The Sir Chronicles.

So…some of you know…some have guessed, and i just want to lay it all out there.

Sunday seems to be nilla-confession day or something. *grins*

Sir B and nilla came within a pussy-hair of parting ways. Things were verrah grim, and they came to a very sad head…but rather than imploding all over the place…we drew back…contemplated going on without each other…

and (sappy warning here, this is heady stuff…) He realized He would not be happy without me. i had thought He didn’t care, you see.  We were very surface, superficial…and i wasn’t happy with that. Coz my feelings went way deeper.

And when He thought i was going to walk, He reassessed HIMSELF…and determined to not let me go without making an attempt to change how we worked (or didn’t work) as a D/s couple.

The last 3 weeks have been…

*pausing for smile break*

…so. fucking. amazing.

We’ve become what i always imagined a good D/s couple could be. We’re friends…but HE is the boss. i have rulz. i have communication.

i got clamps…HIS clamps. You’ve seen the pic a few days ago. i have to wear them whenever i write here…unless i’m on a pain-restriction day. In that way, i connect my pain to Him, and forge my need for Him ever deeper.


He knows i have begun to drink from that well, and He will be the supplier of that intoxicating beverage. My dealer.

We’ve met a few times just to reconnect..sitting in His car, necking like teens. It’s amazing. It’s hawt. It’s so good to be with the one i’ve wanted…and for Him to begin to unleash His Beast…i hear the anticipation in His voice as we plan for our first “new” time together …an unfortunately long time away, in late Feb…but at least we have these little necking refreshers to help us bear up the separation a bit.

And….He did make me cum while squeezing my tit and nipple.

The Man has crazy strong hands….*smiles*

Things in nilla-land are bright and sunny …there will be hills to climb and spanking tools to get used to…He’s promised to ramp up His physical games and i’ve promised to use a safeword if i need to …as soon as i regain consciousness (laughs…j/k!).

Don’t worry though…there are still some Dark Chocolate nilla tales to be told in the days ahead…but you will see a buncha happy ones in there too.

That’s what happens when He says “Sir loves you, nilla.”

20 thoughts on “The Sir Chronicles.

  1. Glad things are going well for you and Sir B, Nilla. It is good to be loved and needed, and understood. I think that last one is the most important to tell the truth.
    Lots of love and hugs!!!!

    1. yes, exactly…understood. He grokks me. He grokks what i need…and we have this connection, which i know YOU understand with you and Mr. Wolf….same kind of deal here…i *felt* his shock/pain when he read my letter…he *felt* my tears and grief as i cried for two days for Him….

      thanks for ‘getting it’ once again!

      truly a sister of the spirit–



      1. Oh yeah…. separated at birth…. teehee and about 6 months and a couple hundred miles.

        Really though, I do understand. And some day I might share a story about Wolf and I.

      2. well, you can always share it with me private-like…as you have in the past (hint hint!!!)

        love you!


  2. I am SO happy for You. Ya know M and I almost split up in the beginning and He refused to let me go, both of us knowing I didn’t want Him to let me go. Since that incredible night that we spilled EVERYTHING in our hearts and put it all out on the table, we have been amazing together just like you said you and Sir B have been. It IS amazing isn’t it? happy happy happy!!!!! 🙂 hugs


    1. i was very open and honest with him, fully totally putting everything on the table, as he has with me. We can talk about anything now…i am more than thrilled that this evolved in this way…building a really nice togetherness from the foundations that we’ve spent the previous year building.

      For the first time, ever, i got totally and completely pissed (he said later i scorched his eyebrows when he read it) that i “yelled” at him via email…and he felt ever single flaming word of it! And somehow that opened Him.

      and it’s good. He teases me about that letter all the time now….

      i’m so amazingly happy!


    1. Thanks aisha, it means a lot to me. Know too that i’m pulling for YOU as well (and am always a shoulder if you need…)


  3. good news, ‘Nilla. Glad to hear he has risen to the ocassion, and hope he stays on the wagon, so to speak. but hope those stories won’t go all sappy on us.


    1. not a chance! oh, okay, maybe one here and there, but this is a hawt kind of happy…so the stories must follow suit. And i have a pretty obnoxiously hot protagonist coming up soon….


  4. There’s nothing like a wonderful submissive to make a man do the right thing. Nice to read your smile while wearing your clamps. It’s quite a vision from here.

    1. thanks Sir Tip…i am smiling quite a bit these days.

      it may be cold outside (friggin’ cold!) but…my nipples are pretty hot just now…da Man is delightfully devious making me write on the blog with the clamps on….

      will make for some purty hot stories, i ‘ll tell ya…


    1. thanks kitty!

      things are so bright i outta wear shades!!! *grins* i love your new word. perhaps i may borrow it at some point…? *laughs*


  5. I am so happy for you! Yes! Rock and roll, baby, and keep those clamps ready for action.

    I do, however, need to insist that the stories stay hot and heavy. My husband counts on those stories…keep the home fires burning if you know what I mean. LOL

    1. Thanks Donna!

      and no problem about the hot stories…theres a few …*clears throat* ..*fans face*…yeah, just you wait!


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