She walked into my mid-town office like she owned the joint.

Well, she did own my joint. Heh. Little humor there. See, my Mrs? She’s also my Mistress.

“How’s my cock today?” she purred, as she sat across from my desk. Her lips were painted a violent red. i wondered, briefly, how i’d gotten so fucking lucky.

“It’s missing You, Mistress,” i replied. “We did miss You terribly last night, this morning…”

“I was not happy that my secretary fucked up my return flight, my toy. Did you feel horribly neglected?” She threw out one of her sultry laughs.

“i’m more worried that your pussy felt neglected. No worship in three days, Mistress…”

My eyes nearly crossed, as she uncrossed her lovely legs. Despite the tight ring encircling the base of my cock, the twitching of my shaft reminded me that it had been three days since my cock had been freed from Her bondage. And despite the pain, there was a response to the  pretty picture in front of me. Her thighs remained slightly parted, the mysteriously shadowed valley there teasing my nostrils with wisps of her special,musky fragrance.

My mouth pooled with saliva.

“Mistress….” it was all i could get out through my need-choked throat. The desire to bury my face between her toned thighs, to feast on the luscious folds, was about overwhelming. She cocked one well-groomed brow at me, smiling suggestively at my discomfiture.

“I rarely find YOU at a loss for words, slave!” She bombed me with yet another laugh. It went straight to my cock, which was rigid and throbbing painfully in the hard confines of my steel prison. “I’m not certain I have much time for worship, my sweet toy. What I really want is a nice hard cock fucking me. It’s been three days since I felt my toy inside me…”

She licked her lips and all thoughts of spreadsheets, the situation in the Middle East, and the temperature at the top of Pikes Peak flew out of my head. I moaned as my cock kinked painfully inside its cage.

“Please, Mistress….my cock…”

She rose gracefully from her chair, crossed to my office door, and locked it. I suspect my employees know I’m ‘doing’ my wife when the lights go off in here, the modern equivalent of a sock on the outer knob…but then again, who could blame me? Mistress is lovely, sensual, sexy.

She came back to the chair, and coquettishly raised the hem of her brief skirt. My mind came close to exploding. The hose that clung to her gorgeous gams had a big fucking hole…right at the crotch.

She caught my wide-eyed amazed look.

She laughed.

“Found these in the Big City,” she chuckled. My cock was in excruciating pain, and i cringed. “Please Mistress…” my voice, deep and husky now with pain and raw, unabashed need. She crooked a ruby nail at me to come to her. i saw the wink of the golden key. Thank You Jeezuz! My heart rate increased, so loud, so fast that i wondered if it were audible to Her.

“Open for me, my toy,” She commanded firmly, and i unzipped my pants gratefully. The hard lump pressing against my BVD’s  was painfully obvious. She rubbed one fingertip over the steel-bound package i presented to Her. i closed my eyes as her fingers busied to free me. With a twist and tug,she pulled the confining cage from my engorged rod, and i moaned.

“Hurt for me, toy…” her murmured voice washed over me, through me, as i felt the blessed relief of freedom. Her lips lightly kissed the head of my cock, and my groan this time was one of raw, unabashed lust.

She lightly slapped my cheek, and i opened my eyes. She turned, and bending over my chair, spread her legs. She grinned over one shoulder, her flowing fall of hair hiding all but her dancing dark eyes.

“Fuck me from behind, slave. Fuck me hard and good, and perhaps I will even let you cum inside me….”

i slipped between those invitingly opened thighs, and my cock found home instantly. She was drenched, hot, and my cock sprang forth. She wanted it hard, dirty, rough.  i didn’t have to work hard to oblige.  She came before i’d stroked hard and deep more than a handful of times, her back arching and her teeth biting into her lower lip to stifle her groans.

“Keep.  (gasp)
Fucking.   (grind)
Me.”  (moan)

Her staccato order stabbed into the room. Those sex sounds of hers caused my cock to swell, harder, thicker.  The fucking ring around my nuts tightened nearly excruciatingly, and it was my turn to moan. I drove my cock deep inside her pussy, hard enough to shift the chair a few inches. A delightful curve to her spine now, her ass arched up to me, and my office fell silent as we reacquainted pussy and cock.
The only sound  was the slap of my balls hitting her clit, sending her into another frenzied orgasm. I felt her inner muscles clamp hard around my dick, and it was all i could do to keep from coming myself.



Pikes Peak.

“Harder. Harder, toy, ” Her frenetic need was by now, quite obvious. Her hips ground back against me, her words almost guttural as we fucked like animals in heat.

Our fucking was rough and tumble, a veritable free for all. Her long fingernails dug into my chair cushion, her mouth uttering small squeaks and moans as i rubbed against her ‘spot’, as my thrusts became violent, faster, deeper. i felt the tremor begin in her thighs, her ass, as the shaking, quaking mega-orgasm threatened to rip my cock from my body, trapping it forever within her grasping, clamping cunt.

i managed a fast, begging “please, Mistress…” before she ordered me to cum hard inside her.

Three days of pent-up sex-need roared from my balls, hurtling up through my rock-hard, ringed shaft. So hard to cum this way, but so much more intense when it happens, i felt my own knees shaking as i grabbed her hips, my belly pressed tight and hard against her ass as we mutually bathed each other in our sex fluids. She rose, quivering, pressing her back against my chest. My arms wrapped ’round her, thumbs flicking against her protuberant nipples through her soft sweater. Cashmere and nipples, a winning combination, i thought with the two brain cells left alive. They were hard little nuggets and i longed to take them into my mouth and suck her into yet another bone-shaking orgasm.
She laid her head back against my shoulder,  and my softening cock began to slip from her juiced folds.

“Clean-up, aisle 12” i joked, when feeling my cock pop from her, with a rush of moisture.

She laughed.

Doesn’t that make me the happiest slave of all, to hear Her laugh?