He stalks me around the room.

Our time together is all but spent, yet our hunger remains unabated. He thirsts for the taste of my flesh. i thirst for the taste of His.

i am half-dressed, and dancing away from His grasping hands…not far enough however. In a trice i am caught, His strong arms wrapping me up and throwing me on the bed. His hand is in my hair, holding me steady as His mouth devours mine, and His quick and crafty fingers are pulling another splashing orgasm from my exhausted pussy.

Who cums this much at my age?!

Yet mute evidence of my body’s passion for this Master of mine has ruined yet another hotel bed covering. The pretty rose pillow covering is soaked with this newest orgasm, and He laughingly tells me that a yellow hazmat ribbon will encircle this room as soon as the maid wakes from her faint.

With a last biting kiss, He bids me to rise, and i make my unsteady way to the bathroom. With shaking knees i slowly remove my heels, peel down the remnants of my fishnet stockings. Where is my garter belt?

i take the shoes out to Him, and search for the garter belt, my panties, and the bra i did not know was missing. All are neatly folded on the dresser, by His hand.

i look up to thank Him and freeze. He has that look in His golden eyes.


That look.

My spirit knows this ancient look –that of predator about to capture prey. And i can’t help it.

i grin.

i shake my head ‘no’…

and i back away .  .  . He feints to the left, and i go right…into the little wee space between the wall and the huge dresser.

And He stops in front of me, laughing.


and sighs, shaking His head.

“you know *nothing* about protecting yourself, do you? you just put yourself in one helluva bind, little girl. Where the fuck do you think you can go stuck here in the corner now? you’re making it too fucking easy for me to …”

and He swoops in, and scoops me up and tosses me onto the bed. i fall, laughing in hilarity commingled with nerves. i roll, attempting to crawl away, but His hand is on my ankle, my tit, and He’s on me, pinning me to the mattress.

How can i fight that?

Why would i?

There is truly no greater feeling than that of your lover, your Dom, your Master, of HIM lying, flesh to flesh, need to need.

Our bodies are mated by many things…lust, needs, desires…but also love, and humor and caring…the painful bite of teeth, the delightful pain of hands smacking tender bits…all of this blends into one whirling maelstrom of heat, and once more we merge and fuse.

Later, as i ride the elevator back to reality, i smile and remember my Lion, undeniably stalking me, marking me, making me His.