Really? You *LIKE* my Ramblings? hee…*rubs hands together gleefully*

See, that’s so fucking dangerous. Telling me that you like when i ramble. Coz, well pull up a chair and lets natter for a bit.

Coz i can. Natter i mean. The thing is, i can tell you, coz yanno? We’re friends and all. See, i don’t have writers block. (most writers would shudder at even typing those words, btw)

i think i have a case of writers overload! so many things to create and having a hard time settling. Coz i start one, and then think…oh, no– that situation would work better for ….and then i switch stories and before you know it some little is screaming “I”M TELLLING MOMEEEEEE….”

and boom, i’m out of writing time.

it’s been one of those fucking weeks. Why? yo no se? i know i spelt that horribly. Fuck me.

And to top it all off? My mood. Geeze.

i’m so fucking ebullient i can barely accomplish anything.

isn’t that weird? No subdrop. none.  i know, i know, i should be knocking on wood, pulling on clamps… something… but the full and honest truth is, Master has been so busy handling me that even after a 9 hour sexual marathon on 2/20 there has been no subdrop.

i am flying, boys and girls, and no, i don’t do chemical enhancements. Wait. That’s not true. i drink gallons of hot tea, and today, today? (shhhhh) i ate ice cream.  i did. a whole fucking CUP of it. 280 calories if you care.  i’ll tell you why, too. Coz last night i ate an entire FUCKING cup of broccoli. i figure it must balance out on the karmic scale somehow, that i actually ate broccoli, every frikkin nibbin of it.

i really hate broccoli.

OTOH…i really love ice cream. see? karmic harmonious balance. Even the words have nice rhythm to them. Say ’em aloud…karmic harmonious balance.  See? bee-u-tiful.

And bottom line of all this? I still have calories in my “bank” to spend today (friday). So, yanno. i can have a ritz cracker, all 16 calories of it. Don’t believe me? okay, i *was* just kidding.

i can have two.


So anyway, back to the writing thang. i have stories, ideas, flow, and no. fucking. time.  Here’s the plan. You comfy? Chairs good? coffee warm?  good. k. so … today…. i’m at work. No internet access, but, i can still open my word doc program. And….When it’s quiet. …? i should have time to bang out 3 mebbe 4 stories. (see what i did there? sex stories? bangin’ them out?? )

maybe i should have posted a warning at the start of this ramble…something like “Caution…ebullient nilla ahead…sick jokes prevalent…enter at your own risk.” We both know, coz we’re friends, that you’d still have read on, but…you would have been forewarned.

Then again, you *know* i’m a slightly off-kilter gal.

So here’s one last thing. Yesterday sin and i were talking. Subsister stuff. And she fucking pried my dirty naughty story out of me.  And she demanded that i write it.  You did too, sin, you totally pulled Domme out of your …..well, um, that is to say…you were bossy and i …. obeyed.

She knows that i said that if i  wrote it, actually put it here for you all to see, that i’d say it was HER fantasy!!  and i know she’d out me about that. So. i’m coming clean and admitting it.  My stinking dark fantasy. (and i wonder, how many of you will comment once it’s out there with a guilty show of hands? eh? eh? i can be brave and post it…can YOU be brave and say (even anon) that you dream darkly too?)

c’mon you know you …oh, wait, duh nilla, sex blog here, lets spice this up a bit…um…..cum, you little sluts—- you know you want it… know you’re  thinkin’  it,    you  dirty lil whore…cum for me…cum’mon now……..yessssssssssss……….*aaahhh*

was that good for you? hee. i know, sometimes i simply can not stop myself. i’m bad that way. But you know that already coz, yanno, we’re friends.

okay, little side trip to smutville done now— and— next week sometime, i am going to out my own fucking head to y’all.

okay sin,???    i ‘m gonna write the fuckin’ thing.

and yanno, it won’t be for everyone’s taste. brooke will like it. (she loves my sick dark mind, she told me so….) and a few others whom i could mention (sin) but won’t coz yanno, they might (sin) lay out the Domme outfit again…*laughs*

So that will be one of the things i will work on. Unless someone here says “oh no nilla, you should keep that naughty dark shit to yourself…”…….anyone?

*sound of crickets chirping*


no one thinks i should keep this shit inside my head?

You are all  such perverts. You know that right? i can say it coz, yanno. We’re friends and all..!!!!!


*shakes head*

k, k, k….i’m here. at work. writing. writing. writing. oh, this is so naughty. so disturbed.

(are you *sure*???)