Cocktail for one

“Pain and pleasure are so inextricably mixed.  Blended into one exquisite cocktail where they alternate which has the upper hand at any given point in time…in the end, the explosive conclusion proves that the mixture is both volatile…and so addictive… ”     i wrote these words to Sir last night, and they have continued to resonate with me all day…so it’s only right that i craft a story around it, yes?  ~n~




Her breath was thick in her chest, as if she were inhaling syrup rather than oxygen. Equal  measures of fear and anticipation danced along her body as she listened with every fiber  of her being for His footfall.

She’d been laid out here for what felt like hours.  His hand had caressed her soft bottom, then slipped away. He moved soundlessly through the room, lost in a blur of applause from the television set across the room.

Where was He?

And what was He going to do to her? He’d been promising pain, He’d texted and emailed promises mixed with dire warnings.

“Resistance is futile” had been the one that had cropped up most often.

Funny how that one always sent a tug to her pussy.

Now bound to His will, hands useless, she was exposed, and vulnerable. She felt small, and nervous and gawd she needed to be fucked. He’d not touched her sexually at all yet. So unlike Him.

He was always dancing into her pussy the moment they came together, making her cum and cum and cum…

But He’d changed the steps of their special dance this time. New music, new routines, new steps. And He’d refused to give lessons. This was strictly ‘learn as you go’.

“I’m mixing you a special drink today, little one.”

His voice was soft and husky, right by her ear. A drink? What?

” Today you will drink from the chalice of Fear, little one.  Fear of the unknown. What will I do to you today? I feel you wondering …I’ve talked to you about this for weeks. I will blend that fear with intense erotic stimulation, consummation, and Domination. The day is here to meet your destiny at my hand.”

“And little one? Today I am going to hurt you. ”

He paused, and let the words sink deep.

“I know you want me to hurt you, little one. And more importantly…I want it, want your submission to My pain. I want to own that pain. And I am going to bind you to Me with that pain, as surely as if it were rope, or a drug. A drug that only I can supply.”

Then, silence.

Her heart had begun to pound as He had spoken. His voice, far from sinister, was deep and rich and ….caring.

She craved Him. He knew it now, knew it  and was going to use it against her.

The anticipation was almost as ominous as the whistling sound that sang through the air.

16 thoughts on “Cocktail for one

    1. LOL Mick!

      picturing myself in a cape…*swirls* itsa bird…itsa plane…itsa Supa Slut!!!!


      solving lifes problems as they cum up…

      (i had to do that)

    1. You are so welcome…this is so much Sir/nilla fantasy….some based on past times together, but a lot focused on where we are headed….


  1. Oh damn, I am definitely not in a patient mood today! If I were a Domme, I would demand more… RIGHT NOW! ;p But, alas, I am a sub, so will sit here in frustration like when Daddy says I am not allowed to cum… (isn’t that just a saaad image? you don’t want to do that to a fellow sub, do you? *grin*)

    1. You gotta build the end to this one all on your own butterfly!!! Coz…i don’t know what comes next….*smiles* i’ll let you know after Feb 20th…



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