His cock teases along my folds, the hot firmness slicking through my moisture-laden slit with ease.

Spread wide, open, available, i surrender to the assault on my senses…the grating of the rim of his cock against my inflamed clitoris, the turgid mass of him sliding through my own swollen flesh,which parts to accept him.

My pussy lips swell, wet and pinkened with my need, wrapping around his dick as he strokes up, then down, up and slowly back. From clit to asshole, his cock fucks slowly, teasingly.

I am bidden to silence. A single word will end this and the torment will begin anew, canes on my thighs, clamps tugged on my tits. Yet how i long for the rod of thick, swollen man-flesh to pierce through  my folds and find its home deep within my belly.

i am allowed to moan, to whimper, to let the sex-sounds escape my lips. These are his barometer, i think, how he gauges how far his teasing torture is affecting me.

and i am moaning. i am whimpering. in my head, i am screaming. Only two words, but they resound in my head, again, and again, as wave after wave of need engulf me.

The time for torment is past, now is the time for fulfillment, yet he lingers on. His pleasure is not only the torment of my body, but the withholding of his.

He is looking into my eyes, as if reading the words bouncing around inside my silent head. My eyes, pleading with him as my mouth cannot.

He pulls his cock from my lower lips, and straddles my hips, my waist, sitting back on my tits. His cock pulses just below my mouth, and i lick my lips in longing. My pussy is banging out her need, i feel the coil of juice sliding from cunthole to asshole, slipping up my crack until it pools beneath me.

i smell him.

Musky Man-scent. i can see the pearly drop of precum forming at the tip of  his rigid shaft, and i watch as his hand slips up and down his cock, as he pleasures himself over me.

He milks his cock, until the drop of his dewy juice grows larger, and begins to fall. As if in slow motion, it falls upon my lip, and he brings his cock closer, ever closer to my lip.

The pearl of liquid stretches along the slit of my closed lips, and he dips his dick into it, and pulls it away. We are connected, his ass on my tits, and by the fragile string of cum.

The spider has spun his web and i am well and truly caught, held motionless lest the thin strand of silvered lust breaks…unless He chooses to break it first, releasing me.

i can only lay and wait, not tasting, but smelling that one drop on my lips, the head of his cock beginning to weep another drop.

i watch it form and wonder if i may taste, while my cunt throbs in longing.

i am longing incarnate. Waiting, and needing, and though His patience is long, i can see the pulsing of his cock, the need building in him as well.

He slides back down between my spread thighs and spears me with his lance. His cock is hard, harder than it has ever been, and i feel him taking himself deeply into my belly, deeply, fully making me his.

And when we are done, i find myself longing  for him once more.