Fertility Clinic 3/Molly

part two here

Max hadn’t been gone too terribly long before the door to the room where they’d been quizzed by Doctor McReedy opened. An exceptionally handsome younger man came into the room.

“Molly?” He quirked his head to the side in a charming manner. She returned his smile, and nodded. It was beginning!

“C’mon with me, and we’ll start YOUR part in all this. While your husbands contribution is important, YOU are the star of the show!”

He hooked his arm in hers, and led her down the hall to the conjoined double doors. He pushed open the doors that lead to a soft yellow hallway. Paintings of flowers lined the walls, the lighting was discrete, and soft. Everything here bespoke calm beauty.

“This is…lovely…” Molly was pleased, relaxed as he led her down the long curving corridor.

“We try to ensure that the client, ergo…YOU…feels peaceful, tranquil. The tests are all  virtually pain-free, and today’s longer consultations will bring us a deeper understanding of your medical issue that have kept you childless. We’ll examine you as throughly as Max, and after we see all the results, we can devise a plan that will work to bring you a child…or perhaps children within the next 12 months.”

“Goodness!” Molly laid her hand over his, squeezing a very firm bicep. “I could be a mom a year from now?!”  He nodded.

“By the way, my name is Joaquin, but you can call me Joe.”

“Certainly not the average ‘joe’ ” Molly quipped.

He grinned. “nope. not many male nurses in the baby business. And definitely not “average”.” His laughter filled her heart with joy. How could anyone be worried about some silly tests with a guy like this helping her out.

Okay, she was married, but gawd, she wasn’t dead!! This guy could be on the silver screen, he was that gorgeous. And strong. For certain her type.

She felt a little thrill run through her. He would be looking at her intimate bits. And wasn’t that just a naughty little turn on? She bit her lip to hold in her giggle.

He stopped before a soft lavender door, and opened it, guiding Molly inside. The room was spacious and resembled…a bedroom, actually.  Instead of a metal cabinet holding medical implements, there was a beautifully carved wardrobe, the flat top laid out with a few things, but also a vase of sunflowers.

Joe instructed her to remove her clothing, and lay on the bed.

“One more thing, Molly,” he added, as he turned back to her. “In the top drawer there is a blindfold, if you prefer to not see the instruments we’ll be using. I know that can be a fear-factor thing for so many women, and we’ve found that the use of medical blindfolds actually heightens the experience, rather than frightens.”

She nodded, at a loss for words, nerves finally catching up to her, and building a hard lump in her throat.

He smiled reassuringly at her, then left the room. She paused a moment.


No johnny to put on? The bed looked comfortable. She checked and under the soft cotton sheet was a waterproof sheath.  So much was different that traditional medicine here….but then again the success rate was so very high.

She swallowed down the lump in her throat and unbuttoned her blouse with gently trembling fingers.


She heard the door open, and a soft voice saying, “Hi Molly, you okay?”

She cleared her throat, embarrassed that her nipples had hardened as she lay here, feeling vulnerable, exposed, and shamefully, very turned on.

“I’m good.”

She heard footsteps approaching the bed.  Her body was positioned, and somehow her legs were lifted, and secured, opening her sex, exposing her.

“I’m Dr. Lithway, and I’m here to do your first internal exam. Joe is here assisting me. Let’s keep an open dialogue here, and you let me know if something is uncomfortably painful, or stimulating, okay?”

She nodded. She was uncomfortable with her legs pulled up and back like this. But it was more about the exposure than the physical discomfort. She felt fingers probing around her pussy. Stroking her outer lips. She was opened further, her cunt lips pulled apart, and then a finger pressed on her clitoris.


Her hips arched and a moan escaped.

“EXCELLENT!” The doctor’s voice sounded pleased. “Very responsive to clitoral stimulation. Let’s go further with this, okay Molly?”

She nodded, her pussy jolted awake by the fingers now rubbing around her lips, her clit, slipping around the entrance to her hole but not entering her channel.

She could feel the excitement building. From far away she barely registered the doctor speaking softly to Joe. Something about appropriate fluid response. All she knew was that if he kept at this, she was going to give another appropriate fluid response, all over the cotton sheets….

And then he stopped.

She moaned, arching for the finger to return to her throbbing clit.

“I know, Molly, you really need release, but trust me, we need to examine all your responses here, okay?”

She whimpered, nodded.

The sharp slap against her cunt caught her unaware…and she yelped.

“good girl, it’s okay, yell if you need to…scream…we’re testing all your thresholds today….”

That should have warned her, but another slap against her swollen, wet pussy surprised her yet again. This one landed against her hole, and the pressure was both painful…and exciting.

She and her husband had played around with bondage sex a bit, but never like this! She yelped as another blow landed full on her engorged clit.

“GAWD!” she moaned as several more blows fell in  rapid succession, striking all parts of her splayed, vulnerable pussy.  She felt the orgasm building yet again…stronger now. She lifted her hips humping air, desperate for satisfaction.

A hand covered her pussy, resting gently there, pushing her hips back down to the mattress.

“sssshhhhhh….relax Molly, not yet…”

and she was denied again. She felt the flow of wetness leaking from her, but was too tied up in need to be embarrassed. Gods she needed to cum. Gods.

“Please…” she whispered.

“Soon, little one, soon….just a few more tests here…”

She felt a probing at her rectum, and then a fast sharp pain as something was inserted into her ass.

Her cry this time was born of pleasure at war with pain. It fucking hurt…and her cunt and clit were throbbing like a nympho’s pussy must….

Soothing hands stroked her cheek, her lips, then slipped down to her breasts.

She tried to listen to their words.  Mothers milk, nipple formation, responsiveness…but she was caught up in a dizzying rainbow world of pleasure and need and pain.

The pinch on her nipple added to her frenzy. It didn’t stop. Something cold, metallic was biting into her nipple. She felt a response deep inside her pussy.

As her second nipple was pinched, she felt something cool, metallic, smooth and fucking HUGE at the entrance to her cunthole. The tip was round, and it was slipped up and down her slit. She gasped as the cool metal slid over her hot and throbbing clit.

and then it was pushed inside her.

She was so fucking wet that it easily slid inside her but the feeling of being totally fucking full of the probe was … she tried to shy away from the feeling. She should not be so turned on by a fucking probe in her pussy.

Should she?

“Great, your internal temperature is perfect, Molly.” she felt pressure on her asshole. Whatever the fuck was there was being removed.

And reinserted.

“Owww…” she moaned.

The doctor’s voice crooned. “That’s a good girl, relax, let the probe in…”

This probe wasn’t the same as the first one. This one was fully as big as the one currently buried in her cunt. She grunted with pain as her asshole was stretched, widened.

She felt a gush of fluid from her pussy. No! She wasn’t cumming from this monstrous thing in her ass!

“Good, good Molly, that’s it, let it flow….”

Yet apparently, she was.

“The first probe was to stretch your anus a bit, make it easier to accept the bigger probe. You’re doing beautifully. A few more tests to go and then you can have full release, little one.”

The probes were alternately pushed deep, withdrawn. The “fucking” was slow, with short breaks, presumably to record whatever the fuck they were recording for data.

She felt the need to be fucked. Really, truly fucked.

She began to beg. Softly. Almost under her breath, a steady, soft chant of “pleasepleasepleaseplease” as the need to cum was built steadily.

The probe in her pussy was withdrawn first. She felt empty. Deserted. Then the probe in her ass was withdrawn. The simple slipping of that sleek metal tube made her pussy throb with an empty fire. She felt her internal muscles clamping down on nothing, desperate to hold something inside of her body, to no avail. The smooth metal shaft was withdrawn, and all that remained was the gentle throbbing of her nipples, still clamped in whatever measuring device they’d secured on them earlier.

The bed creaked, and a hand stroked her arm. “Do you need something, Molly?” His voice was soft, gentle. Her head snapped forward and back in a vigorous nod. Did she need something? Oh my fucking gawd, she needed something alright!

“Tell me.” The doctor’s voice was firm, commanding her verbal response. She flushed with embarrassment.

“I can’t help you if you are not totally honest, little one. Tell me.”

She shivered with lust at the tone.

In a near-whisper, she said “i need to cum. i really,really, really want to cum. Please, Doctor?”

“You mean you need to be fucked hard until you cum, right?”

She nodded, even as her mouth whispered ‘yes’.

His soft hmmmm filled her head. The tone of his voice was so fucking hot. She was confused…and so turned on.

“You consented, signed, and agreed to all of this Molly. Don’t worry, you’re not violating any rules or laws of conduct here…this is all to help you with one important goal…a baby for Molly and Max.”

She moaned.

“Please fuck me. Please fuck me. Please fuck me…”and her voice trailed off to a whimper.

Her legs were lowered, and she was turned to her side. Her pussy was leaking copiously, and she whimpered when she felt the head of his cock slipping against her lower lips. There was a feeling of warmth behind her, and then a second cock rubbing her from behind.

“Don’t worry, Mollygirl,” Joe whispered in her ear. “Two cocks, two cums, in the best delivery system designed by mom nature…”

His cock slipped back and forth through her asscheeks, as the Doctors cock filled her. As he pulled back, she felt Joe’s cock pressing against her pussy.

Two cocks pressed hard into her hole, as she whimpered.  The incredible fullness of them filled her pussyhole, stretched her, hurt, even. Wrapped tightly in two sets of strong arms, she could not fight, could not resist.

At the first, accepting the dual invasion into her cunt, then, explosively, welcoming them.

She came.

She came multiple times. Slow, steady, deeply driving matched strokes pushed her up and over the edge of consciousness. As she began to tumble, she felt the first, pulsing release pressing up inside her belly, pushed deeper by the thrusting spears filling her with their commingled juice.

Baby seed.

She fainted with a smile on her face.

10 thoughts on “Fertility Clinic 3/Molly

    • *giggles*

      you’ll enjoy Monday’s story…let me know how i did with that one…hard to write like a man, yanno…since i’m not…


  1. Wow!, this is a heck of a lot different than when we were trying to have little Tip. I think Mrs. Tip would have had many more if the clinic like this was near by. Well worth the wait for sure. Tip

    • Thanks Sir Tip! i know this one has hung around a long time. i have a mission, you see, to wrap up every “hanging” story over the next two weeks…


      • sounds like a lot of time wearing the clamps, sitting on the plug and only you know what else, if your going to be bussssy for the next two weeks. I can’t wait myself..

      • mmmmmmmmclamps and plugs and weights…oh my gawd yesssssssss………

        *grins with delight*


  2. Love the story but I am feeling great dissatisfaction with the options available with my own GYN. I may be past baby making age, but don’t I deserve a thorough check-up and check-out, too?

    I’ll send a link to this story to their office so they know what I want to see (blindfold off) on my next visit!

    • i dunno, but i have seen a few porno flicks that showed two. Trick photography? but its a hella image, yes? (laughs)…i’ll stick to one (or double stuffed the more traditional way)….


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