He Promises…..

Oh nilla, He says, you are so fucked.

First I’m going to bite your nipples. Yes, the same ones I’ve been clamping while you write those naughty blog stories…

Remember nilla? the night that I made you wear them, and hang all the weights off of them? hmmmm, it looked so fucking delicious, seeing your nipples all stretched out that way.

They needed ice, nilla, followed by a hot, wet mouth. Over and over again. My mouth, nilla.My teeth pulling them back into shape. Warming and pulling and molding them.

My way, nilla, because, after all, they are my tits, aren’t they, little girl?

Maybe, he muses, I will put the clamps on and make you hold the chain in your mouth, the way I did the night before your birthday. Remember nilla? I called you on your phone, and you answered like the good slut you are, chain still between your teeth.

You’d sent me a text I believe, something about…hmmm. Drool, wasn’t it, nilla?

Yes, yes I know it was because you had drooled all over your lovely tits, hadn’t you. And you texted me about that. Asked me why I, or any Dom, would think drool covered tits are sexy.

Tits are sexy nilla, when they are prepared the way *I* demand them to be prepared…clamped and covered with drool, your drool, little girl, has an intense sexual appeal to me.

So perhaps when we meet again, I’ll sit in the chair and have you show me again how you looked that night, in front of your keyboard, as you typed your story, with your naked, chained, drool covered tits.

I’ll lick that drool off you tits, nilla, lick it off and bite those luscious orbs, while my finger explores your tight little asshole. Hmmmmm, that sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Of course, you won’t be able to say much, what with that big old chain in your mouth, but that’s okay, nilla. You don’t need to speak while my fingers are up your asshole. Or while I’m biting your clamped nipples.

I think, nilla, perhaps I’ll put the chain and all the weights on your tits and have you on your knees on the bed. I want to stand behind you, and look at your open and available ass and pussy, and see the chain hanging off your nipples, visible between your spread thighs.

When I slap your delightful ass, the chain will swing, and the weights will keep it swinging a bit longer with them on there, than it would without them…that’s pure science, nilla. You told me that you love science…and you know I’ll do much to indulge you, my little slut.

And of course I’ll be fucking your ass. Perhaps I will reach around your body and grab that chain and use it like reins while my cock slides in and out of your asshole. I’ll give it a nice hard tug when you cum.

You do love pain when you cum, don’t you, little girl?

Such a naughty little girl.

And allll Mine.