Bad Girl

He walked around her, inspecting her.

She stood in the center of the room, arms tied overhead. Her legs were bound open, each slender ankle wrapped in silken rope and fastened to a pair of widely spaced D-ring tie downs, which were set into the floor.

She was completely open, completely vulnerable.

She was nervous, he could see it in the fast rise and fall of her tits as she tried to get her bearings. The blindfold did make that difficult, he mused, smiling wickedly. He’d pulled her, masked and naked, into his car this morning, and brought  her here to this unknown-to-her location.

He’d warned her, after all, he thought to himself,  as he took a gob of cream from the jar in his hand, and began wiping it from ankle to cunt, covering her shapely leg fully. She whimpered through the ball gag, something that sounded like “Sir” in a pleading tone, but he remained stoically silent.

She had pushed boundaries one too many times; the stolen orgasms from last night could not be overlooked.  It was time to pull in her reins and remind her exactly who owned those holes she had played with so fast and loosely.

He had been stunned to walk past his computer, to see her there on the edge of her bed.  He had watched, amazed.  Had she grown so used to the cam being on that she had forgotten about it?  Or was it that she didn’t truly believe he sat and watched when he could not be with her?

He was frankly, stunned at her temerity. She’d always been such a good girl…and now here she was, flaunting his rules, openly, carelessly, willfully.

He’d sat down in his leather chair, fingers templed together watching as she pegged her nipples, yet another violation, and then began playing with her pussy. He could hardly believe it when she pulled her big dildo from under her pillow and began teasing her pink pussy with it. Even from here He could see the glistening on her lovely folds, the swelling of that tender flesh as she stroked the fake cock up and down her slit, before teasing her weeping hole with the head of that silicone wonder.

She came in a flailing crescendo of passion, and lay gasping, tits heaving, one arm over her head, left leg dangling limply off the bed.

That would have been enough right there. But damned if the minx didn’t bring that fucking dildo back to her sodden pussy and push her way to a second cumming.  He sat, openmouthed, as she exploded her cunt again.

The fucking whore!!

Well, that was then, and now it was her time to pay the price for her indiscretions. Worse, actually, her violations. Her disrespect. Her careless disregard of the rules and strictures that guided…or should have guided, her actions as His slut.

He rubbed the cream up her second leg, then began slathering her cunt with it. He finger fucked her, spreading it deeply inside, then up her slit to her rectum, and up inside that tightly shut hole.  Around the bottom of her ass cheeks, and up the split, he rubbed the excess off on her belly.

Moving away on sock-clad feet, soundless on the hardwood flooring, he returned, the clamp open. Without touching her flesh with his, he secured the clamp on her right nipple. She jolted at the sudden, unexpected pain.  And whimpered when he fastened the mate to her other nipple. The chain was cold, since he’d stored it in the freezer overnight. He watched the goosebumps crawl across her belly as the chain swung against her exposed flesh.

Once more he moved away, then returned. He fitted the ear-buds into her lovely ears, clipping the little music player to her hair. He whispered into her ear before He switched it on.

“As long as there is music playing you will receive your punishment. Since you love stealing orgasms from me, I have decided to give my bad girl as many of them as she can give me.”

He smiled as he clicked on the player. She whimpered. His classical music playlist….it played for nearly two hours…!

She heard a strange skittering sound around her, and wondered if the pod had a malfunction…and then felt the first long tongue begin to lap around her thigh.

He was so happy his friend David had dogs that loved peanut butter, and girl-cunt in equal measure. It would take them quite a while to clean her up…and Dave had assured him that they certainly enjoyed the taste of cunt…and the more she came, the more they would lick…

He sat back on the leather settee to watch his bitch get her cum-uppance.