Goin’ Commando

here’s one for all you  hard-working “corporate” gals…~n~

They’d been texting regularly since she had been ‘found’ by him on the D/s website.

He was a Dom, and not far from her local area, but she’d just ended one not-so-great-relationship. Despite the physical cravings, she wasn’t eager to jump at the first tug on the line, so to speak.

He was nice about that, actually. She figured, for this time, she would be completely open. Ballsy. Lay it out there for the world to see and fuck ’em if they didn’t like it. Then they could not answer her posting, right?


Yet, here she was, 18 days into the new search and she was wrapped up in conversations with Mystery Man.  He was charming. Funny. When He was bullshitting her, she called him on it…and he laughed. A text laugh but if she didn’t know better, he was drawing her out by using a very crafty, witty style.

And dammit, the things he wrote her sent her into a frenzy of masturbations.

Like the text she got at work just before her lunch break. She peered at it when her office was empty, which said:

I am thinking about sucking your clitoris for 10 minutes straight. Wonder how many times I can make you cum? If I stuck my finger up your ass would you squirt?”

Well my gawd, she thought, amused, and a bit embarrassed. And she had to admit that her pussy had given a curious lurch. This sort of thing shouldn’t turn her on.

But it did.

On the way home, he called her. They chatted about her day, His. The unusually cold weather. They talked of music (she liked bluegrass, he was a fan of jazz), of crazy drivers, and the chances of snow for the weekend forecast.

Just before He hung up, he made a soft sucking noise.

“What?” she said with a small laugh, not quite getting it.

“The sound of me sucking your clit. By subgirl.” and He ended the call.

She blushed. All alone in her car as she pulled into her driveway, he had suffused her with embarrassment…and a healthy dose of lust.


She wondered about Him. Tried not to wonder about Him.

Failed again.


The weeks rolled past, and they continued to text, with an occasional short phone chat. She was feeling better about perhaps setting up a time to actually meet Him.  But this week there would be no time to think of that. She had meetings with the Area Manager, the Regional Manager, and the District Supervisor. Major changes at work were brewing, and if she played her cards right she’d be up for a nice promotion. And she was ready now. Stable, successful, able to continue to move her company forward. She was an asset to the company, and people were noticing.

She was about to leave for work when her phone chimed a new text.

She debated for all of 3 seconds before she decided to look. Okay, she could no more stop herself from looking than she could stop a runaway train.  There were just three words:

“No panties today.”

Her jaw dropped. He had begun giving her little tasks, gently easing into a more Dominant role with her but still. Her skirt was below knee-length, but still…. she took a deep breath.

Well, she’d be late if she tried to do this now, so she’d just have to do it at work. Or maybe at the coffee stop. Or tomorrow. No, she couldn’t back down from the challenge.

And this was a challenge.

She would meet it, and begin to submit, or she would refuse, and the games would be over.

She never did stop for coffee on the drive, thinking of all the things she needed to do before the Management team arrived. She went straight to the ladies room before she went to her office, and carefully removed her panties, glad she’d worn thigh highs today. She didn’t often but her last pair of hose had torn and she’d not had time to replace them. She’d reached into an empty box this morning, and sighing, had turned to plan B, the thigh highs she only like to wear in warmer weather.

Serendipitous? Hell ya.

She stuffed her panties into her coat pocket, and slipped into her office. She hung her coat behind her door, and felt that little tingle when her phone, now muted, lit up. One last text before her day began, she mused.

“Naughty, commando slut!”

How the hell he’d known she would….She sent a fast response.

“*blushing* yes Sir, i am bare under there. commando.”

His return text was speedy.

“think of Me when the cool air brushes your pussy”

She shivered. Anticipation. Lust. Need. They boiled just under her skin. The new relationship had built to this point, then. She knew when He asked to meet, she would say “yes, Sir.”


The day was filled with meetings. Meetings upon meetings. Meetings about meetings.

At the end of the day she slumped in her office, alone at last. The promotion was almost in the bag, as it were. She was bone-weary. Her ears rang. Her head throbbed softly. She just wanted a few aspirin, and a brief nap and ….

There was a short rap on her door. His head popped around it.

“There you are! I’ve been looking for you.” She wondered how she could muster the energy for any more chatter, so she slapped on a smile, tilting her head in an oblique bid for more from him. As District Supervisor, she’d had little interaction with Dan, but he seemed like a nice, enthusiastic guy.

She was a bit tired for enthusiasm just now.

“I have news. Let’s get your coat on and walk a bit outside, clear the muzzies out of your head. You look beat, frankly! That crowd could certainly be a cure for insomnia!”

She giggled. He reached for her coat.

She froze.

OMG! Her panties were in her coat pocket…what if they fell out when he..no. no. she would NOT think that. No. They were jammed deeply in her pocket.

He assisted her into the coat, adjusting the collar, running his hands over her shoulder, dusting off a speck of dust.

He leaned against her briefly as he flicked another small lint speck from her upper sleeve.

“Great coat. Looks good on you.”

“Thanks,” she murmured, hoping her blush didn’t show. She wondered if she could get her gloves out of her pocket without  pulling out her panties. The thought suffused her face with color. She felt it, and, embarrassed, blushed harder. Gawd.

“Are your panties in the left or right pocket, I wonder?”

She gasped, and half turned to Him.

He winked and took her arm.

“Let us walk, and enjoy that clean, cold air, shall we? We have much to discuss….”

She doubted she’d feel much of that clean cold air, even on her exposed, commando-bared bits.

She was suddenly quite warm!