quite long. extremely naughty.  for sin just coz she asked!  ….~n~

She wasn’t sure which she hated more…the sound of the heavy steel doors clanging shut behind her, or the smell. The long corridor led down into the bowels of the state penitentiary, the concrete floor and walls echoing back the sound of her heels. The guard escorting her to the Warden’s office was silent, his footfalls quiet but for a subtle squeak from his left boot.

Why the Warden needed to meet with the ADA this late in the evening, and a Friday to boot, was a mystery, and no small annoyance. She gave her all to her job but it had been a particularly grueling week and all she wanted was a nice Italian dinner with Wayne, a glass or two of Chianti, and a nice leisurely fuck.

She’d picked up the phone on the fourth ring; her hand had been on the knob of her office door.  She could read the lettering on the glass panel as she looked longingly at it, even as she picked up the phone.

“Assistant District Attorney McGrath” she huffed into the phone, controlling her urge to scream. Seriously, would this week not end??

“ADA McGrath, Warden Bines here, up at county.”

She controlled the heavy urge to sigh now. Bines was an old fuddy duddy, slow-talking, slow-moving warden. Getting him to the point would take longer than driving to Il Forten, selecting an appetizer, and eating it.


“Yes Warden, what can the DA’s office do for you?”

“Well, I’m not really at liberty to say over the phone, ADA McGrath. I really need you to come here. ”

Now she did sigh. “Warden, are you aware that it’s 730 p.m. and the DA is gone for the weekend?”

“Don’t need the DA, you’ll do fine, Miss.”

“Can’t you just …” she paused, drew deep from inside her patience well. This was so going to cost Alex! Come Monday, he damn well would head-pat her for this! “Fine, Warden, I’ll be there in 20 minutes or so.”

“You’ll be met.” And the humm of the phone rang in her ear.

Well, fuck. So much for dinner. So much for wine. So much for the fuck. She left her office, closing her door softly, deliberately softly.


Now here she was, clacking down the dingy, depressing hallway to meet with the warden about who the fuck knew. She tried not to think about Italian food. Tried not to think about Wayne, likely keeping the reservations and having his other sometimes date Linda meet him; and tried not to think of that dumb fuck of a ho eating her steak dinner. And then eating Wayne.

“Focus, Argi,” she urged herself. Argentina McGrath was second to no one. Not in court, and not in the bedroom. So fuck Linda-ho. Matter of fact, fuck Wayne, too! She could do so much better than a PI who flunked out of cop school twice.

While it seemed like hours, in a very short span of time, she was escorted into Warden Bumfucks office. She needed to stop thinking of him by that name, else she’d fuck up and actually call him that sometime. After all, they were on the same side of the law.

“Warden.” She graciously extended her hand, leaning across his desk.

“Argentina. I may call you that, right?” He was tall, not too big, not to skinny. Well proportioned. A man of late middle years, his thatch of thick white hair was neatly combed to the side. He looked a bit like Tommy Jones, that actor from that alien invasion movie with Will…whatever his name was… His smile was genial, as was his manner, but somehow, he always made her nervous.

“I’ll get straight to the point.”

Oh never that she thought, stuffing down her smarty ass remark, and smiling in what she hoped passed for encouragement.

“By the way, can I get you a glass of water? No? A cup of tea perhaps?”

She shook her head again. She’d known it was too much to ask for Warden Bines to really get to the fucking point.

He looked at her, leaning back in his chair, fingers templed. He turned to the omnipresent guard.

“Chuck, take ADA McGrath’s coat!” She tried to wave the enthusiastic Chuck off, but nothing would do but to disgorge herself from the folds of it, and pass it to him. She sighed, aloud.

“Warden, perhaps if we can get to the issue at hand? I’m afraid I have delayed some personal plans….” her voice trailed off.

“I am ever so sorry about that, Argentina. But this is a situation that …well, only you can handle.” Once more he looked at her over his cradled fingers.

“You see, I really need you.”

She wondered if he was attempting some lame-assed flattery. Oh holy FUCK she thought, get to the point!!!

Seriously, she really wanted to scream. Well, that, and beat the fucking words out of Warden Bumfuck with her Gucchi bag. Even if it was a knock-off!

He continued to look at her, and then a slow smile crossed his face.

“Well, Argentina, if I can’t interest you in a refreshment” and here he paused, raising a brow in one last inquiry, snapping out a fast smile at her terse headshake ‘no’, “let’s get down to brass tacks.”

At last. She wondered what his reaction would be if she got up and did a cheer. Her expression never wavered as she mentally bounced  up from her chair, waving imaginary pompoms, singing out ‘gimme a B…”

“I’ve had an inmate finally turn over on one of his former …associates. Now, we’ve offered to reduce his sentence, which he’s talked about agreeing to. But there is one last key name that we need from him, and he’s holding out for one last thing from us.”

“Well, Warden, I’m not sure I can assist with that form of dealmaking….” her voice trailed off.

He nodded to the guard, who turned and left the room. Must be something big to let your personal guard go, she thought. Her interest was piqued.

“As a matter of fact there is only one thing Carlo wants.”

“Carlo? Carlo Vesputin…”

Warden Bumfuck nodded sagely. “I see you remember.”

“Hard to forget the first person who threatens to kill you,” she replied drolly.

The door opened behind them but she didn’t turn to look. She saw the flash of uniform in her peripheral vision, and knew the guard was back.

“Well, he’s changed in the 4 years he’s been a guest of the state,” said the warden, “and now he’s ready to ante up the rest of the group responsible for that armed robbery at First Union Bank.”

“hmmmm” she responded, cautiously. “So, what does he want.”


The voice came from behind her. It was still resonant, thick now with lust. She whirled in her chair, her fingers gripping the arm of it hard enough to whiten her knuckles.

He’d not changed much physically. Tougher, harder, leaner, perhaps. Still that dangerous sexuality oozing from him. His eyes were intense, burning into hers.

“I want You.”

She turned back to the warden.

“What the hell is this about, Warden?” she snapped, using her best no-nonsense court voice.

“Well, little one, the guy hasn’t had sex in over 4 years, purty  close to 5 if you count time served leading up to his court appearance and trial. He wants to fuck you. If I make it happen, he spills the rest of what he knows, and I get the coup. It’ll help my campaign immensely.”

It was no secret that the Warden had big political plans, hoping to jump into the Mayors Office next November.

“No.” She shook her head emphatically. “No fucking way.”

“Now, that’s no way for a little lady to speak is it?”

She didn’t like the look on the wardens face.

“This is…preposterous. NO. I refuse.” She all but leapt from her chair. She crossed to the coat holder, missing the look between warden and guard. She lifted her hand for her coat, only to suddenly find it cuffed.

“NO!” she screamed, her heart beginning to race as she realized that Warden Bumfuck wasn’t giving her an option here. She tried to fight, but there were three of them.

It wasn’t long before her clothing lay in tatters on the floor, and she was bent over the wardens desk.

The wardens face, red with exertion and excitement came close to hers.

“You can yell, scream whatever. No one will hear you except the two guards outside my door, who, by the way, are waiting for their turn.”

He stood, and pulled his thick leather belt from his beltloops.

“Nasty naughty girls must learn a lesson before pleasures of the flesh,” he said, his tone sonorous.

She heard him come behind her, felt his thick hand caressing her ass before the first blow fell hard upon it. She yelped, then determined she would not give him the fucking satisfaction.

By the 20th blow, she was sobbing, begging for him to stop. She couldn’t hear the whistle of the belt as it cut the air over her ragged cries.

It had barely sunk in that he was done when she felt a cock pressing against her pussyhole.

“noooooo” she moaned, sobbing in earnest.

He sank deeply inside her.

“Say what you will, ADA Argentina McGrath, your little cunthole is well and truly lubricated. I wonder how many times you came during the Wardens ‘warm up’ exercise.” He tutted insincerely at her. “Such a naughty little slut hiding inside the proper little ADA.”

His legs pressed against her burning ass, his cock filling her, stretching her. Her belly was full of him, full of cockmeat.

“Feel that, little cunthole? Feel how perfectly my cock fills you? You are loving this aren’t you, my little prison slut.”

He fucked her slowly. Steadily. His fingers smoothed coolly over her burning ass cheeks, occasionally slipping under her to rub at her clit.

He laughed when she came the first time.

“Greedy little cunt.”

He pressed harder, deeper, his balls now slapping rhythmically against her clit, exciting her body, shutting down her brain as she felt the primal urge to fuck.

When at last he came, he was buried deep inside her.

“Name the baby Carlo, eh, chicka?” He whispered in her ear. She felt him wipe his cock on her thigh, the sound of feet receding, of others coming closer.

“I promised him first fuck, but mine now, whore. Gonna make you our little prison whore tonight. Made plans did you? Well, plans change. And I took the liberty of checking your phone, calling your boyfriend. Told him you’d be here most of the night working.  No loose ends to worry about. By morning, you’ll be done here. You’ll walk funny for a while, but you’ll be a better ADA for this.”

His very pomposity was so fucking annoying. He leaned against her ass, holding her hips.

“And when I’m mayor? I’m certain I’ll require many closed-door meetings with our special ADA adjunct. You’ll be my own special envoy between the DA and Mayor’s office. A nice bump in pay, and a nice bump in your ass.”

His cock pressed against her asshole, then pressed harder. She fought the intrusion. Squeezed her anus tight, tight.

It only hurt more when he finally burst through. She screamed, once, loudly. The resulting audience cheered, clapping. She lay, defeated as the warden pumped her ass. His dick was long, not too thick, but hard as a fucking rock.

It took forever for him to cum. It took less time for the next guard to come up and fill the hole he’d stretched to gaping. Warden Bumfuck, and wasn’t that an appropriate name now she thought in that floaty place she’d withdrawn to, came around to where her face hung over his desk.

He picked her head up by her hair.

“You bite my prick and I’ll empty every cell in A block to let them fuck you. Got it?”

She nodded, hazy. His cock, went from asshole into her mouth. She wanted to puke. She wanted to scream. She sucked him clean, fearful that he would indeed open the entire cell block.

It became a steady path, from ass or cunt to her mouth. Some came in her mouth, and at some point she realized she was servicing new guys, guards and prisoners alike.


She woke in her car at daybreak. She was wearing a white men’s shirt. Her heels, coat and purse were beside her on the passenger seat. She felt sticky under her ass, and sore.  Her jaw ached. Her pussy throbbed unpleasantly.

She thought of all the sperm floating around inside of her and wanted to vomit. With shaking hands, she found her keys, and after two attempts to put it into the ignition, she started her car and drove home.


She paced back and forth through the kitchen burping the baby, half watching a quiz show on the television.  She wiped spit up on the diaper that hung perpetually from her shoulder these days, and carefully placed her son into the day-crib she kept in here. She rubbed her hand over his dark curly hair as his fist pulled up to his rosebud mouth.

Turning back to the television, she saw the crawler across the bottom of the screen…”Projected Mayoral win to  Warden Jackson Bines….”

Her nightmare hadn’t ended on that morning10 months ago when she woke in her car outside the state jail.  It seemed it was only just beginning….