Mechanic, assessment

They peered into the open maw of the car.

The mechanic pointed to parts explaining to them what had gone wrong with the old clunker this time. Wiping his hands on a rag that hung from his dark-colored uniform, he stood, looking grim.

“yup, that’s all gonna run you close to 8, mebbe 900 bucks.”

“Gawd” said Angela looking up at Jim. “How the hell are we going to do that?”

She was a pleasingly plump 3o-something, Mike the Mechanic guessed, but her tits were fabulous. Only big girls had knockers like that. He imagined pressing them together and shoving his cock through that springy tunnel. Her long hair curled teasingly around those thrusting tits,  and fell more than halfway down her back.

He had a thing for long-haired chicks. And with big bazoomba’s? Double knock out.

He turned a deaf ear to their low-voiced argument. Happened all the time. Car needed work, work got postponed, then blammo, a thousand buck repair needed. Dumb fucks always thought mechanics worked for nothing. Forget all the fucking equipment a guy had to carry to handle repairs on all the “newest” computer shit cars today came loaded with.

Not this shitbox, to be sure, but still…parts were NOT cheap.

“Car’s undriveable” he added, throwing a log on the fire blazing between the couple. The dude seemed to be pressing the chick for the cash.

Mebbe time for a creative alternative here.

“So, lemme guess. You all are hard up for the dough. Tell you what.  You cover parts for this sh–showpiece of mechanical wonder, and I’ll make you a swap on the labor.”

“How much are the parts?” the dude asked.

“Hmmm, new carb will run you around $25o or so; with the other parts…I’d guess around $500.”

“Labor is over $400?” the chick asked, her tone incredulous.

“Lady, you’d not believe all the pulling apart, then rebuilding that happens with an old piece of…classic like this.”

She nodded, brows crinkled, frowning. She sure was cute like that.

“So, my deal. Interested?” He turned his full attention to the dude.

“Save 400 plus? You bet I’m fucking interested.”

He swallowed an inward sigh. Dudes like this threw around the f-word to try to act tough. This guy was a sissy. Soft. And ripe for the picking.

“You give me your girl for the weekend. Starting now.”

Her eyes widened in shock. His gleamed in speculation.

“Can I watch?” he asked. She slapped him. The mechanic sauntered over to her, grabbing her forearm and pulling her around to face him.

“The first time, yeah. Since it’s gonna be now”.


He leaned against her as he steered her back towards the car. “Don’t worry, baby, you’ll enjoy it.”

He put her hands on the top of the grille. “Hold the fuck on” He ordered tersely.

She pulled away, shaking her head. He threw a look at the dude. He was glassy-eyed with anticipation. “hold her here.” He stayed, keeping his grip on her arm until dude walked over and took her by her other arm. She whimpered but stopped fighting for the moment. He tuned out her low voiced pleading.

He went to the shiny red cabinet, unlocked the next-to-bottom drawer.  He pulled out a ball gag and some chain. He returned to the couple. When she saw the chain, the gag, she tried once more to pull away.

The mechanic took a pair of jumper cables and a fistful of her hair. He shook her by it. He clamped one end to her tit through her sweater, then the other. The bite would be significant but not too bad, not through her shirt and bra. The other end went on the battery’s red cable end.

“You fucking fight me too much, and I’ll attach the black end to the battery,” he said, his hand poised just over the post, “which will give you one fucking 12 volt jolt right through those gorgeous titties.” He shook her head again, hard. “Got it, slut?”

Her eyes were wide with fear and pain. She reluctantly placed her hands where he showed her, crying as he wrapped a heavy chain around her wrists, and through and around the body of the car. If she tried to pull away, the chain would snag on something. Her heart was beating so hard she thought it might explode out of her chest.

He lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and before she could yell, slid the ball gag into her mouth, fastening it with a hard, tight pull. She felt her teeth bite into the slick rubber ball. This wasn’t happening, couldn’t be happening. It was too surreal.  Yet, his greasy hands smoothed over her ass, pinching and slapping the generous mounds.  And her cunt was suddenly full of cock. He was in her smoothly, swiftly, pumping in and out. Not too hard, but very deep. His hands grabbed her hips, pulling her back into him.

“Fucking wet cunt here, lil slut. Seems you’re enjoyin’ this too…” She tried to not notice. Tried to tune him out. But her cunt was dripping. She’d never been so utterly used before.

There was a spattering sound behind him, and he looked over his shoulder at the dude, cock in hand, spilling gleaming drops of cum onto the garage floor.

“You better fucking clean that shit up” he barked at dude.

He watched as the dude looked around, but he pointed to the ground. “Eat that fucking shit up…” Dude looked like he would protest, but he sank to one knee, then the other, and bent to the task assigned, his tongue scraping across the dirty floor, licking up his cum.

Two fucking submissives. How did a guy get that lucky, he mused.

He continued to pump into the sluts hole, feeling her pussy lips grow wetter, plumper. They cradled his cock tightly as he withdrew, and plunged inside. He felt her begin to push back as he withdrew, tacitly asking for the thick hardness to return, to fill her.

He was happy to oblige.

He fucked her for a long time. His nooner wank had drained his tank a bit, and he enjoyed every second as he did the nasty with this hot fuck. Watching dude-boy lapping up his own spill made his cock throb harder, and he ramped up the plunging strokes into the girl. He reached up, under her shirt, squeezing her titties hard, but careful to not knock off the cable clamps.

She came in a torrent, soaking his shaft, his pants, and spattering every bit as hard as dude had, onto the floor.

“Uh-oh, another mess for you to clean up, man,” he coached dude, pointing to the wet puddle. It was fucking thrilling to watch the slick jerk crawl under his bent-over girl, and lick her spillage from the floor between the mechanics feet, as he continued to pump in and out of her.

He came at long last, after the newborn slut came twice more, and he pulled out, letting the fluids drip from her messy cunt to the floor. Dude was getting his protein today, he mused.

He unclamped the chick’s tits, and pulled her to her knees, beside dude.

“Clean it up, then put it away,” he told her brusquely. She responded as dude had, automatically obeying him now.

This was gonna be one weekend for the record books, he mused, as her tongue pulled the last drops from his cock, and her hands carefully tucked him back into his boxers, and zipped his pants.

One fuckin’ fine weekend indeed.


25 thoughts on “Mechanic, assessment

    • *laughs*

      i’m so proud of you for getting to the pinchy bits!!! just remember, those cables weren’t on *MY* bits!!! (and won’t be if i have any say in anything….oh. wait. i don’t.)


    • *giggling* pure serendipity..don’tcha love how that works out?!!

      (ps hope your car won’t cost you this much….*grin*)

    • Thanks kelly! this one came to me as i was …ahem.. yanno. busy. Just *poof* and there it was, whole cloth in my head. I’ve got a bunch of installments coming on this one cos it is so frigging long! i’m thanking the muse but my hands are getting a workout this week!


  1. I would think jumper cables might be a bit much, but then again, she is a slut who didn’t object (didn’t remember the ball gag). Next time our vehicle needs work, Mrs. Tip is taking it. 1/2 turn more on each clamp.

    • well remember, it was through her shirt and bra, so i figured it would…soften the bite. At least a little bit.

      LOL poor Mrs. Tip….*giggling*

      actually, my clamps aren’t the adjustable kind. They’re the kind that won’t pull off (or haven’t yet!)


  2. nilla …. we are sharing a brain today, working collabo style with a wonderful new Dom I met. We threw around the idea of the car battery clamp (though our was modified) for the next installment of Carni. This made me hot and a lil angry lol, for some reason the wiener boyfriend pisses me off, just like the wiener husband in your rape story. Still hotness. So you get a big ole BOYAAAAA LOL.

    • *grins*

      ah but be careful…first appearances may not be what they seem (tho i agree, the dude is a real pisser, isnt’ he?!)


      • Lol i read your reply to Riffdog and can attest musicians do have strong fingers!! Wait until you see tomm’s HNT paha. My jumblies are proof to the strength of fingers!

  3. Nilla, you tell the absolute best stories. Funny, for a short time, I was an auto mechanic (part time.) Silly me did not take advantage of the job quite like this, though. 😉 By the way, “Only big girls had knockers like that.” is something I couldn’t agree more with.

    • Why *thank You* Riff! You always give such lovely compliments!! Auto mechanics and musicians have good, strong fingers, or so i’m told……



    • Laughs….of *course* there is a huge chance of that…i’ve got a ton of writing to do…but i have all the outlines now….more to come…cum? crude but true!!


      thanks Dee! love when You stop by!

    • You’re welcome. i may have lost weight but i’m no skinny minnie myself…i think i’d be that if i were …5’9″ or sumthin’…*laughs*

      yup, i’m just “undertall” is all!

      “petite” but never short!

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