Stuff and stuffed— %)

Why aren’t there emoticons for the titles of blogposts? That’s just wrong, yanno?

Coz i need one that has a big ole shit eatin” grin on it!!

Seriously–i thought i’d have a story for you. i mean, i do…it’s in my head tho.

and i’m beat.


oh, MAN am i beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i’m tired too.

Cumming a thousand times will do that to you. Just in case ya wondered.

Sir B (B for Beast, which came unleashed…and whooooooboy whadda ride…) was …

……………………………………………………………………………….*happy sigh*……………moan……………….ouch.

Yeah. it was that good. and frankly, i’m not at all eloquent tonight. This was an unexpected coming together, as we have a date planned for late February…but the opening came up and we carpe’d the fuckin’ diem.

Or more accurately…HE seized da nilla. Bound, and fucked, vibed and spanked, bitten…dear great green goddess that Man can bite.

My shoulders. My back, my ass, my arms…He consumed me.

Now, i have to ask all you subgirls out there…am i truly a slut?


Coz i came when He fucked my ass?

Three positions…three HUGE cums…omg. This was …overthetop.

Over. The. Top. phenominal. i spelled that wrong. fuck me. *giggle*

oh, gods apparently i’m still giddy.

my nipples hurt. He bit the clamps.

Of. Course I SCREAMED.

Through the ball gag.

He laughed.

What a delightful fucker.

So…i really have nothin’ more that that. nilla got royally messed up, royally fucked, royally forced-cummed…

Did i mention He wanted to take my clit home with Him so He wouldn’t be lonely for me?

(who me, walk funny? Geebeezuz that Man bites like a fuckin’ piranha )

So, this is woefully short, because truly, my braincells has all short circuited.

and i keep giggling.

And stopping to look in the mirror at me bee-ooooo-tiful bruises.

i am well and truly owned, boys n gals…and next month it will be official.

He’ll slide His collar ’round my neck…maybe when he’s sliding his cock back in my ass…

coz the Beast is runnin’ free now…

*happy sigh*


28 thoughts on “Stuff and stuffed— %)

  1. LOL!!!



    owwwie!!!!! teeheheeheehee….. You know, all that snowshoeing was practice for walking with a sore well fucked ass and cunt! Told Wolf that you’d had a good visit with Sir B. He laughed. Said it was a good thing that he wasn’t your Sir, as he’d have you out snowshoeing to ‘cool off those bruises and bites’. Only you’d have to make sure you didn’t drop that grapefruit between your thighs as you snowshoed. Wolf was a marine too.

    ps… had this dream…

    1. Oh. my. gawd. How the fuck do you snowshoe with a grapefruit between your thighs?

      i love the evilness of that thought…*guffaws*

      oh, and that dream…ooohhh la la my dearest friend…!!!


      1. Wolf says “You’ll just have to figure the grapefruit/snowshoe conundrum out for yourself.” and then he laughed.

  2. You were all eloquent and shit…I feel your giddy. The soreness from bites all up and down my back and on my ass, after a day or two, one of the best after-effects EVAR. This was as good as one of your fictional confections.

    1. yeah, today is less hurty when i move, but i feel it so when i am in bed, rolling over. or when i snug my pillow down against my shoulder? whoa.

      a delightful reminder.

      thanks kelly!


    1. i’m going to shut down my fet profile as i’m having an issue with a pushy Dom there….but stay tuned for bruisy pix….hint hint


  3. O, what a wonderful experience!

    Bites, huh? I don’t know much about bites… One more thing to think about.

    But I’m sooooo happy for you! Keep writing like this and I can just live vicariously – thank you very much!


  4. i’m actually a little jealous; really happy for your giddy, though. you got it goin’ on, nilla girl. Enjoy the lingering evidence!

    1. thanks pepper…this has been a l-o-n-g time coming, so i’m really grateful that it came to be at all…

      and i’m enjoying every single ouchie moment!


  5. Your happiness is contagious!!! I couldn’t help but smile as I read your post. Way to rock and roll , girl! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Starting to think that there is a correlation between your sex life and the amount of snow we are getting. Is mother nature wanting to get in on the action that nilla is? Seems nilla writes really hot stuff, and it snow’s. I’ve got a snow blower and a snowmobile, and snow shoes, so nilla you keep get’n it on, and the rest of us will just keep diggin. Please stop smiling now if you can, your smile is sort of like another full moon and making it hard to go to sleep. Damn, Sir B is lucky.

    1. oh. gawd.

      if that were true….icouldget a lifetime job at Okemo. Or Saddleback. (laughing-are those places still operating? i am not a skier)

      why am i not surprised that You have a snowmobile, Sir Tip of Maine? *giggles*. i hate to say no, Sir, but i simply cannot stop smiling yet!!!

      Sir B is lucky…but so too is his girl…she’s the luckiest girl. evah.



    1. thank You William, and welcome! Thanks for taking the time to comment. *grinning* He is a lucky Beast, isn’t he?


    1. i was so totally overdue! Thanks viemoira!!

      little less hurty today…but whooo boy the colors! i’m a nilla-rainbow!


  7. @ rozewolf….that evil fucker (laughing)….you *know* i can see it in my head….(he projects quite well….!!!!)


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