HNT 1/27/11 Pegs

Can’t see them…but trust me, they’re there.

one peg, each nipple

two bunches of ouchiness

filling me



oh…Okay. Alright already.



16 thoughts on “HNT 1/27/11 Pegs

  1. Wonderful pictures (hit save) and I’m going to rehab for brea.. addicts. Now Sir B needs to get you some proper clamps, and weights to go with them. Maybe take a trip to your local fishing store, and pick up some of the non-leaded sinkers they sell, and string a couple of them together and attach to the clamps, or heck even the pegs.

    1. as a matter of fact, Sir Tip, Sir B has a collection of weights, some of which He will be bringing to our meet on Sunday. I’m feeling nervous anticipation.

      i lufffffff my clamps…it’s seriously sick. (grinning)


    1. i have to send Sir a pic once positioned to make sure they are where he wants them…and yup…gotta have abig chunk of nip in there!


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