The Wall

They met at the edges of their respective lines. His, blue. Hers, pink.

They stood and looked at each other, seeing one another for the very first time. Only the Wall separated them. It was a full 2 inches thick, clear as the air around them. It ran neatly between the pink and blue line, an invisible but impermeable barrier betwixt them.

His hand rose first, touching the Walls smooth surface. It was warm and there was a faint pulsing that transmuted into his hand.

its true what they say, the Wall breathes, lives.

Her hand rose to mate with his, palm to palm. She felt the answering warmth and heartbeat under her palm. She pulled her hand away, studied the place on the Wall where hers had been. Nothing. Clear. She could see the lines that crisscrossed his palm, see the soft blue glow of the ring around his middle finger.

She placed her hand back on the wall.

There was a feeling, short, intense, heat. Their hands sank into the Wall, and for a brief moment, their glowing rings touched. The tingle transmitted through the body of the Wall.  It flowed over their conjoined hands, fusing them together. The girl tried to pull away with a cry, as expected. They females usually responded to the Joining with panic.

They could not resist the call to come to the line, nor could they resist seeing, touching, yearning for the mate that yearned back at them.

The ground where they were standing, against the Wall, linked inseparably, began to pull away, and lower. They were dropped into the Womb.

As they left the Above, the Wall between them thinned, thinned, until it was nothing more than gossamer fibers.  Until even that fell away, and all that held them was that merging block around their linked hands.

His arm came ’round her waist as they were lowered carefully into the darkness.

“We are reborn,” he whispered into her ear, feeling the soft silk of her hair for the first time.

“We are  made new” she responded to the ritual, her heart racing as she scented Him, the first time she had ever smelled a ‘he’.

The darkness was  full around them as their ‘vator stopped.  A voice came from everywhere.

“Proceed along the purple line. Proceed along the purple line. Proceed….”

As they began moving forward along the line, the voice stopped. They came to a room with an illuminated door. All else lay in darkness.

Slowly the door opened.

There was only a glistening slab to lay upon, though it did yield beneath them. It was warm, but they generated their own heat. Moans and cries of ecstasy came from behind the closed, locked door.

The Wall absorbed their juices as they sexed, encouraged them to greater and greater passion. Water and foods were on the table beside them, but they would eat, doze, only to awaken with hunger unsated…for each other.


The elderly man came to escort them to their day rooms.

This is your home now. Feed the Wall well. Someday You will become the Caretaker, whichever of you survives the other. You will choose two to come, to feed the Wall…and each other…and the circle will remain, unbroken.


i cannot explain this. if you like it, fine. if not, fine. it popped off to me after writing 2 other stories…and just about wrote itself. ~n~