sooooo many first-person stories of late…stepping out of my “he-she” style a bit…many of these are fantasies, some are dreams…and some..mmmmmm realllly really real! ~n~


His voice is implacable. Calm, firm, and undeniably an order. i crawl across the room, not feeling the rough carpeting under my hands, my knees.  All i can feel is the steady trickle of lust oozing from my pussy, the increasing throb of my clitoris, and how hard it is to breathe with all this lust coiling inside of me.

i stop when i reach his jean-clad legs, and wait, head down. He forbade me to make eye contact until He lifts my face. He reaches down and grabs the hair at the back of my neck, and bids me to rise.  Yet  my head is held bowed, and i know to not disobey and look up at Him.

His hands work my nipples, and i hear the rattle of the chain He has gifted to me, as He removes it from His pocket. The pinch fills me even as i wince. i adore His hands on me. Then the clamp bites onto my swollen nipple and i wince again.  He pats my head, and bids me, once again, to crawl.

i am confused as there is only one clamp on one nipple. How can i crawl lopsided? Carefully, verrry carefully, as kneeling on the second clamp would be very painful for nipple and knee both.

i feel His eyes on my ass as i crawl away, the trailing chain dangling under my belly as i move away.

“Good slut,” He says.  “Crawling and being on your knees will play an important part in your growth as my slut.” i turn at the door and make my way towards His legs again. He squats in front of me as i wait, and fastens the other clamp onto my nipple, then bids me to “Crawl, slut, crawl for your Master”.

i am nearly dizzy with the need growing between my now-wet thighs. Yet i crawl once more, my hips and ass swaying as i head for the door; the chain swinging freely from my clamped tits as i turn and head back to Him.

His finger hooks the chain and he bids me to kneel.

That same finger lifts my chin, and at last, our eyes meet.