Can’t (version 2)

can’t, can’t, can’t She chanted.

You fucking will, slut He replied.

The belt fell with alarmingly regular strokes. He would continue to hit her ass with it until she squirted her cum for His pleasure.

But He’d been fucking with her body for hours.

She was drained, there was nothing left to offer to Him.

He’d taken all from her, she’d given Him all she had.

Another slap, another slap, another slap. She whimpered, writhed, arched. It fucking hurt! Her hands were cuffed together, tied to the headboard, while her legs hung off the side of the bed. Not very comfortable, but then again, this wasn’t about her comfort, she knew.

It was about His control over her.

Even the last few drops of cum in her body.

Another sharp report as the belt cracked against her red and hurting left cheek. Her clit throbbed as it pressed against the blanket bunched where it had fallen, another victim of His passion. She ground down against the rucked up fabric, feeling the roughness of it against her tender flesh.

Tender from His hand slapping her pussy to orgasm. Tender from His biting teeth scraping and nipping along her lower lips, tender from the fuckings He’d given her.

Pain transmuted to pleasure and she was surprised to feel it. It seemed all she could feel was the glowing heat on her ass, alternating with the short, tender strokes of his cooler hand against her burning buttocks.  The blanket rubbed roughly on her distended sex button, and she ground harder, focused now on the command He’d gruffly ordered.

you will cum for me one last time before I let you go, slut.

One last hard blow from the belt and she felt the tingle become a roaring wave rising through her belly to ripple outward. She threw back her head and began her keening cry….cummmmmmiiinnngggMasssterrrrrrr”

From far away she heard the belt clatter to the floor, felt His hands pulling her legs wider apart, felt His mouth lock onto her pussy, sucking, drinking her essence. His clever tongue continued the rolling wave, stroking her clenching tunnel, consuming her, feeding both their lust.

She was languid and supple under His hands, and murmured with pleasure as He roughly released her.

I did tell you that you would cum for Me one last time, He spoke low, amusement in His voice as He untied her bonds. And so you have, my good girl. And so you have.