The Symbol (2)

been awhile since part one

Malique watched the sassy slut, Sam’s slut, sashay across the room towards him. He kept the smile buried deep. God knew the wench was smart-assed enough as it was. She for sure didn’t need to know how amused He was at her antics.  Sam spoiled her, to be sure, but Mal could understand.

She was a fine-lookin’ piece of ass.

And her smart mouth kept Him and Sam’s other friends amused when they hung out together. Today, He had other uses for that sharp-tongued hole.

Sam had given him carte blanch with her, except for her little asshole, which was a damned shame, ask Him.  He loved watching those tiny little holes stretch out as his big ole dick sank slowly down into that hot tight tunnel.

Just the thought of it made his cock twitch. Maybe. Still, Sam was a friend, and one didn’t bugger the slut of a friend without repercussions.

And a good friend wasn’t worth the use of a hole. No matter how hot and tight it was. He shook his head sadly. Nope.

She lay face down on the table, her perky ass pointing to the ceiling. The mouth had motored down as Sam left her here.  He slapped the bottom of her bottom, where thigh met cheek.

She jolted.


“Din’t Sam tell you to watch your trash mouth last week?”

“Well, yes, but first, He’s not here, and second…ow. That fuckin’ hurt, Mal!”

“Whether Sam’s here or not, watch your mouth, girl.” He grabbed a fistful of her hair, thick and curly against his big hand. Nice. The scent of wildflowers raised to his nose as he pulled her head up, torquing her to look at him. Her eyes had widened, he noted. Good. Time for her to take ole Mal serious.


“yessir.” the words were spoken softly, demurely, her voice thick and husky. So, the little slut really did respond well to this kind of caring. The thought make his cock begin to stiffen in his boxers. He dropped her head, and moved down her body, stroking over her lower back, the top of her ass where the tat would be placed.

He cleaned the area with alcohol wipes, and as it dried, he confirmed the drawing of the tat with her. She smiled, dreamy-eyed, nodding.

She was so fucking sexy, laying on his table like that. Ass exposed, one small hand under her cheek, eyes gleaming.  He laid the drawing down on her back, and took up his tools.

The outlines finished quickly, and she had minimal moaning and whimpering. Then again, Sam had pointed out that she did enjoy pain.

That much was obvious as her little pussy was leaking profusely now. The scent of rich cunt juice filled him as he leaned over her right cheek, outlining the last of the three holes.

“Gonna take a break now.” He spoke to the back of her head, as his gloved hand slipped down her ass-crack and felt the heat from her pussy. She was all but steaming. He kept his hand in place, then walked around the end of the table. He pulled her down the slick surface, pulling her pussy closer to him. Her legs braced on his shoulders as he pulled his stool in.

With a practiced flick, he opened the two sides of the table, an innovation he’d created when he first began doing slave tats on girls cunny lips. This gave him full access to this area, with the added ability to secure those legs, open, and vulnerable to His inky needles.

He’d never felt the kind of lust for those sluts that he did for Sams girl here. Then again, Sam was renowned for his girl and her oral skills with his friends. Mal had never been to a game night with girl, so He’d never experienced her mouth on his cock.

That would change tonight, he knew. No fuckin’ way she was leaving without swallowing a load of his thick cream. But for now, he was on a different course.

He scooted forward on his stool, and buried his face into her wet cunt. She arched up at the unexpectedness, a long low moan escaping as his tongue dove straight up inside her cunthole.  His hands held her thighs apart, and his nose tickled her perineum.

He opened his mouth wide, and covered her pussy. His lower teeth scraped across her clit, and she jolted and cried out. It was erotic pain, and he felt too, the hot rush of juice as he grated his lower teeth again across her swollen clitoris.  Then he sucked. His tongue snaked across her inner lips, and the suction was intense. He pulled away with a little *pop* that had her writhing.

“Gawd, gawd.” Forgotten was the stingy pain in her lower back from the outline of her tat. In place of that pain, the intense need building between her thighs overran that hurt. She bucked against his face.

“Oh. Gawd. Going. To. Cum. Please. Sir?”

His head lifted from her cunt.

“you better fuckin’ cum, slut…” and He went back to feasting, nibbling and sucking at tender lips, fucking into her hole with his long thick tongue.

She came, hard and fast.

He drove her on again. As she erupted a second time, He slid a finger up and into her tightly puckered asshole. He simply couldn’t help himself.

Slurping up her drooling pussy, He wiped his face on the back of her thighs. Pushing away, he squeezed on calf.

“Time for the next part of your symbol, slut.”

and he walked across the room for a new pair of gloves.

17 thoughts on “The Symbol (2)

    1. hey val!

      thanks for commenting! i’m glad you like naughty nilla…now i guess i need to go and write the next chapter. omg do you know how many different stories i’ve gotten myself into chapters on? gawd!!

      counting on her fingers…

  1. Hey Nila,

    thanks for the flattering comments over at UCTMW!

    Your fan,

    the ever loyal and but under appreciated ,

    and very hard working,

    and wounded,

    and still getting screwed by UCTMW’S , general council Mick Collins, the infamous mouth piece of the midwest.


    BTW The ever loyal WC remains hard at work, despite all that has transpired.

    1. grins…oh, poor, poor WC….

      the ice man cannot cummeth?

      (you KNOW i had to say that right? coz that’s the kind of winsome slut i am!!)

      *giggling madly*


  2. Hmmmm …. I see the WC is still waxing on about that shocking injury. the pity.

    But I was actually going to comment on your story…. it’s good to see a man who is capable of enjoying himself while also getting some work done. a good role model for the WC, come to think of it.


    1. thanks rebel!

      wet is good. Unless, like the hapless WC over at UCTMW (Mick n Molly’s blog) you are outside and your legs fuse together in the cold. thats….not so good!


  3. LOL for some reason I wanted to open with BOOOYAAA. Hotness = this story here. Thanks for cracking open the kinky nut of your brain for us nilla.

  4. nilla, I’m amazed that you haven’t gone and had a tattoo to date. You do write like you are ready. Maybe one all around one of your breast, I think that would look sharp.

    1. i’m okay to get one per wife/Sir….just need time and money in equal measure! i’m hoping for my birthday in a few weeks…we’ll see….


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