What to Do @ 100K?


Thank YOU. Thank YOU ….YOU did this…YOU came here and made me a stats slut.

You came here and made me check my numbers every week…and YOU came here…and read my stories, and the real life ups and downs…

You came here to see me lose my D/s virginity, my ass virginity, get a Dom, then another Dom, lose a Dom, recommit to a Dom (Sir B…i love You…)

You came and kept on coming…and WOW. Whodathunk a little vanilla mom blog about sex would change my life so very much (and trust me it so has), would help me find some special friends, would make me grow and stretch as a woman, a slut, a writer…??

Not me.

Not for the life of me would i ever have thought that i’d have 100 hits a day, let alone 100,000 in 17 months.

So, thanks to you, loyal readers…those vocal few i so adore, and you silent readers who sit back, read, and smile, or wank…*grins*

Since YOU got me here…i really need to do something special, don’t i?

Hmmmm. what to give to the pervs who have everything? *thinking*…no, not that.  or how about…hmmmm…no, not that either. *shakes head* definitely not that…

i know…how about a picture of Sir B’s gift to me? Really kewl gift, might i add…

Don’t believe me?


slut chains!

Thank You. Each of You. i value your readership, comments when proffered, and your constant kindnesses.