Putting Up…and…Manners

So, i have a profile on fetlife. i’ve had it awhile actually. And today i got a ‘tap’ from a guy.

He’s in the UK, and definitely, oh so definitely not my type. OMG. He’s 23.

Yes, twenty-three. And into “mature women” coz, yanno, “mom’s are naturally submissive to the needs and wants of their children.”



not *this* mom, at any rate. i (believe it or not, tis true) am a very strict parent. i know where my kids are all the time, who they are with, what’s going on. i think it’s generational, because for sure i’ve become a female version of my Dad.

So i tell Him that. Oh, and he’s a Dominant. So i do what i always do when i start a convo of this ilk…i tell him that i’m involved.

*snark alert*

he tells me he’s not asked me to drop my doms and become his submissive. Well, duh.

This is the kind that, after talking for a few days, and you tell them “i’m involved” say…well why the fuck didn’t you tell me that at the outset so i didn’t waste my time on you.

So i told him why i told him. And to play nice. This is what he wrote in reply:

Well, I have no expectation in anything. I don’t expect to find what I need and desire right now, because it takes time to establish that bond and trust, and it does not just happen like that. So you would be fine.

no expectations so i will be fine?


i wrote him back asking him if he even understood how insulting that was. (you could hear the 747 flying over his head…whooosh) Yeah, oblivious.  And, he goes on to say:

“Well, the difficult part is, to find those who are real or those who are willing to invest their time and energy to get to know each other to establish that mental connection rather than the body connection (sex). It seems like most want it now now and now”

okay, i grok that but didn’t i say at the start that i wasn’t going to be the “one”?

I told him that having no expectations (fergodsakes…and 23????no expectations????)  was like not tryin—-and  i quote Yoda at him (try? there is no try…only Do. or do not.)

And that sums up my weird day talking back and forth on fetlife.

now back to my regularly scheduled smut!


Without a word he pulled her out of the house by her nipple ring. His grip was insistent, his face stubbornly set.

They’d been arguing for hours.

She had been non-compliant, that was true.

She had resolved to be a better girl this year.

She had tried to hold her tongue…and had failed miserably. One “fuck you, you bastard” too many and now here she was being dragged outside, naked, by her nipple ring. She prayed she didn’t trip, else he’d wind up with her nipple in his hand, and she’d be looking purty weird for the rest of her life.

She wondered if her medical insurance handled nipple re-attachment.

“I told you to chill. I told you to be quiet. I told you to be a good girl. Did you listen to me?”

She shook her head from side to side slowly, widening her eyes and trying to show how repentant she was, in her face, with her body language.

He wasn’t buying it.

“Stick out your rude little tongue. MORE, slut. Better.”

He took a pair of chopsticks, and quickly laid her tongue between them. A twisty-tie went on one side, then the other. Her tongue was pinched tightly, outside her mouth, painfully tight.

“oooooouuuuuuuu” she muttered. The little stabby ends of the twisty-ties jabbed her cheek on one side, her lip on the other.

“Suck it up, sunshine. Isn’t that what you told ME?”

Her eyes widened. Did she really say that? She guessed she did…sometimes her brains leaked out her asshole when she was mad.

He pulled her to the chain link fence, pushing her hard against the cold metal. She shivered, and whimpered. It was fucking cold!!

He took a clamp from his pocket and attached it to her nipple, over the ring. Fucking OW! she hated that. It pinched on the bit of the ring that went through her nipple…

He wove the chain through the links in the fence, then attached the other end to her other nipple. She stood pretty close to the fence now. Her face was perhaps an inch away, her tits, even less than that.

He walked away, she heard his steps receding. The shed door opened with a squeak and suddenly she knew what he was going to do. NO no, that fucker, he wouldn’t would he?

He put the battery down between her feet, and hooked the cable to the fence between her spread knees.

“You wobble at all and you’ll get a hard little pzzzzzzing!” He made the zipping sound of an electric zap.

“Tits, belly, hell even your face, slut. You touch, you zing. Be careful how hard you shiver.”

The string of drool dripped from her open mouth down her tit, down her belly, and made her shiver violently.

Her right nipple just brushed the metal fence.



she cried out, the gag holding her tongue keeping the sound fairly low. Not that there were any neighbors around here to hear her.

That fucker. That fucking fucker.

He walked away.

“I’ll be back eventually, slut. Mind your tongue now, bad girl.”