Things i’ve learned in 51 years….

Some things do get better with age and sex is definitely one of them

Fantasy and reality have amazing parallels, and often intertwine

Wearing weighted clamps while writing really makes me a speedy typist

and a fast composer…

You can so make friends on the innernetz

You can cum while your pussy is spanked

and when your Master is fucking your ass….

Being owned is a *good* thing.

“Vanilla” is only one flavor in my life these days…it’s also swirled with chocolate…and caramels…

Bites are sensual…

Being helpless with ones Dom is  da bomb…

Writing a sex blog is cathartic, fun, stimulating, fun, and connects me to a wider universe of like-and-kink-minded people…

Doms like when their subs drool (gods know why?)

Even a hard-assed Dom who is guiding ones diet will let their “ward” eat cake on their birthday!

i’m so looking forward to this, my 52nd year…journeys to take, people to meet, friends to make, a golden collar, and stories, o the stories that await….



35 thoughts on “Things i’ve learned in 51 years….

    1. Hands down my favorite comment of the week David…you hold a special place in my heart…just coz…you know…if there hadn’t been a bit of encouragement from You….there wouldn’t be a nilla blog today. *smiles*….

      thank You for a wonderful comment…i am *so* fucking alive…and loving every minute of it!



  1. I love you dear!

    I love that you have found yourself and enjoy the kinky lovely life you’ve opened up to.
    I love that you are exactly 9 months older than I am. LOL!
    I love that you can write and even think with all your accouterments.

    Happy Birthday Dear!


    1. thanks Roze…i forgot i was 9 months your elder (lol)…and you the wise Woman you are…verrah old soul…in a delightfully youthful package!!!

      love you right back!


  2. Happy Birthday Nilla! May your happiness and your words long continue.


    PS totally with you on the drool – why do they like that???

    1. Hey, My Dom is your age and i can attest to his staying power…it’s really only just a number…it’s getting the most out of every day,of grabbing life by the horns and *squeezing* every lastdamndrop out of it…and licking it up, every drop!

      and funnah on fb today, Mick the slick!!! i cracked up!


  3. Many Happy Returns of the day, darling ‘nilla, and thank you for writing this wonderful blog and sharing it with us.

    May all your dreams – the nice ones, anyway – come true. You are one special lady, Ma’am. Thank you for being you.

    Hugs and kisses,

    Bob xx.

  4. Happy Birthday, ‘Nilla!!!

    “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
    ~~ Abraham Lincoln

    Half way into the fifties myself, I’m convinced these are the best years of my life – and I think yours too.

    I love you, ‘Nilla – and I’m soooo glad we’re friends.


    1. me too aisha, mee tooooo! and i love that Abraham Lincoln quote..i’ve used it many times…because those are words to live by!

      i’m fuller, and have more blessings than ever before….my life is rich with friends and *waves hands around * all of this…the fantastic “alt” life…



  5. Happy birthday girlfriend. Wow. Cake. Lucky girl.

    And yes, I think sex is better as we grow up enough to shake off all the stuff that society puts on us and pay attention to the inner voices that tell what we want.

    1. mmmmmmm cake! can hardly wait. Yes, exactly so…we need to listen to *us* not the strictures and rules that the invisible “they” put on us…gosh i’m so glad to not be a “good” girl by their standards…but by His….


  6. “The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware; joyously drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.”
    Henry Miller

    This made me think of you, nilla, because you are one of the most aware people i know.
    Happy Birthday!


  7. Happy Belated Birthday Nilla —

    I know that I for one — am happy that I found your blog — happy that I found you — and happy that we have another year to spend with each other


    1. so sweet…thanks sfp!! it’s a wonderful thing, learning and making so many new lovely friends…i’m constantly amazed by how deeply we all “get” one another, even when we don’t share the same exact shadings of it…funny that it took cyberspace to connect all of us “freaky” subs!!


  8. I guess nilla, this is your first belated Happy Birthday wish. Sorry I missed it, had to go away for DIF, but every thing is fine now, and he is where he needed to be. I know you will have a wild 52 nd year, and many more my lady, you are the best. Tip

    1. birthday wishes are good, belated or not….and i am sorry for Your loss…sending a virtual hug to You, Sir Tip.



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