And now a few words from Sir B….


Sir B and i have done a lot of talking recently. We have talked much about D/s over our 17 months together, but at no time more intensely than now, now that the date for my collaring is fast approaching.
i asked Him if i should be addressing Him as Master once i am collared. This is His response:

You must know by now that I don”t necessarily abide by nor even recognize as legitimate some of the jargon, themes and rituals of the D/s lifestyle. The primary reason for that is I’ve never been a follower, never will be – and I’m very cocky, arrogant and sometimes a complete asshole. That said, I thought a great deal about the difference between “Sir” and “Master.” Sir is recognition and respect paid by the submissive to a dominant – and, for the most part, offered freely without any relationship necessarily existing.”

“Master, however, is a new ball game. It has inherent responsibilities such as protection, guidance, education and overall caring in addition to implicit authority over the submissive. 18 months ago, I would have sneered at such a role and viewed it nothing more than a costume party – I’m the guy wearing the black hat and mask. Well, because of you, my world has changed and with it, a new destiny – I was absolutely destined to be your Master. It is no longer a word nor a “costume” but a life changing event – complete ownership, control and authority over you. I want that role, I need it, I demand it and I’m officially taking it on 2/20.”

“One of my favorite sayings was made by Hannibal – a great warrior – “I will either find a way or make one.” That’s how I view my role as Master over you -“

He goes on to say a few mushy things that i’m holding close to my heart and not sharing with you all, sorry. *smiles*
i have cried for Him and laughed with Him; begged for release, and begged for mercy from that fucking silver cake thingy; moaned in pain and passion…He is mine, and i am His…
and in a few short days i will sit at His feet and accept His Mastery over my body, my mind, my spirit, my sex.
i don’t profess to know where this path will lead either of U/us… the future is unknown to us all…but i am thrilled to be bound to Him…
So if my stories over the next few weeks are *exceptionally* happy…as sfp said…when i’m feeling this grand, it spills out *everywhere*…and you all are going to get all caught up in the gooey mess of nilla’s happy…
(c’mon, suck it up!!)