Once Bitten

He’s pushed His cock into my ass.



Seated there, pulsing. Waiting. i’m attempting to breathe through that first breathtaking moment when the head of his cock broached the ‘backdoor’, short, gasping breaths, fingers encased in black lace gloves clenching into the bedding as i lay prone.

My legs are bound open. Tied tight at the ankle, pulled taut, there is no backing away, no kicking free. My pussy is a running river of lust.

With a last little thrust of His hips, He is fully engulfed in the tight heat of my ass.  His hands come to my shoulder blades, pressing me firmly down. i can’t move, can only accept the inevitable.

He is going to fuck my ass.

It’s been so long, you see? So long since He had taken me this way… and i’m nervous. Yet–He sets the tone for this.  Hard and fast or slow and deep, this is His dance, and He’s leading. i feel the withdrawal with a sense of mixed relief and dread. The relief is sensual, and short-lived. For He’s back, filling me. The next withdrawal is slow. i’m feeling pain, and almost liking it.

i’m feeling incredibly aroused, too.

He is taking my ass. Taking it because He wants to. Taking it because it pleases me to give Him this, this ultimate submission. Taking it because i am His. Taking it because He owns this, this cunt, these tits, and this asshole.

His to slap, to pinch, to bite, to fuck.

There are no words between us, not yet.

Just the steady thrust and withdrawal as He fucks me. Small panting breaths. Moans from each of us. The press of his hot hands in the middle of my shoulders as i bear his weight when He is buried fully inside of me.

And then He does it.

His one hand slides to my shoulder as the other takes a fistful of my hair. It’s long enough now that He can wrap it around His hand a few times, and He pulls back on it, bowing my back, and He’s laying on me now. The full weight of a Man on you is one of the most erotic of earthly pleasures. i feel small, but not in an insignificant way. i am filled, ass, heart, spirit as i bear His weight. He pulls harder on my hair, and i moan.

His voice growls into my ear, feverish with his excitement,

“I am fucking your ass little girl” and He growls as His hips thrust into me.

“Bite me Sir?” my voice is soft, tiny, even i can barely hear it.

“Bite you?” His voice is almost incredulous. “Ahhh, you mean bite you…” and there is a sudden tone of comprehension.

… and i suddenly snap from the edge of subspace and giggle…this would not be the first time i’d flirted with danger with those same words, though the last time i uttered them, they were said with no small amount of insouciant cheekiness.

“oh Sir–i didn’t mean…please, Sir, please bite me. i want to feel Your teeth on me.”

He chuckles this….this nearly sinister chuckle. i *adore* that chuckle. A shiver runs across my body, and even engulfed in His heat, i feel my nipples pearl into tight buds against the mattress.

His teeth nip along my back, up over my shoulder and bite, oh so fucking hard at the top edge where my shoulder rolls towards my front half. Right at the rounded edge, His teeth fasten down, much as a lion grabs at the neck of  His mate.

Not a nibble.

Not a nip.

This is a full-on bite as He savages my tender flesh, and despite his hand fisted in my hair i arch up and keen out a cry…and it’s a mixed bag of pain and ultimate pleasure, as His hips slide back and thrust forward, His teeth locked in my shoulder.

And suddenly i’m hurtled up the mountain and thrown over the edge without warning, my cumming a perfect mix of pain and pleasure and pain…and i’m whirling in subspace, stars and moons and unicorns dancing around me.

He continues fucking my ass slowly and working his mouth and teeth down my shoulder, up under my arm, down my back, up the other arm.

i am delirious with pleasure.

i am filled with pain.

i am His.

*   **   ***  ***   **   *

i wrote this Monday night, as i sat in my room, at His behest, ass plug in place. i sent Him a copy of this when i was done. He responded almost instantly, that He was writing up His daily post to me while i’d been blog-writing, and wait until the morning when i got it…to see that our heads are in the exact same place…

i’ll give you the pertinent quote here:

“Note little girl that when the lion fucks, he grabs the rear mane of his prey – asserting his dominance and insuring the female’s recognition that her resistance is not only futile but dangerous and won’t be tolerated. Be advised Nilla, it’s a valuable learning point for you.”

Oh. My. Freaking. Gawd.

Is that connection, or what?

swooning, smiling, spattered with bruises from my own personal Lion- ~ nilla~…