The Last Time …

* so many comments have been made, and i’ve been away from my computer pretty much since Friday. Add in the Monday Holiday here in the USA, and you have a nilla who is very behind in her responses. Please know that i will respond to every single comment later today, i’ve read them on my phone, just can’t reply to them that way….~n~*

It was the last time we would be together for 6 weeks, and, before we decided that 2/20 would be the day that He would take me as His.

It was a time of healing, of re-connection, of exploring who we are as a D/s couple…There was a wonderfully rough Manhandling as i stood for inspection against the wall, His voice hissing in my ear…”Don’t you cum nilla.” And a pause as He found and began to assault my clit and i started a dance…closer? away? both? and moaning.

i was so fucking hot for Him.

Then His voice again…”don’t you fucking dare to cum, got it, slut?”

i whined.


i fucking whined. Little moans and groans and petulant pouting. Begging, lots of begging. No cumming. He would NOT be dissuaded, nor would He stop diddling with my pussy. Fucking tyrant, that Man!!

And of course, it wasn’t too long (okay it was fucking *forever*!!) before He *threw* me on the bed. Yup. Threw me, then straddled me, and fingerfucked me to a massive, squirting orgasm.

That was the start of our rekindling. It started hot, intense, and got hotter, brighter, darker. Spanks and assfucking and multiple orgasms…..

As always, there was humor.

Gods, He makes me laugh.  We were laying on the bed in a tangled heap of sheets, of body parts, exhausted victims of a lust-fire temporarily quenched.

His fingers are always on me, in me, even in these moments of quiet lassitude. His leg was up over mine, the other hand gently (but firmly) holding my two captured wrists as He teased my poor, sensitive, throbbing clitoris.

i don’t recall, just now, what it was He said. Something outrageous. Something wild. Something so patently untrue that i felt the giggles erupt (He loves to make me laugh, and He has (unfortunately for me) discovered that i am incredibly ticklish. Laughter as torment…truly…)

Anyway, He’d made this statement and it hung there for a moment. i am laying captive in His grip, blindfolded, but i can *see* the smug satisfaction on His face in my mind’s eye. i know that face so well, His voice, the tones and inflections…i snort out a wee noise…it was that or explode, you see?

Then i stammer out a “Sir” between increasingly infectious snufflings that did sound remarkably like giggles….

“Wh-aaaa-t,” He says.

“A-a-a (giggle–i cannot believe i’m gonna say this…) are…You…*snortl* ….wearing….(giggle break)… pants…. and i break into hysterical muffled, lip biting chortles….

in the brief pause, i picture His face perfectly…the furrowed brows, the “Look”…that Doms wear when they are totally baffled by their subs unbelievable stoopidness.

“Wh?” and this incredulous snort, then in an equally incredulous tone (remember, He’d just finished fucking the hell out of me)….

“am I wearing pants, no, I’m not wearing pants – what do you think this is- a fucking date!”

and i *erupt* into massive laughter, barely just barely getting out the words now…

“Good…laughlaughlaugh….coz…giggle…if You did….*giggle guffaw giggle*….they’d be *full-on eruptive laughter* on fire!!!”

And i’m just gone, sailing off in gales of hysteria, and He pauses again, and then *gets* it.(liar liar pants on fire!)…..and He erupts, and He’s laughing, and i’m laughing and He pinches my clit as He lays across me laughing, and i cum so hard….

Later, coming down from the hysteria, He says…”you are such a slut, nilla…squirting all over the bed as you giggle at MY expense…”

and i try not to laugh…


epic fail.


14 thoughts on “The Last Time …

  1. ROFLOL!!! Oh Gods Nilla! I can just see that…

    Oh wait… been there… sorta…
    You see, there is this spot on my ribs that Wolf just loves to tickle. I giggle, I laugh, and if he hits it just right after we’ve had sex, I start to orgasm. He loves to do that to me knowing I can’t talk! No dammit, I just can’t come and talk at the same time. Orgasmic aphasia. sigh… All I can do is giggle and come.

    Love you!

      1. And as I read your post to him he laughs.
        As I read my reply and then yours, he laughs and gets this wicked grin on his face.

        I am so ….


      2. fucked?

        it is hysterical that you wrote that.

        Master writes that to me *all* the time (about each and both of U/us….

        great minds…


  2. Sex and domliness AND humor? That’s impressive. And wonderful.

    Sweet, sweet story, ‘Nilla. Iloved it. The “pants on fire” reference was priceless.



    1. thanks! i can’t tell you how many times i’ve reread it, (and he has a copy of it too) and we both start laughing when we talk about it.

      if we had a highlights reel…this would be in the top three….


    1. we’re a pair, to be sure. We both have compatable humor…don’t you think that is pretty important? Not to mention he likes to spank and i like receiving it….


  3. I absolutely love all the rest, but there are times when shaking inside, tears rolling, gasping for breath laughter is the greatest gift. The laughter that comes out of the blue while we are playing hard or in the midst of passionate lovemaking is the best of the best! It’s so nice to know you two appreciate it, too.


    1. yes! oh Donna, you get it!! it is true, that during many sexcapades i spontaneously break into laughter, and He understands that it is because i am so filled with joy…


  4. I’m very happy for you darlin, hope all your hook ups and day’s in between are just as wonderful. I’m pretty sure I want a nilla of my own.

    1. *smiles*

      thanks Sir Tip….i’ll bet theres a gal right there who needs tying and beating and fucking….You have good Chi…and that goes a long way with subgals, dontchaknow?


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