15 thoughts on “HNT 2/24/11 Master’d

  1. A gorgeous picture, erotic on so many levels and full of half-hinted-at symbolism.

    Well, that’ s the dispassionate review bit over – what fantastic tits 😉 ! You are a cracker, ‘nilla!

    Thank you for this lovely picture, sexpot!

    Bob xxx

    • Thanks sweetie!! *grins* @ being “incredibly” sexy….i’m gonna glow from that all day…night…whatever…thank You!!!


    • awwww, thanks aisha. i have to admit to having a lingerie fixation. Doesn’t have to be expensive, but gosh i am constantly at Yandi.com looking…….


  2. I think they should use this picture for public safety messages on TV. I would watch it over and over again. Damn your a fine looking submissive.

      • Thanks Sir Tip….i’m pretty in awe of it as well….i told Him it could be a piece of twine for all i cared…it was the symbolism tha t mattered to me, but He did as He chose, as is His right….

        and i do love it. As long as i draw breath i will remember the feeling of His hands slipping it around my neck, fastening it, then squeezing my brea—you know—and kissing me.


  3. Meant to tell you how much I like your pretty!

    Plus, for all your love of pretty clothes, I’m surprised you haven’t been sewing up a storm.

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