I really want to write but…

gods, i’m so ….loose.

Pshaw! get yer mind outta the gutter.  *hawhaw* i don’t mean *that* kind of loose….then again…if the stiletto fits…*grin*

The kind of loose You feel when one is all limbered up from exercise…loose-jointed, almost free of my skin…i feel like i’m walking just slightly off the ground, still.

My ass hurts. My left cheek, where He either attacked me with the friggin’ silver cake turner (which has become curved to the shape of my ass) or His teeth. I don’t remember, but it’s ouchy.


And then there is this persistent pain in my left shoulder. Yanno the place, gals, where your handbag strap goes? Bra strap too? Yeah, there.

Fucking A it hurts.

Mmmmmmthat’s so fuckin’ good too.

And in the land of TMI…i’m all wet. Every time i turn wrong and tweek an ouchie spot. Every time i sit.

Even my lips are sore from His biting, sucking, kissing, licking. Won’t say which ones, either. That’s really too much, TMI, right? *laughing*

OH oh, the subdrop from this will be spectacular. I’ll be freefallin’ from here to Podunk Island.

But for now? Still giddy. I’m working on my replies, and working on a few stories (Yes, one of them is Fertility Clinic) Plus a few fantasies that popped into my head this morning.

Put on yer seatbelts boys and girls, it’s gonna be a hella ride here this week!

This is the uber-ouchie left shoulder.

And yes, that is a poster of Tom Brady behind me…what of it? Hmmm ?( I heard that, Mick…that snort. )

Now, back to responding to all of you sweeties who’ve written comments since Friday…and then…the writing begins in earnest!

*nilla rolls shoulders*