t a bad thing.  It seems to me that you have a good enough balance of the darkness that hunts within, as well as the happy joy of sexual exploration.”

“In my considered opinion, little miss…you are perfectly normal.”

i look at him. that’s it?

“that’s it, Doc?”

“Well, there is the small matter of my fee.”

i blink.

i see the bulge in the front of his pants.

“I’m going to read this aloud to you, while you suck my cock, and we’ll consider it fair trade. Then i expect you to go home and write, little girl. Write the light and the dark.”

i smile. i slip from the couch and cross the floor on my knees. He boots his computer to Suck…and i happily pay *that* fee….

Sir Tip? i had no idea i was going to write this tonight…my mind was in a very different place…still, this was fun! Thanks for the inspiration!! ~n~