He’d built the suspense for days.

Holding the tension, it’s called.

Feeding her the perfect diet of denial, seasoned with a fair amount of teasing, slowly stoking her erotic fires.

But no orgasms.

Not for Wednesday.

Not for Thursday.

Not for Friday.

By Saturday she was a wet and sodden mess. She’d texted Him, as He required, each time she felt a fresh surge of lust, as her natural lube prepared her for a fucking…which was then denied.

The power of that denial sang through His blood. She was obedient. She was compliant. She was using superb restraint.

He could not resist cranking the knob up another notch. And another.

Little sexual tasks. Little erotic teasers of what He *might* do, “cum” Sunday. She sent Him her “moans”, her “pussy tingles” and her “gushing wetness, please Sirpleasesir stop tormenting your slutpleasplesesa.”

He loved how her text-ability began to fail whenever she was overcome by need. By the sexual frenzy He stirred in her.

‘Master’s cookin’ some slut-stew tonight’ he chucked to himself.


They met at the Plaza after she got off work. He knew she was dying to get off. He could see the little worry-frown on her forehead, mute evidence of her self-control.

And she smelled of her juices. She’d been marinating for days. He knew how delectable she would be when he finally had his mouth on her bits, biting and sucking her.

She leaned against Him, murmuring her hello’s as His arm wrapped around her shoulder, tugging at her loose hair. He pulled her head back right there in the lobby, and cruised his teeth up and down her exposed throat.

He drank her whimper as He bit the tender bit of flesh at the junction of shoulder and neck, just a small nip. The bruise formed almost instantly.

The bellhop was looking on with admiration and envy, and the woman at the desk looked like she needed a vibrator and a good fuck right-now.

They checked in, but He didn’t touch her for the rest of the trip up to their room.


She was naked, and on her knees, hands behind her back, eyes closed. He fastened the eye mask over her eyes, then slapped her cheek, hard enough to sting.

“Stay on the floor. Find my cock. ”

On sock-clad feet He padded to the other side of the room. She crawled around for a moment, then raised her head. She knew his cologne.

First she made straight for the bed where his suit jacket lay. She moaned in frustration. He could see the silvery trail between her legs, running down her thighs.

Next she bumped into the chair where his pants lay. He almost laughed aloud at the look on her face. . . a mixture of annoyance and need.

She paused. He held his breath, but she came unfailingly  straight for him. Her head butted his thighs, and His hand came down to tangle in her tresses.

He leaned against the dresser as her mouth went to work on his hard tool. Lips and tongue twirling around the flaring head, drilling into the weeping hole on top. She sucked her cheeks in, and his cock lurched.

Damn she had the cleverest mouth!

Her small fist drew around his length, slowly pumping down the shaft, her grip loose.  As she encircled the base of his cock, she held him by thumb and middle finger, squeezing hard.

He moaned at the sensation. Fucking tease!

Her mouth slid its hot wetness down the shaft until lips and fingers met, then those lips pulled back as she sucked hard. Her mouth dragged up the length of his dick, and her squeezing fingers followed, as if drawing his semen up through him.

Those naughty fingers stopped at the flaring of his cockhead, pincering tight,  and her mouth suckled hard at the bulb that remained exposed.

Around and around the head, avoiding that wet hole, until, after one last, hard, popping suck, her tongue drove into that well.

She rolled her tongue, straw-like and sucked hard, while squeezing and releasing the head of his cock.

He grabbed the hair on top of her head and ordered her to stop.

“NOW, slut.”

She was panting now, and the rich smell of wet cunt filled the space between them.

His cock throbbed like a toothache, needing that gloriously intense release, but he had restraint, and stepped away, leading her by the fistful of hair in his hand to the bed.


and He pulled her up, onto her belly. Her legs hung off and He stepped between them, sliding three fingers inside the boiling heat of her cunt.

“No cumming, slut.”

She moaned, begged.

“Please, Master, pleasepleaseplease.”

He was unrelenting.

“No cumming.”

He fingerfucked her slowly, letting the need in his cock subside a bit.  His fingers split, and, liberally coated with her glistening juices,  He inserted one into her anus, while the others continued to fuck her sodden pussy.

He watched as her body undulated at the dual invasion.

His smile was feral, his prey was here, now. His. His to consume. To use. To engulf.

It was time to break the restraints He’d imposed, and set the raging beast free.

He hungered.

His fingers left her holes, and his hard cock probed while his hands prized apart her cheeks.

With a hard thrust he was buried halfway into her rectum, and His voice rose over her keening cry…

“Cum, cum for me now, slut, come for me, my whore…”

As He drove the rest of the way inside of her tightest hole, He felt the clenching of her cunt, grasping at nothing but lust, felt the answering grab of her anus, felt the flowing of her as she exploded.

Restraint had its merits, He knew.

Smiling, he fucked her through her first orgasm, until His own balls tightened.

Leaning forward, reaching under her, He squeezed her tits, as His first squeezing eruption pulsed up His shaft, and flooded her darkest chambers.


Not much later, He fastened the last strap around her wrist. Spread open on the bed, ring gag holding open her mouth,  she was a beautiful, vulnerable sight. He looked at her, and smiled. He noted that her eyes widened in shock as he scooped cum from her leaking asshole.

She shook her head violently “no.”

“You wanted my cum, little one. Good things come to those with restraint..” and He laughed at the double-entendre.

And wiped his fingers clean on her tongue.