If Wishes …

She took the last few hesitant steps carefully. The teapot whistled shrilly, and she turned the gas flame off.

The crystal bowl on the table was one of her best. She had doubts about pouring boiling water into her Waterford, but…the instructions were clear.


Pour contents of packet into large crystal bowl. Place a large, pure silver spoon in bowl.

Add 3 cups of boiling water, stir vigorously with silver spoon; remove when mixed completely.

Carry bowl outside and set under a full moon.

Add one snip of personal hair of recipient, and one drop of personal fluid (not urine). Do not stir.

That was it, easy-peasy as they say. Whoever that ubiquitous “they” ever was.

Her heart was in her throat as she carefully measured 3 cups of boiling water, and poured it into the bowl. There was a soft sputter, and a hiss as the hot water cascaded over the brownish powder at the bottom of the bowl.

She gingerly took up the spoon. It was freakin’ hot! Yikes! Using a corner of her denim shirt, she grabbed at the end of the spoon once more, and began stirring vigorously, careful to not splash the liquid up over the sides of the bowl.

The granules at the bottom began to melt, to disappear. In a very short time, they were gone. The water changed hue, from clear, to brown, to tan, to pink, to white, and then, clear again.

She was mystified.

Where did the solute go?

She stared into the depths of the water…but there was no trace of anything there, just the glint of the silver spoon’s bowl refracting the light, and the watery reflection of her own colors.

Sighing, disappointed, she nonetheless carried the warm bowl and her tiny manicure scissors outside. Her backyard wasn’t huge, but it was private,  bordered by tall bushes on one side, and a wall of trees on the other…the neighbor on that side being a hermit of indeterminate age.  Likely those bushes hadn’t been trimmed back in 50 years or more.

Total privacy was just the thing one needed when doing alchemy of this sort, she thought with a wry grin.

She trudged out to the center of her yard, where the silvery rays from the moon shone clear of her little house.  She felt peace fall over her as the long cool beams caressed her face softly.  She lifted the bowl, showing its contents to the shining Orb, noting the silvered gleam covering the surface of the bowl.

Where the fuck was her spoon?

She placed the bowl down on the ground carefully, and using the scissors, snipped a bit of her hair and sprinkled it into the bowl. It floated there for a moment, then sank out of sight. Funny, even in this light the strands should have been visible at the bottom of the bowl. She shook her head. She’d decided to go this strange route. . . might as well see it through, then.

Dipping a finger between her legs, she felt her pussy. Wet. She was perpetually wet, it seemed, needy, wanton, and lonely.

She took her wet finger, and gingerly touched it to the surface of the water. It wasn’t too hot any more, and she stirred her finger through the water.

The tingle surprised the hell out of her.

With a last glance into the bowl, she sighed, and turning, went back into the house as the old witch had instructed her.

And went to bed with the kitchen door unlocked.


She stirred restlessly under the blankets. Coming awake slowly, groggy with interrupted rest, she felt…entwined. She tried to disentangle herself from her blankets, but she really could not move.

She tried to blink her eyes, but there was only darkness.  What the hell was going on here?

“Ah, you awaken, my little slut..”

The touch of a heavy, warm hand over her breast was a surprise.  Slut? who was he calling a slut…

The pinch on her nipple was firm. Painfully firm. She cried out when He rolled the hardening peak between his fingers, and moaned aloud when she felt the tight bite of what could only be a clamp upon the freshly tenderized flesh.  And cried out when the task was duplicated on her other tit.

OMG! She thought as she tried to breathe through the pain.


His fingers were doing painfully devilish things to her, pinching her tits around the clamps,  then trailing down to tickle around her belly button, then rising again to torment her breasts.

Each time his hands slid down her body they drew ever closer, enticingly closer, to the suddenly throbbing juncture of her thighs.

She could feel the trickle of moisture seeping from her.  It was embarrassing. It was hot. She wondered if she’d ever been more sexually stimulated.

She wondered if she could take the pain. It really, really hurt. You could read all you wanted about nipple clamps…the only thing that helped you understand the hurt of them…was wearing them.

She wanted them off.

She wanted them on.

She needed….oh gawd. Needed them off. Needed those hands to dive deeply between her legs. Needed.

Raw. Primal.

She felt gloriously like lust incarnate. She was giddy with the swelling of pain and desire He was stirring in her.

“Please….” She had thought it would come out a screaming moan, but it was merely a breathy sigh.

He bit her at the top of her mons, just at the start of her cleft. She arched up, crying out in pain, the movement setting her tits in motion, and ratcheting up the pain roiling in her breasts.  Her arms would not move, her legs pegged far apart. She was open and vulnerable to His every depredation.

His teeth moved steadily downward. The hard nips on her tender outer lips were nothing compared to the sudden sharp bite of pain as he sucked her clit between his teeth, and into his mouth.

Pleasure like she’d never before known flowed through her like a river. She was hot, and cold, shivering with pain and pleasure mixed so tightly that she couldn’t tell really, which was which.

His fingers drove up inside of her without warning, but she was so wet they slipped inside her with ease. His fingers fucked her to an explosive eruption, even as his teeth continued to bite around her pussy. Although she’d never have said she was given to multiple orgasms, she felt the second one building inside before the echoes of the first had died away.

And she was up and over that knife-edge before she could even speak.

Trembling with the force of the second cumming, she felt the upsurge of pain rising in a wall of fire from tits, and tortured cunt.

She almost fainted when the first clamp came off, his mouth quickly replacing the tight tool, with a torque every bit as powerful as the biting clamp. She was moaning, tossing her head constantly, and yet another orgasm swept over her.

She’d never cum when someone sucked her nipple before!

He treated the other nipple the same way, biting, sucking, pulling orgasm after orgasm from her.

She would faint from pain, from pleasure, awakening to deeper torments, intensely given joy.


The light from the morning sun crept across the room, marching with intent across the floor. It illuminated one small foot, hanging off the bed, pink polish glinting off the nails.

The beam crept higher up the mattress, finding a thicker, larger foot, and a well-muscled calf, before it bent off and slipped over the pillow.

Strands of hair mingled on that pillow, one dark, one bright. Twin smiles were not disturbed by the daring gleam of light.

Arms were wrapped tightly around each other.

When eyes finally opened, he smiled down into her sleepy, rosy face.

“I never believed in witches but She promised me I’d meet the girl of my dreams under the full moon. I could hardly believe it when you came out into the moonlight in your back yard last night…illuminated like a shaft of quicksilver in the dark…”

She smiled. She hoped she’d have time to get downstairs and hide the packet on her kitchen table.

Her wish came true, and as she bustled around making Him coffee, she slipped the packet labeled “Insta-Dom” into her bathrobe pocket, with a grin.

Sometimes wishes really did come true.