Antiquities III

part II

She stared at herself in the mirror. Gone were the long, blonde tresses  she had worn for the last twenty years. Though she had often worn her hair up as she believed befitted her position in upper management, it had actually fallen to almost waist length.

Now it came below shoulder length in the front, mid-back behind. And it was red.

“simply divine, darling” Gene all but cooed at her.  “we just needed to make a little adjustment to whoosh away all that blonde silliness, and replace it with this tone. You were born to be a redhead.

He was right, dammit.

The red had pizzaz, and all but illuminated her eyes. She…sparkled.

“Thank you, Gene,” she said, meeting his eyes in the mirror.

“oh, honey, if I weren’t all about the guys, I’d date you myself. I might, might, maybe even fuck you!!” He spoke with a flourish and an eyebrow waggle that did the Marx brothers proud.  He certainly did make her laugh.

“So there’s one wish taken,” she said, still meeting His eyes in the mirror. You said i would get 2 extra, so i have 4 left.”

“Correctomundo, my perky beauty. And speaking of perky, wanna little sumthin’ something done about your fight with gravity there?” He cupped his hands under non-existent boobs and hefted.

“No.” She shook her head fiercely, blushing madly. Her red locks swished around her face. Gosh it was pretty…!  She caught his eyes, laughing at her, in the mirror. She blushed deeper. “No Gene. No boob jobs.”

“Takes just a wish and …I can make ’em bigger, too…?” He laughed at the look on her face.

“okay okay a genii can take a hint pretty girl. So, what’s next on your agenda? Hmmm? Money? New car?  A guy with a pecker out to there…” He paused, hand outrageously out in front of him, while she laughed.

He shook his head. “No no, all wrong for you, that’s *my* Mr. Do-Me-Right…” and he giggled.

Yeah. She smiled. A giggling genii.

“Gene, i need to finish up here, and get to bed. It’s late and i drove back from Connecticut and …gee…how do i find you again when i do make a wish? Wait. Wait. The lamps. Genii and brass lamps, right?”

He shook his head, grinning back at her.

“That is such a fucking cliché you know…right? Am I right? Do i look like I came from something as immensely ugly as that?” He trailed his hand down the front of his vintage tux.  “No way, sister, try again.”

“Well, um….. something i got in that antique shop, i know…” Her voice trailed off as she studied his face. His eyes were the most intense iridescent blue…almost aquamarine. Where had she seen that…


She laughed, clapping her hands. “The fish!!! You were hiding inside the Meissen fish!”

“You are a quick one, aren’t you. Yes, Boss, the Fish and i have been close companions for a millenia or two.”

“So i rub the fish and you’ll come out?”

“That’s how it works, this genii thing.”

“Well, no new car or anything like that. I’m not really into that. Antiques, sure.”

“Even though you understand the searching for ‘antiquities’ is really a way of hiding what you are really searching for, Boss?”

She looked sharply at him. This genii had been around a long time. She figured he’d seen all sorts of people but he’d never me her before. She was not replacing anything with her love of antiquing. She wasn’t.

“You are.” He nodded, then tapped his head. “I can see it. You need that someone …hell, we all need “him” –whoever Mr. Right is…we all search for that, Boss.  You know i can pop him up for you…”

She waved her hands in front of him in a gesture of denial…”no no no, genii….that is not what I want…if He is out there, well, then…perhaps.”


Gene wandered around her loft while she was at work. She had some cool stuff, but really, it was all just …stuff. He decided to take a walk. He’d not been walking around New York in several decades…or so.

He stepped on the flyer as he stepped out her front door to the outside world. He pulled it off his shoe, fastidious to the core, and was preparing to ball it and heave it when he caught sight of the words on the back.

“Oh!”he exclaimed. He looked at his wrist. Damn. He’d forgotten his watch. He closed his eyes and a blue-faced Rolex appeared. He looked at the date. “Perfect!” he enthused, and turning on his heel, he reentered her loft without opening the door.

“So much to do to get my little princess ready….” He rubbed his hands together gleefully, and set about forming his plan to convince his temporary Boss to give this venture a try….

It would be a formidable challenge. And didn’t he love those most of all?!